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Skylanders: Rune Rangers (revised)
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#1 Posted: 02:36:08 26/08/2017 | Topic Creator
I decided to bring this idea back from the dead and revise it a lil bit.



It's been years since Kaos last threatened skylands. Since then, all of the skylands have been at peace, allowing for new discoveries in magic to be made! Ancient Runes have since been unearthed, holding great power with them. It's even said certain runes can change the form of a skylander, letting them achieve amazing levels of power.

However, the runes weren't the only thing unearthed. Malefor- the undead dragon king- has risen. He has vowed to take over skylands, and has recruited five of the most dangerous criminals in skylands to help him. Now you must use the new runes and runemasters to save skylands!



The gimmick are the runes- small plastic cards that can slide into the new portal. The runes can give skylanders boosts, allies, or even area effects! There are even new X Runes- runes that can transform skylanders into an all-powerful X Form. There are 20 Runemasters- skylanders versed in the art of the runes. They each get an X Rune, allowing them to enter X form!

101 runes will be released- 10 per element (including the 20 X Runes), and a special Kaos Rune. What does it do? I guess you'll have to find out.

In addition, there will be 20 cores, 18 reposes,and 8 lightcores.

- - -


In the Nintendo Switch version of Skylanders: Rune Rangers, MEWTWO will be a guest star! A magic element runemaster with a powerful moveset of psychic attacks! His Runemaster X Rune will transform him into Mega Mewtwo X!

As for figure functionality on the switch, it'll be like imaginators. Figures and runes can be scanned via joy-con and accessed in a library that you can use anytime, anywhere! Runes will have their own library, where you can select runes you've scanned in to aid/x-form your skylanders!



As mentioned earlier, Malefor is our main antagonist. Kaos plays a role as well, but the big threat is Malefor. The five remaining doom raiders are back, each playing large roles in the story as well. More storytellers will join the fray as well, making Skylanders: Rune Rangers the most lore-filled game in the series to date.

After the game is beat, be sure to choose one of four epilogues, which explore the backstories of the main NPC storytellers. There's also the Nether Chronicles, where you'll revisit levels to take down dangerous Nether Beasts!

PVP has returned, allowing for online play across all systems! Now you can battle your friends and other portal masters around the world!

(P.S- a little birdie told me that the final boss of nightmare mode is different than other difficulties.. smilie)

- - -


In Rune Rangers, a new way to play is revealed- Open Skylands! Now you can explore open-world map versions of levels you've beaten! Certain skylanders will be able to fly across these open worlds, so be sure to utilize your full collection! Supercharger vehicles can also be used here, to traverse these beautiful levels!



Starter- 59.99
Switch Starter- 74.99
Dark Starter- 89.99
Rune 10 Pack (Blind Booster Pack)- 9.99
Runemaster- 14.99
Runemaster Combo Back- 24.99
Core/Repose- 7.99
Adventure Pack- 24.99

Includes Skyshot, Megataur, Hot Flash, 2 X Runes, 3 Random Runes, Game, Portal, Poster

Includes Skyshot, Megataur, Hot Flash, Mewtwo, 3 X Runes, 3 Random Runes, Game, Poster

Includes Dark Skyshot, Dark Megataur, Dark Hot Shot, Dark S4 Spyro, Dark Gardoom, 3 X Runes, 6 Random Runes, Kaos Rune, Game, Portal, Poster
(there is no dark switch version.)

- -
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#2 Posted: 02:36:19 26/08/2017 | Topic Creator

Eye Soar
Tempest Whirlwind
Lightcore Scratch

Bismuth Prism Break
Lightcore Scorp

Inferno Sunburn
Lightcore Ignitor

Bad Breath
Hive Mind Bumble Blast
Lightcore Zoo Lou

Grave Digger
Chain Killer Ghost Roaster
Lightcore Bat Spin

Snow-Brawl Slam Bam
Lightcore Zap

Spy Five
Wasteland Tread Head
Lightcore Trigger Happy

Crystal Brawl
Ursa Major
Dragon Duo Spyro
Lightcore Double Trouble
Mewtwo (Guest Star)

Sun Block
Showtime Spotlight

Astral Blackout

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SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3461
#3 Posted: 11:01:10 26/08/2017
You know; with all of these games involving Runes: I think I may have an addiction to collecting these "artifacts".


