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Monsters Among Us (Redo of topic)
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#1 Posted: 02:03:11 27/04/2017 | Topic Creator
The last topic was closed due to the image links being broken and lack of organization.

But anyway-

MONSTERS AMONG US is a webcomic series i'm working on. The first issue is set to begin production in June, and should be finished in October. (However, this is subject to change.) 3 issues are planned, with 6 parts to each- a total of 18 "chapters."

The story revolves around Chad, a 23 year old guy who's lived in the small town of Crystal Canyon for his entire life. He's seen all there is to see, and goes on with his normal life- yet he feels as if there's a greater purpose out there. He suddenly begins to have vivid hallucinations of horrible outcomes and nightmarish encounters. It's not until one night when Chad goes out to the forest that his paranormal odyssey kicks off. Upon entering the forest, he is met by a dark cavern filled with tendrils and hands. After being wounded, Chad is (miraculously) rescued by Luna, an adventurous girl with insight to the the truth, and Ren- a town regular with a knack for being devil's advocate. Together, they must find a way to stop a catastrophic series of events 18,000 years in the making- and maybe make some new friends along the way.


Chad has lived in Crystal Canyon, CA for his whole life. In fact- he is the only living being in CC that was BORN there. His life is simple- walk around town, attempt to make friends, and sleep for a bit. However, his frantic tendencies and occasional obsessive-compulsive behaviors make him a bit awkward in the eyes of everybody. So when he found himself in the master plan of a mystery cult, he had no idea what to do. Luckily, his new friends are here to help make sure it's all okay. He has an optimistic outlook on his new life- He's got some new friends, and lots of interesting things awaiting him down the line.

Luna has a good reputation in Ironhead- however, she knows more than most people do. Her connections to the "Cult Of The Double Negative" give her an advantage in keeping Chad out of trouble. She also enjoys the simple things in life- night walks, fairs, concerts, and the occasional vandalism spree. She can be a bit possessive at times, with some feeling that she keeps too close a watch on her friends. Also, one kinky mofo.

Ren was kicked out of his own house a while ago, but lives with Luna. He leads a local band known only as "Anarchy Museum"- the self proclaimed "Gods Of Lust And Obscenity." He's hurting on the inside- being kept away from the demonic activity for "his own good" makes him feel as if he's being taken from the only people who truly care for him. he also has a soft spot for nostalgic food items- drunken quests for 90's throwback soda isn't an uncommon occurance.

Once a powerful overlord of a distant realm, he was cursed with a horrid appearance, then cast away by his brother Azrath. However, the pain that once flowed through his very being has been replaced with Vengance. His ultimate plan- Manipulate and torment Chad's mind to prevent him from completing the Visionary Task, and then use the earth as a glorified meteor of sorts- to destroy the world he once ruled. His powers are limited, but his ability to enter the Mindscape lets him do truly horrible acts within one's own thoughts. Lumiose's reach is limited, however- Azrath Powder posessed by Luna and Inferu keep him from entering certain areas.

A summoned assistant to Lumiose, Forrek allows his light to shine. His showy personality and extravagant demon casino- "The Crystal Palace"- make him a threat that you probably would want to give a cool theme song. He owns an army of "Mirrormen"- once mortal beings trapped in mirrors. Forrek himself is also made of Infernal Glass- making his swordsplay actions a bit risky to himself. Forrek prides himself on doing the best he can for the demon realm- unknowing of Lumiose's true desire. Eventually, Forrek may find the truth of his employer's plans...

Kama was crafted from the essence of earth by Lumiose himself. He had also created a controlling helmet to keep her in line. Kama is known as the "Honorable Blade." She wishes to only do what she must for progress and the greater good, without hurting innocents- a philosophy Lumiose disagrees with. Kama, of course, is unknowing of the abductions Lumiose has performed to create his dark amalgamates. Legend says that removing her helmet will break her from Lumiose's control, leaving behind what can only be described as a depressed college girl.

Other characters to be discussed later-
The Belgian Reaper
The Knight Owl
Julian, The Dark Magician
Vibrant Lumiose
- - -

When these lights go on, all bets are off.

