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List of Chomp Chest Treasure Locations
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#1 Posted: 21:34:45 23/09/2017 | Topic Creator
Skylanders Trap Team – Complete list of Chomp Chest Treasure Locations

This was created using the Wii U version, locations may be different on other consoles (I really wouldn't know).
The numbers in parentheses are the total number of treasures in that level (and each is worth 1000 gold).
If you don’t know exactly where any of these areas are, the walkthroughs to the left can be helpful.

Soda Springs (3) – there are three located at the beginning of the level, all before the first cannon (these are good for grinding)

Know-It-All Island (3) – one is right behind where you start, another is in the battle area right before buzz gives you a bomb, and the third is located in the first area where you have to roll a boulder

Chompy Mountain (0) – there is no treasure here

Phoenix Psanctuary (4) – one is to the right of where you start, another near buzzer beak’s quest, the third in the aviary gate area, and the fourth near the fight inside the aviary

Chef Zeppelin (5) – the first is found where the legendary treasure is hidden, the second by Persephone, the third in the Smorgasboard area near Persephone, the fourth near Batterson, and the fifth in the command kitchen

Rainfish Riviera (4) – the first one is around where you get the wood for the bridge, the second near eye five’s quest, the third right before the earth gate, and the fourth in the bluster squall island area near the end

Monster Marsh (3) – first is in the chomp chest fight, second in the area you fall in from the windmill, and the third is in the high five fight area

Telescope Towers (5) – first is right past where you start, second is near the first locked door, third is in the watering hole area, fourth is in the roof observation deck area, and the fifth is in the pain-yatta battle

Mystic Mill (4) – first is in the loading docks area, second in the mudder’s corner area, the third is near the winged sapphire, and the fourth near Persephone

Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink (4) – first is in the hidden area where pain-yatta’s quest is, second is near Persephone, third is right after the rage mage battle (before you turn the giant screw), and the fourth is on the walkway that leads to the floating platforms before the water gate and the final arena

Wilikin Workshop (0) – there is no treasure here

Time Town (4) – first is behind your starting point, second is near the skeleton diorama after the first steam lock, third is in the sunny side narrows area where you can jump off the side near the big gear, and the fourth is in the left side of the clockwork courtyard area before the first enemy gate

Future of Skylands (5) – first is by the first blaster-tron you fight, second and third are in the bridge maze near wolfgang’s quest (you need to use bridges to get to the two islands near the bottom of the screen), the fourth treasure is in the space dog field area, and the final one is in the place where you can trap blaster-tron

Operation: Troll Rocket Steal (0) – there is no treasure here

Skyhighlands (0) – there is no treasure here

Golden Desert (4) – first is on the left edge of the first place where you fight a chompy worm, second is in a similar place by the second chompy worm between the traptanium crystal and the raised platform, third is near the door that leads to the air gate, and the fourth is on one of the center islands in the bridge puzzle

Lair of the Golden Queen (6) – first is to the right of the first block puzzle, second is in the bottom of the area where the air gate is found, third is near bad juju’s quest, fourth is in the area after the first bridge with spikes, fifth is in the area after the first spy guy, and the sixth treasure is in the bad juju fight

Ultimate Weapon (4) – first is right before the first super bounce pad, second is beside the button you press near the tech gate, third is in the platforming section after the smoke scream fight, and the fourth is near where glumshanks challenges you to a skystones game

Midnight Museum (6) – first is on the platform after you exit the room where nightshade’s quest is, second is in the beginning of the firefly gardens area beside Persephone, third is in the same area near where the spy guys drop you off if you are caught, fourth is in the same area near the enfuego chompies, fifth is to the right of the light elemental gate, and sixth is at the bottom of the staircase shortly after you jump out the window

Sunscraper Spire (4) – first is right beside the earth gate, second is right beside where you land on the second island, third is in the under-island maintenance area near buzz, and fourth is near where you blow up the control for the fourth crystal

Nightmare Express (4) – first is on the forgotten ledge area, second is in the underground ruins hidden behind a traptanium crystal, third is in the trolling thunder battle, and fourth is near the beginning of the lower rolling bomb range

Mirror of Mystery (4) – the first is in the center of the troll village near a bounce pad in a small rounded area, the second one is in the chompy fight, the third is near the story scroll, and the fourth is by the big green button near the lonely locale area

Also, note that the Skyhighlands, Golden Desert and Ultimate Weapon levels have additional ways to get gold, using Grinnade, Blaster-Tron and Golden Queen, respectively.
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Changelog smilie

v1.1 - 23 September 2017 - first version of list posted
Call me X, if you will. I've given you all you need to know to find out my true name, but then why am I using a pseudonym?
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Call me X, if you will. I've given you all you need to know to find out my true name, but then why am I using a pseudonym?
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Dang, you put a lot of work into this. Nice work!
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