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Favourite Upgrade Path: Wolfgang

Soundmeister Poll 30% (64)
Crowd Pleaser Poll 24% (50)
Don't have him Poll 22% (47)
Never played Imaginators Poll 24% (50)
Favourite Upgrade Path: Wolfgang
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#1 Posted: 19:01:09 09/02/2017 | Topic Creator
Pretty much neck and neck there for Ambush's two paths. Included in the Dark Edition of the Starter Pack is the next villain we'll vote on, Wolfgang!

[User Posted Image] Soundmeister
Pump up your arrows and speakers.
Lay Some Tracks Song Stuck In My Head Amp It Up
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Knee Slide now leaves music notes behind that will damage and slow enemies. Arrows make enemies take damage over time. Speakers shoot arrows when you do.
Crowd Pleaser
Sick dash combos.
Surround Sound Encore Grand Finale
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Create a musical barrier at the end of a Knee Slide that keeps enemies away. Strike a Chord shoots multiple arrows while inside a musical barrier. Blow up your speakers by exiting the musical barrier with a Knee Slide.
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#2 Posted: 22:47:46 09/02/2017
smilie Scar/Lucy
PATH: Soundmeister
REASON: I think his musical arrows are pretty awesome (plus, I love the sound based names...I laughed a bit when I heard an upgrade called Song Stuck in my Head).

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#3 Posted: 01:21:44 10/02/2017
Impressive. While reading the post of most of forum users, you could see that Go Go Forest Ranger was most people choice for Ambush. But then, the poll results about it were the opposite. With Wolfgang is happening the same.
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#4 Posted: 19:37:15 10/02/2017
Even now, I still stand by my recommendation to use Soundmeister. All 3 upgrades are amazingly useful, but amp it up is by far the best. Having the speakers stay in one place and bombard enemies with arrows every time you press Attack 1 while Wolfgang himself can stay on the move creates a wonderful element of mobility and if Wolfgang can stay in place with the speakers in front of him, the damage his arrows and speakers does is staggering! Take my experience using Wolfgang against Kaos's quickshot Doomlander in the Abandoned Amusement Park--the Doomlander stays in one place for prolonged periods of time, but has lots of projectiles that work together and keep you on the move. That being said, it was a huge advantage to put down some speakers in front of the Doomlander while he stood completely still and ate the arrows from the speakers from my Attack 1 presses while Wolfgang was free to run and jump away from his projectiles at the same time. I know if I would have chosen Crowd Pleaser, that would have gone very differently.

My philosophy in regards to Wolfgang's knee slide is that it was meant to be used to facilitate the use of his arrows and speakers, not as the primary action taken in battle. When I was using Crowd Pleaser, I found that the thing I was doing the most was knee-sliding to get the most out of the musical barrier, and not doing as much damage. I don't remember the overall damage output in regards to damage per second being as high as it was on Soundmeister and even though the musical barrier kept close range assailants away, projectile specialists who could shoot at Wolfgang from afar and go right over or through his barrier capped the time he could spend in it, and in doing so created a noticeable vulnerability to projectiles on this path.
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