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Skylanders: Adventures Retold--SSA
zookinator Emerald Sparx Gems: 4951
#1 Posted: 23:47:57 17/05/2017 | Topic Creator
I wanted to make a rewrite of the tale of SSA for a variety of reasons, so let's use the old bullet points to list them:

  • The story of Skylanders is subpar at best, and I want to see if I can make a better version of it.
  • The games always refer to the Skylanders as 'Skylander', and I want them to be referred to by their actual name to make it more...realistic, I guess.
  • We all know that the Portal Masters, ourselves, are the most critical character in the games, as we save the day by bringing the Skylanders back to Skylands. I wanted to make a twist in this tale, where I--Oop, spoilers. Read the first chapter to find out!

Now with that out of the way, let me give you a disclaimer: I will post chapters randomly. Some weeks I may post multiple, while others one or none might be. I'm working on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story right now, and figured I could work on this at the same since it is based off the story of SSA, so I don't have to worry too much on characterization and plot building. The PMD story will take precedence over this one, but I will make sure to work on this when I'm not working on PMD.

Let me just get the structure for the stories straight: Each chapter will focus on one Skylander, and if we include the 22 chapters of the main story, the 4 adventure packs, and the six levels from 3DSSA, every one of the original 32 will appear. I won't go into great detail at this time as to when they'll appear, but I may let the community vote, especially in future story rewrites if this gets popular enough.

With that said and done, there is one last thing I want to mention. Each chapter will probably take 2-3 posts, as the character limit makes it difficult to post it all at once. I'll post this on Fanfiction as well for a consolidated format, but if you're on darkSpyro, please leave your reviews here!

Posted chapters will have the post #'s next to the name of the chapter. I will also list the Skylander that is featured within.
Table of Contents

Prologue: Welcome to Skylands (Posts 2-4)

Part 1:The Eternal Air Source
Chapter 01: Shattered Island-
Chapter 02: Perilous Pastures-
Chapter 03: Sky Schooner Docks-
Chapter 04: Stormy Stronghold-

Part 2: The Eternal Water Source
Chapter 05: Oilspill Island-
Chapter 06: Dark Water Cove-
Chapter 07: Leviathan Lagoon-
Bonus Chapter 1: Empire of Ice-

Part 3: The Eternal Earth Source
Chapter 08: Crystal Eye Castle-
Chapter 09: Stonetown-
Bonus Chapter 2: Pirate Seas-

Part 4: The Eternal Life Source
Chapter 10: Treetop Terrace-
Chapter 11: Falling Forest-

Part 5: The Eternal Tech Source
Chapter 12: Troll Warehouse-
Chapter 13: Goo Factory-
Chapter 14: Battlefield-

Part 6: The Eternal Undead Source
Chapter 15: Crawling Catacombs-
Chapter 16: Cadaverous Crypt-
Chapter 17: Creepy Citadel-
Bonus Chapter 3: Darklight Crypt-

Part 7: The Eternal Fire Source
Chapter 18: Molekin Mine-
Chapter 19: Lava Lakes Railway-
Bonus Chapter 4: Dragon’s Peak-

Part 8: The Eternal Magic Source
Chapter 20: Quicksilver Vault-
Chapter 21: Arkeyan Armory-
Chapter 22: Lair of Kaos-

Part 9: The Radiant Isles
Chapter 23: Brighthold Battlements-
Chapter 24: Rivenrock Caverns-
Chapter 25: Whitefall Summits-
Chapter 26: Faylair Jungle-
Chapter 27: Galecrack Ruins-
Chapter 28: The Dark Mirror-

Part 10: Conclusion
Epilogue: Return to Earth-
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zookinator Emerald Sparx Gems: 4951
#2 Posted: 23:49:53 17/05/2017 | Topic Creator
Prologue: Welcome to Skylands! (Part 1)

In the suburban neighborhood of Sky Heights, a young teen walked on the sidewalk. Trimmed trees and manicured lawns were to his left, white picket fences marking the boundary of public and private, sprinklers drizzling life-giving water to the decorative greens. To his right, a massive roadway with no traffic baked under the hot summer sun, cars lined alongside for the overcrowded house past it. To his back, the road connected to a highway, the unceasing traffic making this peaceful neighborhood a bit too loud for it to be lazy. Past the highway was a small graveyard, for the inhabitant who wanted their late loved ones to be more closely remembered. In front of him, the road formed a crossroad, the strange circle in the center rumored to belong a secret cult that nobody believed in. Above, the sky was clear, for all except a few puffy white clouds. Around, white rectangular houses, all identical except for lawn ornaments and address numbers, popped up alongside the roadway. Below, pipes and various other modern convenience systems stretched through the ground, hindrances for the moles and worms that so loved the subterranean world.

