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Old vs New Voice Actors
Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 8611
#1 Posted: 03:10:05 01/10/2017 | Topic Creator
Totally not an NC reference. There might be a thread about this already but I didn't check too closely.

With Sprocket getting her introduction clip and S2 fast approaching, decided to make this thread in advance.
Do you prefer the voice acting the character has in the games, or do you prefer their Academy casting? Feel free to edit the post as we discover who's voiced by the new actors next week, too.

  • Spyro - All three are alright for me. Josh Keaton gave him a nice personality and Matthew Mercer was great as always doing something similar, and while Justin Long sometimes makes Spyro sound more disinterested than he actually is, it's still pretty good.
  • Eruptor - Jonathan Banks. God yes. Imaginators showed that the game character really had nothing going for him other than the lava barf and fire puns, but Banks just makes him sound so innocent yet fun. Something about how deeper he sounds -rather than hoarse - just feels more pleasing, too.
  • Stealth Elf - Ashley Tisdale. Again with Imaginators just paling in comparison. Sometimes I hear too much of her more high pitched voices and that's a bit OOC, but her ingame VA whose name escapes me has the gimmick of constantly whispering which gets old quick. She does sound great in Battlecast tho, I'll give her that.
  • Master Eon - It's either Chris Diamontopoulos or wrong. There's nothing bad about Daniel Hagen, but the Academy performance just steals the show every scene he's in.
  • Glumshanks - Same as Eon, it's Norm Macdonald. It came with a full scale personality change, but having everyone's favorite minor character get faaar from being an innocent cinnamon roll yet is just as unrelated to the conflict is great. The age difference is also much better shown in the show when it's nowhere as goofy and sheepish, though I think canon Glumshanks isn't as old.
  • Golden Queen - Surprisingly, they sound very similar, but I still prefer CCH Pounder. Sarandon does a good job, but Golden Queen's main gimmick was being sort of a hag(and she's still an abusive type), so removing a bit of her indelicate lines removes a bit from the character.
  • Chompy Mage - Alex Ness. You can eat the scenery but you can't beat the meme, Diamontopoulous.
  • Broccoli Guy - Also Alex Ness, but it's more fault of the writing than the VA. It's not more annoying than he needs to be, but he just sounds dull most of the time.
  • Dreamcatcher - I'm good with either, but I wish she still had the filter. Lacking that otherwordly feel.
  • Chef Pepper Jack - Except for some lines, you can't even tell it's a different VA. I prefer his original stronger accent though, he's a bit too serious now.
  • Kaossandra - Lol, no contest. Original VA was trying to emulate Kaos but wiser+lady, but fell flat. Then again, this is the big name VA of the cast aside from Norm.
  • Wolfgang - I like Karliak more, but I think it's because the character hams out in the games. We'll see if he's still the better one soon enough.
  • Crash - the issue was never the voice itself, Erc is fun to listen to, but he's too eloquent. Even if he had to speak, something goofier and bouncy is much more fitting.
  • Sprocket - Pretty sure the original VA was already doing a Grey DeLisle impression, maybe a bit of extra accent. No difference as of now.
  • Cynder - her original Skylanders VA was pretty generic sounding, and while Erica Lindbeck in CTT didn't do much, I wonder if she could improve on the character. As of now, Felicia Day.
  • Malefor - Sorry Jim Cummings. You're good, but Malefor and Mark Hamill are inseparable.
  • Bomb Shell/Fisticuffs - Trade one accent for another. Don't see them as better or worse.
  • Berserker - Your ingame cousin Brock has Troy Baker. Fat chance you'd be the better one.

-Food Fight - same person, but Food Fight does not need to be high as a kite 24/7, pls
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TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#2 Posted: 11:49:37 01/10/2017
The game’s VAs did a good job for what they were needed for (a few quick lines for a hero to say)

However, when it comes to performing actual dialogue, The Academy people steal the show!! My favorites surprisingly being Ashley Tisdale and Norm MacDonald. I do agree that game Chompy Mage was better, but I don't hate hi new voice like everyone else does.
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HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9016
#3 Posted: 13:15:24 01/10/2017
I by and large prefer the Academy VA's to their game counterparts. Though part of it may be the fact that they have far more to work with, including (in my opinion) better writing and probably better voice direction too. In the cases of Eon and Glumshanks it's particularly noteworthy because these are instances of their VA's playing against type. A lot of Chris Diamontopoulous' other voice work is in Seth McFarland's series ('nuff said) and Norm Macdonald usually plays foul-mouthed jackasses who don't give a **** about anything. It's arguably similar with Jonathan Banks as Eruptor too, because you definitely wouldn't link Skylanders to Breaking Bad.
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ClassicSpyroLUV Yellow Sparx Gems: 1193
#4 Posted: 15:01:47 01/10/2017
I'm not fond of Ashley Tisdale at all. She's not god awful but it's really not the kind of voice I imagine for a ninja warrior. But her in game whispering is no better.
Wishblade Emerald Sparx Gems: 3238
#5 Posted: 16:19:37 01/10/2017
I mostly agree the Academy has great VA's. I didn't like Justin doing Spyro. I thought he sounded a little older and kinda bratty.
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KeybasHedKey Ripto Gems: 1862
#6 Posted: 20:05:54 01/10/2017
At least Justin Long is in something that isn't bad.
KingMed Gold Sparx Gems: 2456
#7 Posted: 20:53:34 01/10/2017
I kind of prefer Spyro , Stealth Elf , Chompy Mage and Wolf gang in the game.

