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An archive of Battlecast cards and gameplay
Flame58 Blue Sparx Gems: 528
#1 Posted: 19:46:50 31/08/2017 | Topic Creator
I don't think anyone mentioned it on this forum so I thought I'd make a post about it.

Legends of Skylands has been working on building an archive of Battlecast gameplay footage for the past two months, covering several aspects like all playable Skylanders, main bosses and enemies, ultimate and epic cards, foil card animations, augmented reality animations, etc. There's a playlist here with all videos:

There's also a website with images of nearly all character, spell, gear, relic and enemy cards, not sure if everything is there at the moment though:

A nice thing to have since we won't be able to play the game anymore.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9894
#2 Posted: 21:24:04 31/08/2017
It's a really good archive. The best case scenario would be to have the game running once the servers are shut down, but game conservation is woefully ignored by mobile.
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MA-Josh Blue Sparx Gems: 587
#3 Posted: 00:38:17 01/09/2017
That's great news! I was hoping to do something similar but didn't have the time (or all the cards for the AR stuff). I'm glad the game won't just disappear from existence after the servers go down because it was really enjoyable. I'm hoping to at least be able to finish the game before the servers go down later but I don't think I will smilie
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