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spyro and sonic Diamond Sparx Gems: 8318
#501 Posted: 04:29:40 02/11/2023
had a bunch of dreams last night because I kept waking up but I only remember two of them.

in the first one someone shoved my head underwater trying to drown me. and in the second one someone broke into my room and tried to kill me with a big ass knife.

it was not a good night
ArisaArtisan Green Sparx Gems: 403
#502 Posted: 09:20:54 02/11/2023
ok so this is gonna be a Long one so like. teehee. bear with me. :3c okayyy

had the strangest and also most frustrating dream

so a few friends and i were having this chill sleepover at my.. old two story house from my childhood for some reason?? and i guess the next day was christmas bc we were then all at a christmas party my gramma was hosting at some other house - it looked. Incredibly vaguely like my other old house from my childhood (this one was from before the two-story one). anyways there was this like. weird wrapping paper puzzle? it was all on one thing but it eas separated into different sections, and you could tap it to change the type of paper. we were guessing you had to match up the wrapping paper, but the issue is, there were over 20 different ****ing types and if you tapped too fast and skipped over one by accident, you had to cycle all the way through it all again. and another issue was that at random intervals, the paper would change by itself and randomly cycle backward a few types before the type of paper you had selected prior.
needless to say i was like '_` [tired.png] when trying to "solve" this thing.

the kicker is there was this pretty kind sparkly of night sky paper, it had these designs of zodiac signs - but not of the constellations, mind you, oh no. but the thing is there were other kinds of papers that looked Very Similar to it so you Really Had To Pay Attention. also with the zodiac paper, if you matched it up with other sections, the zodiac designs would glow for a second, as if you needed to match them all up, to which we didnt even Know if that Was the paper that was the solution, but we tried it anyways.
but because of all the prior issues... you can assume i woke up before we got around to anything good.
despite the wrapping paper mayhem it was a very cozy dream. my friends and i hanging out for christmas was a really nice thing of my brain to do

there were other parts of this dream but it also all pertained to different parts of my early childhood, hense the childhood homes. we'd be here for a good while if i went on explaining that lol
most other parts were old shows i used to watch, old toys i used to have, old furniture and objects that I remember.
it was confusing but also melancholic in a way, like standing in the doorway of your now empty childhood home, but looking outside rather than inside.
but the camera is looking at you from the inside

anyways, overall, pretty fun pretty good, though made me go "huh." waking up LMFAO
drink water, get some sleep, take care of yourself.
SHE/THEY, sillygoofy, doing my darndest.
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3900
#503 Posted: 01:27:16 06/11/2023
aw man i had a really distinct one earlier but its late for me so i dont remember it as well. something about giving a presentation ahaha


Ok here we go. Had a dream that I was some kind of intern at an office with an whole bunch of other new recruits. We were listening to the opening day spheal and it was pretty dull. A lot of use didn’t know what the social script for this sort of thing was. The office inside was basically like a giant bookstore / curio shop and we could buy things. After the intro, we got to wander around and I took an elevator accidentally to the basement


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alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12760
#504 Posted: 10:42:41 30/11/2023
Last night's dream:
- Instagram had this thing where you get charged if you like certain posts. I got an email saying I was charged £5 on my PayPal. Turned out I accidentally liked some Ben 10 vid that I wouldn't care about while scrolling. I requested a refund, but only got £3 back.

- There were more houses across the road from mine than there are irl. A family from one the houses came round and complained that their son can't sleep at night because we apparently make too much noise such as the toilet flushing even though there's no way they could hear anything from our house. They also asked me not to use the oven more than once a day.

- I think I was watching a Doctor Who episode since David Tennent was involved, but there was an evil robotic nutcracker trying to kill people. Just as they thought it was defeated, it came back even scarier.
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3900
#505 Posted: 14:36:56 11/12/2023
Dreamed I was visiting my cousins and we were swimming in the ocean diving for stuff
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spyro and sonic Diamond Sparx Gems: 8318
#506 Posted: 09:28:57 13/12/2023
I've had a lot since the last time I posted here so let's see what I remember.