I don't mind Justin it's just that the game voice actors sound younger and sexier : P

I like Ashley tisdale it's just that she's a bit loud...not always though.I got give her credits for not making Stealth elf sound almost emotionless like she is in the games.

I don't think that anyone can top off Alex's performance as the Chompy mage TBH.

I think that wolf gang has the same voice actor it's just that the British accent suits him better.
TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#8 Posted: 21:00:14 01/10/2017
Oh yeah, Wolfgang’s game VA is way better. Wolfgang is voiced by an actual rock musician IIRC
Glitchy Witchy Blue Sparx Gems: 911
#9 Posted: 00:37:36 03/10/2017
I haven't played a lot of the games, so for me, Academy is the voices I know best. I do prefer Wolfgang, Chompey Mage and Broccoli Guy's Imaginator voices (Don't know if that's their usual game voices), but I'm not mad about the Academy ones (Maybe, except for Broccoli Guy, but that might have more to do with the character itself)

Absolutely adore Norm as Glumshanks. But then again, might be because of Glumshanks himself and not the voice particular. I do think it's great fit, though!
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KingMed Gold Sparx Gems: 2456
#10 Posted: 13:53:08 03/10/2017
I find broccoli guy funny in academy
HeyitsHotDog Platinum Sparx [online] Gems: 7048
#11 Posted: 14:46:56 08/10/2017
Actually, Susan Sarandon, Johnathan Banks, Justin Long, Ashley Tisdale are all big names as well. They got a great cast for the show.

Also, weren't some of Pepperjack's lines done by John Dimaggio in game? I swear some of the lines sound exactly like him.
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Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#12 Posted: 02:46:39 22/10/2017
Oooh! Was waiting for something like this.

  • Spyro: Both VA's are great and fit the character well, but Josh Keaton gave him a nice personality. I personally enjoy this voice more.
  • Stealth Elf: One I didn't think would pull off well, but actually surprised me by being one of my favorite changes. While her game VA fits her character and stuff more, Ashley gave her a personality you wouldn't expect and makes her fun to watch. Watching Stealth as an npc had me really uninterested.
  • Eruptor: Like Bifrost said, Lava Joke... Fire Puns. Wasn't fun to watch. Jonathan Banks gave him a sweet innocent but powerful personality. It makes him fun to watch and by this change, made me actually like Eruptor's character. Wasn't a fan in the games, but definitely fixed him up.
  • Master Eon: Honestly, I forget what Eon normally sounds like in the games at this point I'm so used to the Academy voice. He nails every scene, and it makes his character fun to watch.
  • Glumshanks: I played a level of Imaginators and hearing the game voice just... it didn't sound right, even if that's the voice I've been used to for six years. I'm just more comfortable with Norm. I love the sarcastic tones that he has. Another fun character.
  • Golden Queen: Both are great, but I personally still like the game voice better. I just feel like something is missing from her character.
  • Chompy Mage: I don't hate the new voice, but Alex Ness fit him perfectly, and it just doesn't feel right hearing the new voice.
  • Broccoli Guy: Same as above.
  • Dreamcatcher: I'm not a fan of the deeper voice for her, but it's still not bad. But like Bifrost said, the filter would be nice.
  • Chef Pepper Jack: There's not much of a difference, so...?
  • Kaossandra: Lol Academy VA steals the show.
  • Wolfgang: Definitely prefer his game VA. I feel like he has more personality there.
  • Crash: Can he just not?? Idk it bothered me that he had a voice. And since he clearly needed one, could he have a goofier voice?
  • Sprocket: oH mY gOD??? Both VA's are great, but honestly I think Academy just steals the show. I love her excitable personality. It was so amusing watching her lose it, and get excited. She just, nailed the role in my opinion.
  • Cynder: Eh, I don't like how young she sounds. Some of the words she pronounced just sounded... bad? The performance was great, but for Cynder? Not the biggest fan. I did like her voice in CTT, but once again, her role in CTT was trash. But anyway, her voice would be like high pitched, and low pitched and it just... it was weird.
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