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i loved this game... The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of The Dragon,
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#1 Posted: 02:26:52 11/02/2017 | Topic Creator
i loved this game... i had gotten all the way to the end-game boss: the dark master, malfore... i had gotten his health all the way down to the point he pulled a new power out, a purple bubble, that`s when he killed me, then my save files became corrupt, and i lost it all,
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#2 Posted: 14:04:56 11/02/2017
That's really unfortunate smilie
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#3 Posted: 19:09:06 14/04/2017
I managed to kill malifor without crashing, I killed him 5 times everyday for fun, you just need to get all the brown armor for Spyro and Cynder for convexity breath, aka the breath from fury mode, whenever you want, hint need to double click the same element to activate it, example, click fire twice, then you should be able to kill him a lot quicker
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#4 Posted: 15:40:10 01/05/2017
Malefor isn't really a huge boss fight if you keep your focus, even if you're not being cheap with Aether/Fury armor and whatnot. In fact, the bubble/forcefield phase is when you should use it anyway; might want to get the console checked out if your save files corrupted in the middle of a boss fight.
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