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So like...
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#1 Posted: 03:48:20 26/02/2017 | Topic Creator
If I used to know this (or if it should be common knowledge), then I have smoked and slept too much since then to remember, but does anyone know how dark52 came up with the name for this place? I mean, he made it way before the LoS series.

I have wondered this for literal years and I still have no clue. Like, I just never got around to asking.
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#2 Posted: 04:02:31 26/02/2017
I think Dark was his internet handle for a while so he used that? I think he talked about it on a few posts or the Skycast interview, but it's been a long while.
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#3 Posted: 04:39:19 26/02/2017 | Topic Creator
Ah, thanks.

I wonder, then, if LoS devs caught wind of this site and dubbed "corrupted" Spyro "dark Spyro" in the game as a sort of nod in dark52's direction :c
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