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Chompy-King257 Gold Sparx Gems: 2956
#4 Posted: 17:52:12 26/08/2017
This sounds really good so far. Looking forward to it!
i made the "bus" look like my "dad"
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#5 Posted: 02:05:34 27/08/2017 | Topic Creator
Level list-

1. Cave Of Ruin
2. Groundtown
3. Prisoner's Peak
4. Bubble Beach
5. Gilitary Base
6. Carbon Castle (Boss Fight)
7. Pinwheel Prairie
8. Monument Passage
9. Spectral Springs
10. Cursed Clocktower (Boss Fight)
11. Nightmare Manor (Boss Fight)
12. Misty Mountains
13. Hogwild Woods
14. Pepper Plateau
15. Rattenhanz (Boss Fight)
16. Celcius Cavern
17. Afterlife Arena
18. Prism Promenade
19. Lights, Camera, Traction! (Boss Fight)
20. Haunted Scrapyard (Boss Fight)
21. Club Astra (Boss Fight)
22. Brimstone Basin
23. Dragon's Den (TWO possible boss fights)
24. The King's Dawn (Boss)

Hood Sickle
Chef Pepper Jack
Solin and Lucin
Luminous rematch/Hood Sickle rematch (depending on which path you choose)
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SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3461
#6 Posted: 11:02:22 27/08/2017
Let me guess: the Skylanders that come with the Adventure Packs are Undead, Water, Tech and Magic element respectively?
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Chompy-King257 Gold Sparx Gems: 2956
#7 Posted: 14:23:16 27/08/2017
I like how you brought the Doom Raiders back. I was going to for mine but I don't think they work with the story I have.
i made the "bus" look like my "dad"
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#8 Posted: 18:09:11 27/08/2017 | Topic Creator
Quote: SkylandrPurists
Let me guess: the Skylanders that come with the Adventure Packs are Undead, Water, Tech and Magic element respectively?

yep. Grave Digger, Tsunami, Rumblebee, and Whiplash.
SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3461
#9 Posted: 21:36:03 28/08/2017
What exactly are the Waves in this game?
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#10 Posted: 03:09:31 29/08/2017 | Topic Creator
Quote: SkylandrPurists
What exactly are the Waves in this game?

figuring that out right now. i just revised the roster to cut down on figures so waves are being worked on as we speak
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#11 Posted: 00:38:43 31/08/2017 | Topic Creator
okay- here's a new update.

In order to make the game more strategic, there will be new elemental strengths/weaknesses, and new dual typings.

here's a list of those strengths weaknesses.

Strong against Fire, Tech and Earth
Weak against Life and Light

Strong against Fire and Air
Weak against Water, Tech and Life

Strong against Life, Dark and Undead
Weak against Water, Air and Earth

Strong against Earth and Water
Weak against Air, Undead and Fire

Strong against Life, Light and Fire
Weak against Earth

Strong against Life and Light
Weak against Fire, Undead and Magic

Strong against Tech and Magic
Weak against Dark

Strong against Earth
Weak against Water

Strong against Water, Dark
Weak against Undead and Air

Strong against Magic
Weak against Light

And here are skylanders with added dual typings

Dual element typings-

Spyro- Magic/Fire
Voodood- Magic/Dark
Wrecking Ball- Magic/Life
Ignitor- Fire/Undead
Prism Break- Earth/Light
Hex- Undead/Dark
Cynder- Undead/Dark
Chop Chop- Undead/Magic
Flashwing- Earth/Light
Jet Vac- Air/Tech
Punk Shock- Water/Tech
Trap Shadow- Magic/Dark
Star Strike- Magic/Light
Smolderdash- Fire/Light
Boom Jet- Air/Tech
Grilla Drilla- Life/Tech
Zoo Lou- Life/Magic
Scorp- Earth/Life
Roller Brawl- Undead/Tech
Echo- Water/Magic
Fist Bump- Earth/Life
Blades- Air/Tech
High Volt- Tech/Light
Astroblast- Light/Tech
Smash Hit- Earth/Tech
Tidepool- Water/Dark
Grave Clobber- Water/Earth
Flarewolf- Fire/Tech
Tae Kwon Crow- Fire/Dark
Bad Juju- Air/Magic
Blaster Tron- Light/Tech
Starcast- Dark/Light
Hood Sickle- Dark/Undead

skylanders with dual typings will gain the strengths/weaknesses of both elements.
Chompy-King257 Gold Sparx Gems: 2956
#12 Posted: 12:24:49 31/08/2017
The level names are great! I love them!
i made the "bus" look like my "dad"
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#13 Posted: 04:32:07 18/09/2017 | Topic Creator
new updates-

X form reposes have been cut, replaced with regular reposes. The number of reposes has been increased from 10 to 18.

