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Your picks for smash 5
Seiki Emerald Sparx Gems: 4923
#51 Posted: 01:41:40 10/06/2017
Quote: Kyubey
Quote: Seiki
Quote: Kyubey
yeah yeah i know its a longshot and just my bias speaking, but bayonetta and snake proved gun characters can work, and if blizzard was chill with it, tracer would be absolutely perfect in smash

My only argument against Tracer isn't about her being with guns but that so far every fighter has appeared on a Nintendo system in some way. Even Cloud was in KH: Chain of Memories on the GBA & KH: Coded on the DS. It isn't out of the question for her, but it's certainly a trend that could be a conscious choice on Nintendo's part.

i suppose, but its okay to dream
at least im not saying goku lol

lol, I'll give you that.

idk, they could break the trend someday, it just would feel weird if they ever did. They could even announce a Switch port for Overwatch at E3.
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xXBeavcoonXx Gold Sparx Gems: 2605
#52 Posted: 22:34:39 17/06/2017
gonna bring this back because while some of my thoughts are stereotypical i have a few unknown fighters.
Waluigi- i will never stop asking for this.
Electivire- SOOOO disappointed that he wasn't in pokken tournament smilie((
Paper Mario rep- Plenty of people are saying Dimentio but personally Blumiere and O'Chunks are fair game
K. Rool- duh.
All of the lost veterans
Joe Wildwest.
Who??? If anyone remembers the old DS titles "Fossil Fighters," he was in the 2nd one as a huge character. Everything about this character could work. His specials could summon a few dinosaurs (for example a pterodactyl as an up special.) He is also shown to have a pick axe (smashes?) and a rope (for grabbing like links claw shot) He could work really well and bring some light to an old forgotten game series.
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DarkPredator Gold Sparx Gems: 2267
#53 Posted: 04:11:41 18/06/2017
Yow know I like Smash but it's not really something I'm hardcore in to. So needless to say I'm just picking characters based on how I like them and not powers/capabilities possibilities.

-Midna and Wolf Link
-Spring Man
"Still as silent as ever, eh?" - Blue, Pokémon Sun and Moon
Underian Emerald Sparx Gems: 3046
#54 Posted: 06:55:50 18/06/2017
oh my god its knuckles
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