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#1 Posted: 18:23:29 26/08/2017 | Topic Creator
So, with the Skylanders series, I have many fanon ideas that I am planning on making in the future. Below, I have my ideas for what I am going to do, listed in order of when I will do them. I will provide links to what I am currently working on. I will also answer any questions about them, too!

My Projects:
1. Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath (Skylanders 7) -'s_Wrath
2. Spyro's Adventure & Giants Remaster - TBA
3. Crash Bandicoot Fan Game - TBA

I'm currently working on Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath. Feel free to check it out and ask questions!
i made the "bus" look like my "dad"
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