After beating the main story mode, a postgame quest is unlocked- The Warlocke Chronicles. In this post game, Snap Shot leads a mission to research the dangerous Nether Beasts and the mysterious villain who conjured them. In TWC, you must revisit 7 levels, ending with a boss fight against Warlocke in a brand new level, Infernal Roost. Stay tuned!
SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3461
#14 Posted: 23:34:49 18/09/2017
Why does that remind me of the Ultra Beast quests from Sun and Moon?
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#15 Posted: 00:52:18 19/09/2017 | Topic Creator

all new reposes/lightcores added.
a list of variants has been added.
a list of levels included in The Warlocke Chronicles has been added.

In addition, a new line of figures has been added- the Skylanders Academy Collector's Series. These figures are high quality, 6 inch figures of fan favorite characters from the Netflix show. In addition to the seven skylanders in the series, two retail exclusive villains will also be released- Kaos (only at gamestop, releases with the game) and Golden Queen (released the following summer at San Diego Comic Con and Toys R Us stores.) The Golden Queen figure will have a special metallic gold paint job, making her a must-have for any fan.

The seven skylander figures in the series will be Amazon Exclusive, with one releasing every month.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#16 Posted: 02:17:24 20/09/2017 | Topic Creator
okay here's a plot

The game begins with an opening cutscene.

The skylanders’ operations have begun to dwindle.
Snap Shot has returned to his role as the head warden at Cloudcracker Prison.
Flarewolf and Starcast have become part-time wardens for community service credits.

In this cutscene, the prison is hit with a massive fireball, freeing five villains. Luckily, Ka-Boom steps in before any other villains can leave. By the end of the night, undead mobs had begun cropping up across skylands, terrorizing villages and destroying massive landmarks. The next morning, Master Eon decides to send out Spyro’s team to find the escapees and protect the citizens- but Snap Shot demands that he track the villains down, for old time’s sake. Eon reluctantly agrees, allowing Snap Shot to lead the villain capture operative- only if he brings Flarewolf and Starcast with him. Spyro’s team heads out to fight the undead mass. As Snap Shot heads out, he is approached by Cynder, who urges him to let her join the operative. Snap Shot of course turns her away, but then Cynder mentions that nothing within skylands could have made a fireball that big. She says she may know what- or who -freed the villains, and created the undead army. Snap Shot lets her join, begrudgingly. Cynder then leads Snap Shot to the Cave Of Ruin, where the game begins. In this cave, Cynder believes that there may be answers as to what is going on. After traversing the cave, and reaching the Hall Of Runestones- Flarewolf finds a blocked passage that leads to a mining town. Snap Shot leads the group into the passage. We then reach Stonedrop City, where a large skeletal battalion has claimed the village for hostages. But these skeletons are oddly.. Aquatic. After freeing the city, Snap Shot says to “get the hell outta here!” This is when we enter Crystal Ascent, where you must climb a mountain to reach Cloudcracker Prison. After completing the first 3 levels, you are able to go to the hub. After some hub introduction stuff with flare and star, Cynder says that she’s received an important memo from her colleague, saying to head to Bubble Beach. In Bubble Beach, you’ll find that the once sparkling waters have been filled with sludge and muck. It turns out The Gulper is back, and exacted his revenge on the beach. After fixing up the water and fighting off some enemies, you’re approached by Hex- who takes you to her advisor. This is where we meet up with Gill Grunt at Gilitary Base. Turns out Gill was hit hard by the operative’s rollbacks, and used this as an opportunity to return to his roots- Thus, he is now a leading Gillman Navy commander. At this base, pirates have been coming to shore often- and Gill simply doesn’t have time to deal with it, so he he has you do it. In return, Gill offers to take you to the Gulper’s latest whereabouts via submarine. After beating that level, you must face Gulper at Destination: Carbonation. One very Undertale-esque boss later, and the Gulper is down. He then reveals that the remaining five doom raiders have been freed by a “really bad dude”- who is now their boss. Snap Shot then captures Gulper in a portable cell. One down, four to go. Another cutscene rolls, revealing Malefor is now in command of the remaining four doom raiders. Malefor is aware of Gulper’s failure, yet not surprised. He then tells Dreamcatcher to initiate her plans. Hex directs the operative to Pinwheel Prairie, noting that there’s been an increased undead presence there. On arrival, the place has been swarmed with rotting zombies. After beating that level, you encounter Stealth Elf, who only appears briefly to direct our group to the next level. In Monument Passage, a highly valued statue of Master Eon has been stolen. Snap Shot leads this level singlehandedly. After recovering the statue from some undead bandits, Flarewolf rushes in, informing Snap Shot that he’s found yet another passageway. Spectral