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I'm really loving the level 74 Skylander Tutor power
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#1 Posted: 04:02:58 29/04/2017 | Topic Creator
I realize that to a lot of folks it wasn't that big a deal, but this afternoon my son and I went through our collection of SSA through SF, and had a great time purchasing and trying out all of both upgrade paths.

Honestly, it's a bit of a neurosis for me. I care a lot more about upgrading the characters than the kids do. In fact, in the month since we got the game, I personally have only played the first four chapters. My kids have beaten the game already. I grinded a lot to get to level 74, then I grinded to get enough coin and gearbits to max out all the SC characters and vehicles (that I've given them so far. Got another 8 pairs to go). Weird, I know, but that's the part I like.

So since all the SC characters were finished, and most of the SSA to SF figures had a lot of coin on them from previous play, he and I hammered the rest of the upgrades out for each of them, even going back into SF to sky diamond mine for cash for any of them who didn't have enough (or who we used up all their cash buying hats in SC). My little guy LOVED it! It was so fun for him to try out the new moves on his favorite characters that he'd never had a chance to try.

This will definitely boost the earlier games' replayability for us. We'll just pick a team of skylanders, make sure they're all set to the path they weren't previously set to, and go through the games all over again. He couldn't get over the other Thumpback path. LOVED it.

It's nice for this reason that we got SC before TT. Haven't started playing it yet, but have a bunch of the characters just waiting, and it'll be cool to have the option to use both upgrade paths right from the get go.
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