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Mario Kart 9 Ideas
King-Pen Krazy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1907
#1 Posted: 22:10:27 06/05/2017 | Topic Creator
So, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe having just been released. I thought it would be a great Idea to do some Ideas for Mario Kart 9, whenever it comes out

Alright, so, Let's start off with

Main Differences:
There are 5 modes, Regular mode, Battles Mode, Time Trial, Story Mode, and Online Challenges
Story Mode pits you up against challengers in their element, and lets you take on bosses
Online Challenges allow you to join challenges from other players online

CharacterssmilieThe skins are unlockable, and unlockable means the character is unlockable too)
Mario (Normal)-Fire Mario(Normal)
Luigi (Normal)-Boo Luigi(Lightweight)
Peach (Normal)-Pink Gold Peach(Heavy)
Daisy (Normal)-Baby Daisy(Lightweight)
Rosalina (Normal)-Baby Rosalina(Lightweight)
Donkey Kong (Heavy)-Baby DK(Normal)
Diddy Kong (Lightweight)-DK Jr. (Lightweight)
Funky Kong (Heavy)-Funkier Kong(Heavy)
Wario (Heavy)-Wario Man(Heavy)
Waluigi (Normal)-Luigi?(Normal)
Bowser(Heavy)-Dry Bowser(Heavy)
Bowser Jr.(Lightweight)-Kid Koopa(Lightweight)
Shy Guy(Lightweight)-Snifit(Lightweight)
Yoshi(Normal)-Yarn Yoshi(Lightweight)
Dry Bones(Lightweight)-Parabones(Lightweight)
Inkling Girl(Normal)-Inkling Boy(Normal)(Unlockable)
Link(Normal)-Shadow Link(Normal)(Unlockable)
Villager(Lightweight)-Villager Girl(Lightweight)(Unlockable)
Isabelle(Lightweight)-Tom Nook(Lightweight)(Unlockable)
King Boo(Normal)-Dark Moon Boo(Heavy)
Petey Pirahna(Heavy)-Pirahna Plant Petey(Heavy)(Unlockable)
Wiggler(Normal)-Angry Wiggler(Heavy)(Unlockable)

Those Mariachi Skeletons from Odyssey(I will change this when we get official name)(Lightweight)(Unlockable)

Items will come next week
Rise and Shine Ursine
undeadmaster Gold Sparx Gems: 2108
#2 Posted: 19:08:10 27/06/2018
It's been more than a week. :/
I probably won't be back for like a year.
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