-I had a dream where I was Crimson instead of myself, but unfortunately that dream also involved my city and the rest of the world being destroyed in a nuclear war. also there were a lot of snakes trying to bite me for some reason.

-a couple days later I had a dream where I died and became a ghost. it was actually really sad and depressing and I couldn't get it out of my head for a while.

-recently I had a pretty basic dream where I was back in middle school, except it was way more realistic and real feeling than my usual dreams, which already feel pretty real. It took me a bit after waking up to realize that it wasn't real.

Oh, and last night I had the scariest sleep paralysis experience of my life. It started in a dream, in the dream I laid down to go to sleep and then slept and woke up. when I woke up I checked my phone and saw that it wasn't working at all so I just decided, **** it, I'll just get out of bed and start my day. I got out of bed and when I was about to leave my room I woke up from the dream, putting me back in my bed where I was for real and that's when the sleep paralysis started.

My bed is up against a wall, and I was sleeping on my side facing the wall. Usually that's enough to keep any kind of sleep paralysis monsters from showing up, outside of one other time when I just saw the shadow of something. But in this case last night I wasn't able to see any monster but it was clearly there, because I could feel it repeatedly shoving my back. It didn't take me long to be able to move again but that's the first time I've felt any sleep paralysis monster physically interact with me so it was kinda scary as ****.
spyro and sonic Diamond Sparx Gems: 8318
#507 Posted: 12:00:40 13/02/2024
I think this is my favorite topic on the site because I really like talking about all my dreams and reading about other people's dreams, it's a lot of fun.

so let's talk about some of the nightmares I had in that wonderful mid-december to mid-january time period.

first off, I had sleep paralysis twice (that I remember at least) in addition to the one I talk about in my post above this one. both times my sleep paralysis monster or whatever you call it was a pure black creature with a constantly shifting face. the first time it was a little girl, like something out of a horror movie, and the second time was a cat.

and then there was the really bad one that started it all, the one that was so bad I had a ****ing panic attack thinking about it days later. It was a pretty long dream with a lot going on, but the important part is that in the dream I got buried alive, and then was forced to relive the experience all over at the end of the dream. I didn't think being buried alive is something I was really scared of, at least not more than the normal amount you'd be scared of something like that I guess, but man this dream really ****ed me up. I have a massive phobia of water and I've had plenty of nightmares about that, but this being buried alive dream felt 10x worse than any of those. I honestly didn't think nightmares could be that bad before this. I'm over it now but that was not a fun time.

also worth noting that in that nightmare I was not myself, rather I was Chase, the main character from the furry visual novel Echo.

shortly after this I had the nightmare where my teeth start falling out. I've heard that that one is pretty common but this was the first time it's happened to me.

and then there was another one involving Echo. the very basic idea of that visual novel is that there's a mass hysteria event that takes place in the small town of Echo. anyway, in this nightmare I was researching Echo for whatever reason in a computer lab that I used way back in high school. and by doing this I found out that a similar thing was going to happen in my city, and I spent the rest of the dream scared and trying to get the **** out of town before it started.

at the time of having these dreams I hadn't read or thought much about Echo in about a year and a half, so it wasn't that directly causing this.

and then the last one I'll mention here is one that was only a half-nightmare, the first part was bad but the second part was more normal and okay. but in that first part I broke a bunch of ribs and was just laying on the ground in pain for a long while, not fun.
alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12760
#508 Posted: 15:29:23 13/02/2024
I had one of those dreams last night where I was going back to school or college after a long break, but I forgot to do the homework I was assigned.
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3900
#509 Posted: 14:41:18 17/02/2024
Dreamed I was at my grandmas old house babysitting some of my younger coworkers. My grandma stopped by and was like: it’s so nice to be at my old house again!
I AM ETERNAL! (banner by skylandersfan60)
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