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#1 Posted: 09:21:43 18/04/2017 | Topic Creator
Utes, 6.Septimbrum.19823, 19.57

Okay, well, here's some thing that went on: I've basically become a primitive being. I don't necessarily mean that I've become weak. ****ing **** out there's scared the **** out of me though, and I ****ing wanna go home. I literally don't see anything for miles other than leaves and some glowing light out there that looks like it could be from Lumititanium. Idk man, I just find it weird how these crystals can be any source of energy good, even one that's for my phone. It's going to suck if it ends up being the only thing on this island that can charge my phone; too much battery ends up being drained, and a day is not even close to a week. I'm glad there was a small piece of Lumitanium here, but it's only enough to keep my phone sticking its blade out for me for another day, maybe two if I'm lucky.

The holosword app really isn't as trash as I thought it'd be, I'll admit. I forgot the damn thing was on my phone for a while, but thank whatever spirits are watching over me that it helped me get this far from the dragon rekting everyone on the sihp. Here I am, finally enjoying a cruise that even though I stole, was pretty great to be on once I figured out how to hack my way in. I was starting to get afraid of the things ever since our own dragon friends turned on us, especially since my own best friend was one of those who actually did turn, but that bigass, I wish I was at least a water dragon right now. At least they wouldn't have had to deal with the kind of things our own buddies were dealing with. Breathing some of that water would be my dream, especially out of this.

I seriously wonder what's with the little thing that I saw on the way in, tho. I told it to gtfo, which it did, but it was already having its own trouble. Whatever. Its is not mine, and I'm hoping I can find some more Lumitanium for my phone tomorrow.

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