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Hostility and Negligence in the forum
Dorakkaru Red Sparx Gems: 42
#1 Posted: 04:57:27 05/02/2017 | Topic Creator
This is just a pointer about what i see here and for the moderation and owners to take in count, I did hope that entering this forum would be friendly and stuff, but sadly it is not, the only post i made got ignored badly and trying to pm some person only got me a hostile response
mega spyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3847
#2 Posted: 06:02:46 05/02/2017
What was the post you made? Just because it got ignored doesn't mean the forum hates you or something, lots of stuff I say gets ignored, I don't take it personally as a sign that everybody hates me. You only made one post, it doesn't mean everybody hates you or something, most people don't even know who you are. You shouldn't just make one post and then say that the forum is hostile because nobody responded.
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