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I love Trap Team, but
HeyitsHotDog Diamond Sparx Gems: 7934
#1 Posted: 14:38:42 01/08/2017 | Topic Creator
I can't stand that you can't remove villain themes. An option to turn off them would have been an amazing addition. I like some of the music, but some of them can get old pretty quick.
Hey is there anything you want me to bring for the rest of the week and if so it’s so cool that you can do something and just do it like that
Johnbonne Yellow Sparx Gems: 1201
#2 Posted: 14:55:20 01/08/2017
There's an easy fix to this; put your laptop on, get your headphones plugged in and play this whenever you tag in a villain.

But yeah, an option to turn it off would be great. smilie
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