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Red Fox Mountain
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It's been awhile since I made a topic here or have written a story, so I am trying my hand at it once more. Before continuing a few things must be known... This story is meant to be short, though I cannot discern how many chapters it will actually be, so while the intention is for it to be in the fewest chapters possible I don't know how long it will actually be. To also put out there I have a tendency and a hard time finishing stories so this could very well only be one chapter and remain unfinished in which case I will be terribly sorry.

As a warning, while this story will not have a copious amount of gore or violence, it will possibly contain themes that are uncomfortable and suggestive, though will not be be explicitly detailed. These moments will be far and few between, but still wanting for readers to be weary.

This first post will be known as the Table of Contents and Prologue marking the beginning of the story and the posts associated with it.

Table of Contents

0. Prologue

The Prologue

A large stretch of a grassy plain would be scene on flat, healthy lands. Here the wind would blow toward the north, tugging gently on the green blades toward the direction the wind wished to go....
But the force, what it was, not strong enough to pull them from the ground as the wind was more a cool breeze than anything. There a young girl, looking the age of five, would run around with a huge smile that went across her face. The girl had long, golden-like blond hair that reached across her upper back, it's style straight and cleanly brushed of any little knots or strands that would stick out and while most of her hair reached behind her, it covered the rest of her head as well, the front reaching out to cover her forehead though these bangs were cut short so that they never covered her eyes. Speaking of which her eyes were a hazel-ish color, a sort of light brown but with a strange gradient of emerald that became more apparent as it reached more inward toward her pupils. The girl wore a jacket to protect her from the light cold weather, a dress with a knee-long skirt and a long-sleeved, striped shirt underneath the top of her dress, the stripes were of a pink and black, along with it pink colored boots. There was a pause in the girls steps across the plain, crouching down to look at a white dandelion that she had noticed underneath her and while she looked, a man had caught up with her. The man looking like he was in his twenties, his head was shaven yet he was not completely bald, as a light coat of brown covered his head, the man eyes were of a full-on emerald green, no other colors were current in his irises. He wore a shirt that was buttoned all the way up, white and long-sleeved while underneath was a red t-shirt and blue jeans with light brown boots. The man seemed to watch over the girl closely like a parent or guardian, and him, with a gentle smile looked down toward her and asked "What's that, honey? Did you find a dandelion?" The girl looked up at him, smiling and nodding, responding with "Mmhmm!" After a moment of looking toward him, she noticed something out of the corner of her eyes. Turning her head in that direction she stared toward the movement, and there she saw, what sat was a red fox. Not in species, but in fur color a bright and deep blood red coated it's fur along with the white covered chest and underbelly, also it seemed that glowing orange ashes would come off of the fox floating off into the air though it would seem that nothing would be burning, not on nor anywhere near the fox. The girl tilting her head as she stared at it and it, in return, tilted it's head as if in reply to her action. The man while watching, raised a brow and crouched down beside her, looking toward where she had and asking "Hey hon, what do you see?" He asked and the girl turned her head at toward the man "I saw a foxy daddy!" In answering to his question. The father staring toward her and then where she had looked saying "A fox, huh? They don't live around this area thought..."
After he had said that, she returned with "But I did see a foxy daddy! It had red fur!" He looked back down toward her and said "Red fur, huh?" After just a little pause he explained to her "Well, you know they say that spirits live here, usually spirit animals, maybe you saw one of them... Hm? You know what that means..." The girl blinked at him a few times and then he smiled and picked her up from under her arms, spinning around with her "You're a very special, very lucky girl! Blessed by the spirits of the land!" The girl giggled as spun, legs and arms stretched out to enjoying the feeling of flying. After a few more minutes of that, the man stopped and just held his daughter in her arms "But you know, it's getting late... So it's time to go back home. Mommy will definitely have a special dinner for our special blessed little girl." Turning around he began walking away. The girl laid the side of her head on his shoulder, but then perked it up, looking over the shoulder to look out into the field. She, once again saw the red fox sitting there and watching as they were making their way back to what they called home. The girl brought up her hand and waved a little to the red furred fox saying "Bye bye, miss foxy." And the fox would swivel her tail, watching them as they disappeared from view.
I'm just praying for the rain to stop, and the sun to shine. If need be, I'll be the sacrifice.
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