- -


with the exception of Lumiose/Vibrant Lumiose, all the characters are based off of an animal.
Chad- parakeet
Luna- bat
Ren- bearded dragon
Forrek- peacock
Kama- mantis
Alan- alligator
Inferu- rabbit
Anne- poodle
Ruger- goat
Tim- frog
Daphne- deer
Zack- axolotl
Shades- shiba inu
Molly- rabbit
Julian, The Dark Magician- cat
The Belgian Reaper- belgian malinois
The Knight Owl- owl
Goliath- beetle

A draft of issue 1's script (chapters 1-6) will be available to view soon.
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kardonis Platinum Sparx Gems: 5873
#2 Posted: 12:18:30 29/04/2017
looking good, but it might be worth noting that each character is an anthro animal, and which animal they're based on.
I used to be THE Bowser, now I'm just an awkward girl
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#3 Posted: 02:42:18 30/04/2017 | Topic Creator
added some extra details to the OP.

The new draft will come soon. I still have to work on it/revise.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#4 Posted: 01:51:49 08/05/2017 | Topic Creator
okay, we've got some stuff added to the op
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#5 Posted: 14:39:41 09/05/2017 | Topic Creator
yeah sorry for the triple? post but i'm glad to announce that the script is nearly done for volume 1
kardonis Platinum Sparx Gems: 5873
#6 Posted: 15:12:34 09/05/2017
Well that's good then.
I used to be THE Bowser, now I'm just an awkward girl
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#7 Posted: 19:47:56 13/05/2017 | Topic Creator
Alright- here's a special treat for you guys!

MAU will be split into 18 "chapters" aka issues. There will be 3 volumes- 6 chapters in each. Volume One's chapters are as follows.

(Chad’s normal life is interrupted when violent hallucinations and a glowing forest light lead him into a demon death cave. After being saved by Luna, she allows him to stay with her and Ren. Later that night, Chad meets Lumiose- a 20,000 year old demon who seeks revenge on his brother, who had banished him to earth. Chad soon discovers he is a cult prophet known as the Visionary.)

(Luna takes Chad to the mall, and introduces him to her friends Zack and Shades. They then camp out that night to photograph the Belgian Reaper- an urban legend said to roam the town on a full moon. After a close encounter with said legend, Chad and Luna go back home. Meanwhile, Lumiose summons two assistants- Forrek and Kama.)

(After a drunken quest for throwback soda, Ren’s band has a gig. After said gig, one of Ren’s friends reveals she is a member of the Double Negative as well. They go for a meeting, where Inferu reveals the Sanctum- an underground town square surrounding a link into the demon realm. Lumiose continues to plot his attack.)

(Forrek summons the Crystal Palace in the forest, and Chad and Luna go to investigate. Forrek shows Chad around, while Luna navigates a maze of mirrors. Luna eventually duels with Forrek, breaking his palace. Forrek lets them go, then sets out to conduct his next plan.)

(Forrek enters town to collect data for a trap- but runs into Ren and is sidetracked. After a night of fun, Forrek eventually decides to fake his own death to Lumiose- and joins Chad and Luna in saving earth. Meanwhile, Kama learns she has been mislead by Lumiose.)

(Chad, Luna, and Ren go to a local fair, while Forrek stays to build a small place for him to stay in Luna’s yard. They have fun at the fair, but Chad eventually gets another vision of horror. Forrek finds and adopts a ghost toddler. Forrek is team mom. Kama attempts to leave Lumiose, but it is revealed her helmet is a mandatory restraint device to keep her in check- preventing her from leaving without an objective.)
kardonis Platinum Sparx Gems: 5873
#8 Posted: 02:27:00 14/05/2017
So far you've only shown up to the end of chapter 2, so it will be interesting to see the other four chapters.
I used to be THE Bowser, now I'm just an awkward girl
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#9 Posted: 02:45:34 14/05/2017 | Topic Creator
Quote: kardonis
So far you've only shown up to the end of chapter 2, so it will be interesting to see the other four chapters.

yes, yes it will.
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