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The Squader Bros
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#1 Posted: 11:04:28 06/05/2017 | Topic Creator
About Stories:
This stories is about the 4 anthro mutant animals that come from Project Anthro, the project to save animals from extinction by make it into antromorphic forms. they will save the city from the big criminal gangs and save their world from capital companies that coorporate with its gangs for their adventages.
but some content will be related to skylanders things.

E01: Project Anthro

E02: Little Buddies

E03: Welcome in University

E04 : Experience With Seniors

E05 : Squader United

E06 : First Avenger

E07 : The Power of Cindaku

E08 : Criminal gangs

E09 : A Dream world

E10 : kidnappers

E11 : where did they go ?

E12 : Rescue
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#2 Posted: 07:55:00 24/05/2017 | Topic Creator

in the world, all animals will be going to be endangered and unfortunately will be extincted and go away from the world. it's happened when the industrial revolution comes. everything will go to machine-produced that has a poisonous waste that make all animals will be poisoned and go die. and after every decades to century, the population growth bigger and exponentially, so deforestation will be more happened, and their habitats will be gone. the demand of thing that from animal, specially furskin, ivory, etc. that makes extinction will be more done.

So that's why project anthro come. some scientist from Massachusets Institute from bioengineering think to make all endangered animal to be anthromorphic or human looked. the scientist see and observed that some animals has some good intelligence and emotions and empathy like humans. and the most problem of them is how to communicate with them because their brain ability to generating the language and analysis.

they decided to take research to making endangered animals to be human looked, like speaking with other humans, behave and interact like humans, and can analyze something in general. after some months, the thing to make animals like human comes. a synthesized DNA that combined from Human DNA and some animals DNA can make him to be human looked but it must be from baby because the factor of cells that will be grow. if cells will be grow faster, the effects of DNA will be happened. so hopefully it will be make all animals will be human looked.
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#3 Posted: 07:56:32 24/05/2017 | Topic Creator
Chapter 1: Project Anhtro

In early 2006's, there is a project research that do by some scientist from Massachusetts Institute about how to save the endangered animals in the world. The project it's called "Project Anthro". It In the lab with some tools and equipments for supporting their invention, They create modified DNA sequence that combined from a part of human DNA and animals DNA to make the endangered animals can be turned into anthros (human liked). To transferring it to that sampled animals, they combined it into bacteria's DNA and inject it to that animals. There are some endangered animals for sample how this project worked for it.

Before the project come, Gullar, a scientist also leader of this project,just give the presentation about what this project do and the result to the projects done to all professors to fund and support. and before the project do, he take a briefing to the all teams before they tried to do this experiments and all of scientist hope for the projects will be successful and get a toss for the last.

And then, they do injection of that bacteria to some animal babies as for sample. After that, they are brought to an incubator for wait and see the progress for 3 months of their sampled animals.

"Hey. Look, all pisces and avians just doesn't has some progress. But not for penguins." said Rini Soegimatri, a scientist from indonesia in Massachussets institute to Carlin O'Neil, A scientist too from California, America who is work in project anthro.

"how that's happened? Hopefully it works for almost of the samples!" said Carlin.

"Yeah. But almost our samples are had some progress. Hopefully it can save from the extinction. And also make more diversity in our lives"

And in 6 months going, the animals that passed and bonded with that DNA has get much progress. His hand and foots grows and its morphology like human looks.

"I think in 3 years later, we can release him to the open world and make they socialized with other people. Hopefully all citizens will be accept and not hurt them."

"But wait.. As I see... All reptiles for their brain is grower than all of animal that we have. Which is, all effects of DNA is make him to be smarter than other animals." Said Carlin.

"Wow.. It's amazing. But hopefully i think all mamals will get that because their brain is bigger and potentially with that DNA" Said Rini

"I think we have something

And.. In one day, there coming guest nowhere they come from. One people planting some bomb to create mess with this building that there are a labs where that projects are going. And all squads come to that build and has some ranged weapons. They are attack the building and search for the lab. And all group of scientist for working that projects get an alarm because of that assault. They think out to how to save that sample of animals that they done and the documents project then escape from it.

"hey, I know how to go out from this place. Maybe we can use secret way to go out." said one scientist.

And all of them are go away through the secret way that has given by him with bring the sample of animals, DNA, project documentation, and some of weapon for their defense with them. Then, he go through the secret way to the park field in basement.