Springs is one of the most lore filled levels in the entire game, with details on the backstories of Flarewolf, Starcast, Bonecrusher, and other skylands history. In this town, all the residents are friendly ghosts, who have since been tormented by a gang of voodoo doll monsters. Your goal is to follow and defeat this Voodoo Doll Mafia, and find out WHAT that pink light coming from the woods is. After the dolls are out of the way, you find the pink light. This light is a warp into the Dream World- we all know where this is going. Nightmare Manor is Dreamcatcher’s boss level, where everything is topsy-turvy. You must navigate the insane mansion she calls home, and defeat Dreamcatcher in a trippy-as-hell boss fight. After this is done, Dreamcatcher ends with this line- “Ugh. Fine. Just follow the damn smoke in the mountains. Something’s cooking up there.” In Misty Mountains, you must uncover the source of a mysterious fire. After defeating many cheese-based enemies, you discover that the mist is smoke, and it’s been slowly killing the ents in the mountaintop villages. Your next stop is the Hogwild Woods, where somebody has let loose a herd of VERY ANGRY War-Hogs. Your goal is to rid the villages of these hogs, one way or another. After that’s done, Cynder leads you to the next boss. The Resturwrong Neighborhood starts out simple enough- an inner city hood with food gangsters out for your head. But upon entering the only safe building in town- a restaurant with no name- you enter a battle with Chef Pepper Jack. And this one’s made to be hard as balls. After that’s over, CPJ says to “go somewhere colder.” Snap Shot leads the group into the Celsius Cavern. In this level, you’ll find some NPCs of Slam Bam and Chill who reveal that, very simply, the days of the skylanders are over. This explains Snap Shot’s bitter attitude. After that level’s over, Snap Shot is absent for the next level. Cynder takes you and Flare/Star to Afterlife Arena, where Roller Brawl reports an unwelcome competitor in their arena. You must then fight the massive Skeleviper, but not before clearing five rounds of the arena to wake him up. After this, the arena in the hub is unlocked. Snap Shot then gives Cynder a call, telling them to meet him at Prism Promenade. This level is MASSIVE, and it’s one of five open world levels in the game. Turns out the old suncraper spire was converted into a cityscape of sorts- run by Luminous. It’s like new york, but with more evil and glamour. After entering the tower through the sewer system, you face Luminous in Lights, Camera, Traction! An undertale reference and a half later, and Lumi is done. He then says that he won’t give the location of Nightshade unless Snap Shot lets him stay as a showsman- and Snap gives in. Completely void of any optimism, he gets the location and sets out. Before reaching Nightshade, the group must first traverse the Haunted Scrapyard- Where Lumi has set up a trap. Turns out he’s made Drill-X V2, and is using it to destroy you. One boss later, Snap Shot gets out of his funk and leads the group to fight Nightshade. In The Real Shady Stash, Cynder begins to sense dark undead energy. Turns out Nightshade injected some undead magic, giving him special eyes. Now you gotta face a cunning thief with paranormal abilities and a golden sword. One boss fight later, Nightshade is down, and lets you into the Underworld. He’s a gentleman, after all. In the Brimstone Basin, stuff gets DARK. FAST. Turns out the doom raiders have kidnapped a bunch of innocent people and sacrificed them to Malefor. They even have Spyro locked up, but you get him outta there. Now it’s time for the final boss. Lair Of The King is the final boss, where you face off against Malefor. He uses signature boss mechanics from the five after raiders, and it’s hard as ****. Once it’s over.. Everything goes to normal. The villages are freed, undead armies are gone, Cynder confronts her abuser, and Eon decided to reunite some of the Skylanders just in case.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#17 Posted: 00:04:06 29/09/2017 | Topic Creator
roster has been edited.

Also, wave 1.

Dark Starter

Sun Block

Bad Breath

Dragon Duo Spyro
Chain Killer Ghost Roaster
Inferno Sunburn
Snow Brawl Slam Bam

Underworld Outpost Adventure Pack- Grave Digger, Level Piece, 3 Runes

Runemaster Combo Pack 1- Spinosaw and Falcano
Runemaster Combo Pack 2- Forecast and Sun Block
SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3461
#18 Posted: 14:05:01 29/09/2017
Isn't Series 4 Spyro already in the Starter Pack alongside Hot Shot, Skyshot and Megataur?
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#19 Posted: 15:37:01 29/09/2017 | Topic Creator
Quote: SkylandrPurists
Isn't Series 4 Spyro already in the Starter Pack alongside Hot Shot, Skyshot and Megataur?

no, only in the dark edition.
SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3461
#20 Posted: 00:43:16 20/11/2017
Question I have

How did smilie have a boss fight?
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#21 Posted: 02:23:30 20/11/2017 | Topic Creator
Quote: SkylandrPurists
Question I have

How did smilie have a boss fight?

hood decided to leave the senseis, and made a copy of himself (VIA dark element black hole thingies idk) to stay while the real hood goes out and terrorizes a small town

- - -
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