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Skylanders: Trap Team 2 [Working Title]
DreamTeam Yellow Sparx Gems: 1503
#1 Posted: 17:16:13 04/07/2017 | Topic Creator
Story: With Kaos trapped in a jar, nothing really was going wrong in skylands. Until... Something happened. Hugo was acting strange.. He was being rude to everyone. Even Master Eon. Eon was getting concerned about Hugo's health. Eon notice Hugo was getting meaner by the day, so Eon trapped him in a chamber. Then 5 days later Hugo was cured! But this wasn't the last we had seen of Evil Hugo, 3 days after that he was having trouble with his balance. He looked as if he had been losing all control, which is what happened. He was being controlled.
When Hugo was being controlled he did something... Something, horrible.. He released the villains in the vault. And after he did that. He was back in control. He was Hugo again. But now a ton of harmful villains escaped! You must stop them Portal Master. Before they destroy us all!


Enchanter (Trap Master) "Here to RUNE your day!"
ChARM (Trap Master) "Look for the Luck!"
Stack (Core) "Stack Attack!"
Flamethrower Spyro (Series 4) "All Fired Up!"
Blinding Star Strike (Series 2) "Shoot for the stars!"
Half Trouble (Mini) "Boom Shack A Laca!"
Mystery (Mini) "Out of Sight!"

Oceana (Trap Master) "Whale done!"
Snowfall (Trap Master) "Snow Tumble!"
Rainlee (Core) "Storm and Form!"
Musical Bubbles Echo (Series 2) "Lets make some noise!"
Warrior Zap (Series 3) "Ride the Lightning!"
Cool (Mini) "Stay Cool!"
Easyshot (Mini) "Croc and Roll!"

Magma (Trap Master) "Burning Baddies!"
Scream Blazed (Trap Master) "Blaze the Evil!"
The Blacksmith (Core) "What do ya need?"
Enfuego Torch (Series 2) "Fire it up!"
Phoenix Sunburn (Series 2) "Roast and Toast!"
Warm Puppy (Mini) "See Spot Burn!"
Campfire (Mini) "Bringing the Heat!"

(Coming Soon)
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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