When he's go to the park, they found the attacker who search them. And then, they search to hide from the attacker.

"Close your mouth. Don't make noise!!" shout one of them quitely.

And the attacker go throught the way and search the scientist. And they're getting fear and tense when the attacker comes behind the wall with holding their breath but there's a noise in their baby animals. Until they gone, the scientist go from hiding spot and run to the park. When run, unfortunately there's an attacker see him and they run to him with firing their weapons.

In the park field, some scientist locked the door to the park with some old iron desk and iron board to hold their move. Other scientist search for truck for their rescue. He pickup the scientist and the animals that he brought near the door. when he go to the outside, the attacker has broken the door so they fired to the truck.

After they're go out, attacker give the command to others to follow them.

"Follow the truck" said the attacker in the radio that weared in attacker's ear

The attacker just use their vehicle to follow him and give some fired bullet gun to stop the truck. And the shootut pun comes with the scientist in truck and the attackers. Suddenly, the two attackers with motorcycle just fire the grappling hook to hold the move. Then two scientist cutting the rope when the other attackers just fired to him. And with their struggle and pieces of small knife, they cut the rope that hold it and the rope has been cut off.

And next, they found the small alley to avoid them and they turn to the alley but three attacker follow him. They fired with the weapon that he brought but then 2 of them has injured. And Rini just kill to the attacker until they can't follow him.
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#4 Posted: 07:57:12 24/05/2017 | Topic Creator
Continuing Chapter 1:

After they go out from alley, an attacker in the car just ready to fire to them with RPG Rocket.

"Watch out" shout a scientist to the truck. And the truck just avoid that by turn left to avoid the rocket. The truck just saved from rocket in twice. And in three, the rocket almost fired to the truck and one scientist just getting injured. But, there's two car just to be stopped. And Rini just fired with some available weapons to stop the car and in the last, the car just getting lost direction.

The last, there's no attacker will follow him. And the truck safely to go out from Boston city. And they're go to the isolated place that can't be tracked for make the next plan.

"Maybe it's time to take a plan for make this animals will be safe from all of them" said One scientist

"How to do that? Maybe we need to keep him and treat him in isolated place?" said Carlin with asking intonation

"we can't do this, Carlin. They will search and find us" said Gullar.

And suddenly they're going silent and they must make up their mind to safe the animals from the attackers.

"Maybe we must bring them to the a country or regions where that is their habitat. But they must be treated by people that can treat them like treating their children. And i hope that place is a place that can't be found by the attackers and also their boss" said Rini wisely with her opinion

"But.. How we can bring them? Maybe we can be banned because we bring them ilegally and the worst thing we get.. They found us and they will take them!" said one of them in discussion

"Hmm.. By the way, I've a friend that has private jet that may be you can used to bring them out. i'll talk later about where we can landed this plane" said Gullar

And after done discussion, Gullar just go to his friend who has private jet and also talking for land and depart the plane but not from airport. So they're dealed to landed it on mojave dessert and bring the animals to their habitat. But they leave 9 animals, which is a tegu lizard, 2 jaguars, a tiger, 2 wolfs, 2 crocs, and bison and go through the american continents with search an isolated place and find the people who can adopted and treat them until they're grown up like anthro animals.

On the otherside, in Boston city, they're found 10 lethal animals in laboratory and then they bring it all. And they're go to a big and tall building. And one of their leader just go to their boss.

"have you found the documents and the scientist?" said the boss with cigarette in the mouth slowly

"i'm sorry sirr... We can't find them" said the leader with apologize intonation and kneel to the boss

"How fool you are !!" said boss loudly with kicking him until he fall.

"You can't find them?? You just bomb the wall of labs and take them with its experiments" said the boss..

"I'm sorry sir !!! But we found somethingg.. " said the leader

"Something what??? " said boss loudly with the understimating face

"we found 10 animals and unfortunately they're die. Maybe you can use that for other thing" said the leader softly to the boss

And the boss just go back from the leader with the hand below the chin like thinking something..

"Hmm.. I think i can extract their blood for research the formula" said the boss

"And you... Just go away from here. Don't kneel with me again without results to me" said the boss loudly and his index finger just pointed to him

And the boss just take the experiments for the lethal animals that he get..

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