The fourteen-year-old appeared to be no more than the average youth. He wore long jeans, a brown pair of sturdy shoes, a grey t-shirt, and a blue hoodie, things generally not seen as ‘summer clothes’. Around his neck was a pair of black headphones, and on his back was a weighty backpack, the final remnants of a completed school year. He had medium-long brown hair, which some may consider in need of a haircut, and had light-blue eyes that looked lazily to the left and right, seeing the sight he had grown used to after ten years. On his right wrist was a black watch, the face showing 1:23 PM, three minutes after his last bus arrived on the highway. He stood around six feet, tall, but not so tall. Completely average for the neighborhood of Sky Heights.

He turned the corner, kicking the fire hydrant that has never been used. He tapped the mailboxes one by one, stopping at number 167, his family home since ten years prior. He sighed, seeing an empty driveway, lawn, and roof, exactly as when he moved here. He stepped up the stairs, opening the door and closing it with a kick, knowing that he wouldn’t be reprimanded if he did. The entry held no more than a mirror to the right, and a rack for shoes and a coat rack to the left. He dumped his backpack on the ground next to it, choosing to be lazy and comfortable and leaving his shoes and hoodie on.

In the next room, the living room lay sparse and tidy, with a set of couches, a television, a decade-old game console that everyone had, and a hallway that lead to three bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room, a kitchen, and the garage. He didn’t care for the laundry room; those were his family’s areas. The garage and one of the bedrooms were exclusively for mom and dad; no irresponsible fourteen-year-old should be there. The solace of the bathroom was unneeded right then, and the thought of entering his six-year-old sister’s room sent shivers down his spine. He entered the kitchen, for a light snack and a thought alone.

The kitchen held all the necessities of modern life: A stove, microwave, refrigerator, table, four chairs, pantry, and food enough for three days. He entered the pantry, the white and silver of the room and appliances making him wish for a splash of blue. He saw a variety of factory-made products, the all-natural stuff considered ‘too expensive’ for his parents to bother. He took an apple, chomping a bite out of it, leaving the pantry. He passed the table, seeing a note to himself:


Your dad’s at work, and I’m with Katie at her dance practice. We should all be back around 4:30. Be good!


PS: Don’t think that because it’s summer you can play games all day. Try playing outside; I got a soccer ball for you!

Kade groaned, ignoring the note. The backyard had an overdone fireplace and patio, which he knew had a wrapped up soccer ball just waiting for its uncaring owner to use. The fence made the yard too small to bother, and the dwarfed tree provided no shade to hide from the overbearing sun.

He took another bite from his apple, walking through the high-property-value home to the one place he could be himself: his room. He opened the door with a sign that said, ‘Kade’s Room’, then shut it behind him, leaving his parent’s world behind.

He sat on his bed, continuing to eat his apple. A computer lay to his left, old and in need of replacement, and scattered around it were various figurines from the games and movies he loved. To the right of the desk was a trash can, overflowing with various notes and gift cards for new sports-related accessories. Next to that was his dresser, kempt and clean, with more of his figurines and a more advanced game system capable of playing games on the go. In the corner, a laundry basket full of used clothes sat, and in between the dresser and basket was a small closet for games, figures, and various other belongings.

Kade finished eating the apple, tossing the core into the trashcan. He stood up, sitting at his computer and typing his password. He checked his email, seeing a deluge of sports related ads, all forwarded from his parents. He deleted them, business as usual, and proceeded to click on an image for his beloved fantasy games, plugging his headphones into the audio port.

He just started playing when he felt a rumble. He ignored it, thinking it was just the garbage truck passing by. Then he remembered that garbage day wasn’t until tomorrow. The rumble shook the house again, and he decided to better look outside to see what was happening.

He exited his room, leaving his headphones behind, going into the backyard, looking to the sky. He squinted, thinking that he saw a light descending from the heavens. It drew closer, seeming to fall right towards him. His eyes widened, and he dashed into the house, shutting the screen door behind him. The light shot towards the ground, and with a flash of light, made contact. Kade looked away, protecting his vision.
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Prologue: Welcome to Skylands! (Part 2)

After a few moments, he opened his eyes, the light gone. He looked back outside, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. He opened the door again, walking outside to see what the light was. He sifted through the lawn, finding nothing, and almost shrugged the entire thing off, marching toward the door. He saw a pulse of light in the corner of his vision, coming from the patio table.

