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#1 Posted: 21:05:06 26/02/2017 | Topic Creator
Our dear friend Aura24 is no longer in the forum, but she's still hard at work on the fandom, and managed to get a QA with the staff of Skylanders Academy with questions from fans elsewhere! They're compiled in this video, but there's a text version below.

Attribute to: Eric Rogers, Showrunner, “Skylanders Academy”

1. Was Kaossandra's name created for the show, or did her name just go unrevealed until now?

ER: Kaossandra’s name was created for the show. We wanted Kaos’s mom’s name to be a clever nod to Kaos’s name, in addition to giving us the joke of the “o” in her name being silent.

2. What was the reasoning for the change in Spyro's backstory, as before he was not from Skylands?

ER: Well maybe he’s not from Skylands! There’s lots of Spyro’s history that’s yet to be revealed. As for how he was introduced in the series, we wanted to give him and Eon an instant connection. When Eon sees Spyro defend himself against much meaner and nastier enemies as a baby, Eon knows he’s special… and he wants to nurture that. We’re excited to delve deeper into Spyro’s backstory in future episodes!

3. What is the creation and lore story behind Bad Breath?

ER: We wanted to create a cadet character that wasn’t the ideal “Skylander” with some instant comedy appeal. Bad Breath definitely fit the bill. Although he’s kind of gross and insecure, he tries real hard, and we admire that about him.

4. What was the idea behind Hex’s Skull becoming sentient and a partner to her?

ER: It made sense comedy-wise to make Skull a talking character who’s tied to the hip (figuratively, at least) to this sorceress. Their yin and yang make for fertile comedy ground, which we will continue to mine further in future episodes!

5. How did you come to your decisions regarding voice casting, including the recasting of existing characters?

ER: We love the actors who did the voices for the characters in the games (some of whom we cast for the show as well). But in regards to our leads, we were trying to give them voices that were distinct from the games, just as their characters are distinct from the games. The one lead actor we always knew would play the same role from game to series was Richard Horvitz. Kaos just wouldn’t be the same voiced by anyone else!

6. What made you guys choose some specific Skylanders, like Flashwing and Wind-Up, to be cadets?

ER: A lot of it was based on their design, their powers, and what we thought their characters could be alongside of those designs. With characters like Wind-Up and Food Fight, they just look like they’d be fun to watch and follow on a television show. Most of the cadets we chose also have a youthful quality to their design, so that was important as well in our decision-making.

7. Are the sheep really evil, or do they just not like certain people?

ER: They just might be. Only time will tell… and maybe Hugo can finally scream at the top of his lungs, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

8. Is life hard when having to become a Skylander?

ER: Life is awesome as a Skylander. Who wouldn’t want to live in a universe of magic, kick-butt ninja elves, potion-swilling fur balls, and Eon’s beard?

9. What was the reason for adding Broccoli Guy to the Doom Raiders?

ER: Again, this was a creative choice based on design and what that kind of character would be as a member of a gang. Broccoli is bland, and Broccoli Guy is the personification of that. There was something extremely funny about the idea that this really annoying guy would be a member of the most lethal and feared gang in all Skylands.

10. How long did each episode take to develop?

ER: We move at a fast pace in the animated television world. From story conception to final locked record script, the process is probably 5-6 weeks. We start with a simple 1-2 page premise that eventually becomes a script. Everyone involved creatively is incredibly fast and good at what they do. We’re surrounded by some of the best talent in the game, that’s for sure!

11. Did you research the original game backstories and personalities of the main character Skylanders before revamping them to fit in with the TV canon? Which Skylander is your favorite and why?

ER: Sure did. We were so excited to dive in to what the game creators were bringing to the table for each character, for each game. During our research, we decided to keep some characteristics, and change others, depending on what made sense from a story and character standpoint for the television show. My (Eric Rogers) favorite Skylander is probably Jet-Vac. I love his wisened but sometimes insecure ways, as well as the fact that he only shows fear by laying eggs. That’s something I do in my personal life -- we’re a lot alike.

12. In Skylanders’ case, what is the process of adapting a video game to a TV show?

ER: We were so lucky to be able to use all of the elements that work so wonderfully in the video game universe -- the world the characters live in, their design, their magic, weapons, and super powers...We combined all of these great existing things our own new ideas to try and do the best possible televised version, to create something that has a lot of humor, heart and action.

13. What is the lore story behind the cadets, like Wind-Up, Flashwing, Trigger Happy, Hex, and Roller Brawl? Why do they want to become Skylanders?

ER: That’s a fantastic question best answered in future seasons of the show -- perhaps as early as Season Two!

14. Why are Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz professors at the Academy?

ER: The main reason is that we needed existing Skylanders to teach there. We were interested in having students taught by these older vet Skylanders, and often times they fight side by side. That’s the dichotomy of Jet-Vac and Pop’s relationship to the youngsters (at least in the Pilot), and now what Spyro, Elf and Eruptor’s relationship is to the cadets at the Academy.

15. When is Season 2 of Skylanders Academy going to be released?
Later this year. It’ll be here before you know it, SkyFriends!

net-Hex and chill continues my friends
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Crash10 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4569
#2 Posted: 00:01:38 27/02/2017
I'm becoming more excited for Season 2 than I should...

Also Aura please come back.
TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#3 Posted: 00:11:07 27/02/2017
I hope to God the B-Team gets more screentime.
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#4 Posted: 00:34:43 27/02/2017 | Topic Creator
Eric more or less confirms B-Team going foward with the two questions about them and Hex and Skull are confirmed in their question, so at least that. Doesn't include Chill and Ka-Boom though(maybe Snap Shot but he seemed to have enough importance), so those are more up in the air.
Truth had gone, truth had gone, and truth had gone.
Ah, now truth is asleep in the darkness of the sinister hand.
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#5 Posted: 02:07:19 27/02/2017
omer1698 Gold Sparx Gems: 2258
#6 Posted: 11:50:37 27/02/2017
thenk you very much aura.
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