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Steven Universe SHOWTIME
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#1 Posted: 20:58:51 06/04/2017 | Topic Creator
So, i thought it would be cool to write my own episodes for Steven Universe. This list of episodes all take place after Lion 4: Alternate Ending. Of course this won't be accurate and there will be spoilers for the real show, you have been warned!!!

Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 22 Rose's Love(5 Part Steven Bomb)

-Theme Song-

*Starts at Barn*

Steven: "Hey Peridot! What are you guys up too?"

Peridot and Lapis: *no response*

Steven: "Um.. Hello? Anybody here?"

Peridot: *whispers: "Shush she will hear you!"

Steven: "Who?! Navy, The Diamonds? Holly Blue Agate!?"

Lapis: "No. Much worse!"

Veggie head: *WOOF*

Peridot: "Aww! He found us! Dang it!"

Steven: "... Your just playing hide and seek..."

Peridot: "What else did you think we were doing?!"

Steven: "Hiding from an enemy!!"

Peridot: "Oh i see how that could be confusing"

Lapis: "Uh, then whats up?"

Steven: "Well, i just needed someone to talk to while the guys are on a mission"

Lapis: "About what?"

Steven: "Oh.. I'm just curious about Pink Diamond and my mom, they have some sort of connection. I just know they do!"

Lapis: "Oh, I remember Pink Diamond, she was sweet, but she was a diamond, nothing good comes from that"

Peridot: "I mean, yeah diamonds can be quite cruel and inconsiderate, but Yellow Diamond is magnificent!"

Lapis: "Oh Please! Blue Diamond is way better! At least she has emotions!"

Steven: "That doesn't matter right now! I found something that has to do with Pink Diamond! I need someone to come with me!"

Lapis: "I should, I have met her before, i can give some input"

Peridot: "Ok, Bye you two!"

Steven: "Bye!" *warps*

Lapis: *in warp* "what did you find?"

Steven: "You will see! *warp stops and he shows Lapis the area where he found the Nora tape* Here!"

Lapis: "Uh.. Her ship? The Legs?"

Steven: "Yeah, i need someone to come inside with me"

Lapis: "Um, Ok then"

Steven: *enters and sees something* "Whats that?"

Lapis: "Um.. Its a 3D model hologram of your mother"

Steven: "And shes.. beautiful"

Lapis: "Why would PD have this here?"

Steven: "I don't know. Maybe I should look. *Touches the hologram and it transforms into a video*

Rose: Hello there Steven or Nora! By now you have figured out that you could have been the other. Whoever you are that doesn't matter. What matter is you know who Pink Diamond is. Pink Diamond is shattered, but she wanted to be shattered. She asked. She had a plan. She learned to love earth, all life on earth. She didn't want to defend the planet, knowing the other diamonds would over power here, she decided she wanted to be shattered for this planet. She thought that if I shattered her. I could defend earth for her. I would be feared by moth of Homeworld because i shattered a diamond. We staged a plan. She was shattered in front on her friends and fellow diamonds. Her last spoken words were "Why must I end here.." but she quietly whispered to me afterwards "I-I, love you Rose." and- *video cuts off*

Steven: "... M-Mom and Pink Diamond.. were friends.. not enemies.."

Lapis: "Woah, Steven.. are you gonna be ok?"

Steven: "Yeah lets just, get out of here..."


-Ending Song-
If i realized..
It might be gone..
I wouldn't have done this
I would stay strong...
-Ending of Ending Song-

How'd you like it?
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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