He slowly turned toward it, seeing an unusual sight. On the glassy surface was a stout cylinder, made from ancient stone. Runes decorated the sides, and the top of the cylinder was a swirling white surface, gently pulsing with many colors. It was little bigger than his hand, and attached to it was a leather, which he figured was to secure it to a loop.

He sat on the patio chair, studying the cylinder. “Looks like some sort of portal…” He said to himself, tapping the sides. He tapped on one of the runes, and the portal glowed a bright blue.

“Portal Activated. State your name.” It said, the white surface reverberating with each syllable, with a voice that wasn’t quite feminine or masculine. Kade looked at it bewildered. Figuring that nothing wrong would happen, he complied.

“Kade. Kade Orisson.” The Portal glowed once more, shifting to orange.

“Name accepted. Teleportation Function initiated. Destination: Galewind Village.” It stated, the orange light forming into rings. The rings hovered around Kade, a clear bubble forming within them. He stood up, panicked, wondering what it meant by ‘teleportation function’.
He tried stepping out of the bubble, but was promptly shocked by whatever energy the object was using. “Let me out! Cancel this…teleportation function!” He exclaimed, hoping he said the right words. The portal flashed red, with an annoying beep of denial.

“Access denied by Portal Master Eon. Teleportation to Skylands Initiated.” It stated, the rings moving vertically along Kade. The portal floated into the ring, into Kade’s hands. He began to rise into the air, the bubble around him keeping him suspended. He then zoomed into the sky, a pulse of light rising into the heavens. With a yell of dismay, he exited Earth’s atmosphere, rocketing through space. The portal glowed once more, a hole in space forming in front of him. He entered the swirling vortex, blue gases circling around him, a vast tunnel yawning in front of him.

The portal hovered in front of him, glowing a bright blue. From it, a holographic head of a bearded man came from it. He had a long white beard, and he had large blue eyes, with a large rectangular nose. He wore a horned silver helmet, with a sapphire set near his forehead. His face was wrinkled with age, but his eyes held a youthful and wise gleam.

Continuing to hurtle through this tunnel, Kade could only listen to this mysterious old man. “Congratulations, Portal Master! You have discovered the Portal of Power, and you are now on your way to the home of this mysterious object: Skylands!” To his right, images of a sky filled with floating islands, covered with trees, homes and sheep, with balloons and other aircraft zooming in between. Furry brown creatures sat with each other, talking, and others ran around, playing with each other.

The image faded, and the old man continued to speak. “You have come at a most desperate time, Portal Master. I, Master Eon, can no longer protect this vast realm, and I leave this task with you.”

Kade suddenly exclaimed, “I can’t protect this place! I’m a kid from Skyview who just barely passed 8th Grade! What’s so special about me?” The man ignored him, not even flinching at his outburst. Kade figured it was a recording, given the fact that he was holographic.

“At this point in time, I cannot communicate with you. But let me tell you how I came into this state, of how the Core of Light was destroyed, and the Skylanders were sent to you.” He stated. Another island came into vision, covered with green domes, with a large tower standing high above them all. The largest of the domes had a beam of pure white light erupting from it, and next to that was a stone circle, decorated with eight different runes: A swirl, a leaf, a skull, a mountain, a flame, a droplet, a compass, and a gear.

“What you see is my citadel, or what it once was that is. This place holds the Core of Light, the key in holding back The Darkness, an evil entity that seeks to cloud all of Skylands with eternal darkness. His chief agent is the most persistent, most evil, and most despicable being in Skylands: Kaos.”

The image shifted to a dark castle, build with black stone with veins of blue. Red scales covered the turrets and roof of the castle, and beneath it, for jets of blue flame held it in the air. The image zoomed in on a figure clad in black robes, holding his fists high in the air. He was completely bald, and was far shorter than anybody Kade had seen. On his forehead was a blue symbol made with six points, and around his crimson eyes were black tattoos. His mouth had perfectly straight teeth on the top, but only three pointed teeth on the bottom. He laughed manically, and despite his ridiculous appearance, he had an aura of evil about him.

“Kaos is a Dark Portal Master, and he sought to spread the reign of The Darkness beyond the Outlands. The one thing preventing this goal was the Core of Light, and as my strength failed, so did my citadel’s. Do not think it was completely defenseless however; I commanded an elite team of heroes, guardians of Skylands and the Core of Light: The Skylanders.” The image returned to the citadel, where around the stone circle, a cacophony of different creatures appeared in a flash of multicolored lights. There were many dragons, an ent, several elves, an orc, a fish-man, among many others. They were 32 in total, and they all assumed battle positions as Kao’s dark castle emerged from the distance, a dark smog surrounding it. A massive projection similar to Eon’s shone from the castle, showing a hooded being with sharp features, looking like a more malicious version of Kaos.
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Prologue: Welcome to Skylands! (Part 3)

He laughed once more, the black smog streaming to the ground. On contact, creatures made from crystal-like material came. Cyclopes, Drow, pirates; many creatures came to assault the Citadel, all bearing the same staring eyes.

“The Skylanders fought valiantly, driving off their mortal enemy with relative ease.” A four-armed gorilla punched away a cyclops, an overgrown grub slurped up a troll, a living suit of armor stabbed through a pirate. Kaos stood no chance.

“Kaos was no fool, however. He had a weapon on his side, a weapon from ancient times: The Hydra.” A four-headed shape spewed from the castle, the necks intertwined at a single golden body. One head was a skeleton, another a poisonous lizard, one a sea serpent, and the final a molten salamander. The four combined their powers, forming a single dark laser, taking direct aim at the core. The solemn figure of Eon, standing at the top of the tower, was caught in the blast. The Skylanders were surrounded by orange bands of light, as Kade was from Earth, and a beam of light erupted from the tower.

“In my final moments among the living, I commanded my Portal to go to a worthy Portal Master. The Skylanders were sent along the very pathway you travel towards Earth, Kaos’ form of banishment. My portal managed to secure them all on its journey here, and you have the ability to bring them back.” The Portal showcased a slideshow of the different Skylanders, changing their color of light depending on their alignment. Kade gazed in wonder, as the thought of using the Portal grew in his mind.

“Unfortunately, the Skylanders cannot all be brought back at once. Kaos and his Hydra patrol Skylands, and any significant movement would jeopardize you and the Portal. As the true owner of the Portal of Power, I have limited you to bringing only one Skylander on any mission. What more, you must summon every Skylander before the end of your time here; we must make sure they weren’t injured on their way to you.” Eon explained. At the mention of a mission, Kade jerked, his fingers zapping on the energy rings.

After a few moments of rubbing his injured digits, he exclaimed, “What mission! I don’t want to be stuck here! What about my parents, or my friends?” Eon stared blankly ahead, the project unhearing.

As if he knew what was expected, Eon said, “Do not worry young Portal Master; the Portal has the ability to transcend space and time, if used properly. When you fulfill your mission, the lock on the teleportation function will lift, and you will return to Earth at the time you left.” Kade felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he thought of how long he might have to stay in this strange land.

Eon smiled warmly, saying, “Do not fear. Skylands may have its perils, but the Skylanders are strong, and my assistant, Hugo, and his friends will help you. The Portal also has many uses, after my years of upgrading it to help protect Skylands. Use it well.” The Portal hovered in front of Kade, the pulsing beginning to end. The swirling of the vortex around him began to slow, and a light began to appear at the end of the tunnel.

Kade looked at the Portal, Eon’s hologram disappearing. With a final sigh, it said, “Restore the Core of Light, and the lock will lift. Hugo shall tell you the rest. Good luck young Portal Master.” Eon disappeared, and the Portal glowed with many colors, gradually shifting into each one.

Kade studied the portal and the ending vortex, wondering what would happen. He would be stuck in an all-new world, with only this Hugo character and whatever Skylander he chooses. He didn’t do all that well in P.E. in school, so he doubted he could fight off whoever would there.

He sighed, taking the Portal. It shifted to a light-blue, and the holograms of a unicorn dragon, a sharp-spined turtle, a clouded titan, and a large griffin appeared. The portal said in its monotone voice, “Current Element: Air. Eternal Source must be collected before selection can change.” Kade figured it was because of Eon’s direction to use each of the Skylanders, but what were these Eternal Sources.

The exit of the tunnel approached quickly, and Kade made his selection. The Portal shone with light-blue light, and Kade, the Portal of Power, and his selected Skylander, were now in Skylands.
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