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Favourite Upgrade Path: Golden Queen

Ancient History Poll 56% (98)
In My Defense Poll 18% (31)
Don't have her Poll 4% (7)
Never played Imaginators Poll 23% (40)
Favourite Upgrade Path: Golden Queen
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 13675
#1 Posted: 16:09:35 21/01/2017 | Topic Creator
Penguin Combos appears to be the favoured path for King Pen. Now for the other Starter Pack character, the returning villain Golden Queen! Do you prefer to upgrade her scarabs or her turrets?

[User Posted Image] Ancient History
Strengthen your Winged Scarabs for hands on action!
Colossal Scarab Worth Its Weight Gold Rush
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Hold (Square) to grow a larger and more powerful scarab. Winged Scarabs now deal more damage. Colossal Scarabs now release a wave of gold dust that causes additional damage for a short time. The larger your scarab, the greater the wave.
In My Defense
Improve your defenses with upgrades to the Guard Turret.
Extra Guard Shields of Gold Compound Interest
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
You can summon an additional Guard Turret to join your defenses. Guard Turrets are protected by a force field that knocks enemies back. If you hit a Guard Turret with the Winged Scarabs attack, the turret will fire golden blades in all directions.
If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, I hate you.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9712
#2 Posted: 16:37:24 21/01/2017
Both are fun, but because Golden Queen is huge, I prefer Ancient History for the added mobility. Don't quite like a turret path with only two of them either.
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SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3348
#3 Posted: 22:39:46 21/01/2017
smilie Lana/Kai
PATH: Ancient History
REASON: I am always found of her scarab beetles, AND NOW I GOT A GIANT ONE. smilie would really be impressed.

“With your chi, I will finally be able to return to the mortal world, and this time.... you won't be there to stop me.”
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Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2672
#4 Posted: 05:27:55 22/01/2017
Scarab for the win!
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Halvmorke Emerald Sparx Gems: 4248
#5 Posted: 22:30:16 24/01/2017
Although I'm aware Ancient History is better, I chose In My Defense since I like how the turret upgrades work and is also a more tactical playstyle for me. Launching scarabs seemed a bit boring and auto-play for me, not fun at all.
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TrapGiant Blue Sparx Gems: 547
#6 Posted: 22:50:14 24/01/2017
In My Defense, seems more strategic.
Also, not trying to be a grammar nazi or anything, but you have a typo in "Penguin Combos" on this page.
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Sworn2Skylands Yellow Sparx Gems: 1353
#7 Posted: 19:28:28 26/01/2017
I think both have their uses, but I voted for the ancient history path. In my defense is helpful, particularly in situations when Golden Queen doesn't have much time to attack and it only takes a second to set up a turret, but it doesn't hold a candle to ancient history's damage output. Also, as Bifrost mentioned, there is an element of mobility involved with colossal scarab, as you can move while charging it (I think) and the gold rush upgrade covers a nice amount of ground.
kczportalmaster Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#8 Posted: 22:30:46 27/01/2017
i used ancient history upgrade for the main and easy attacks
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kczportalmaster Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#9 Posted: 22:33:31 27/01/2017
waifu 4 lyf
go home villains your all drunk off for your G()D DVWN @5535
OmegaNocturno42 Green Sparx Gems: 131
#10 Posted: 20:34:53 01/02/2017
Ancient History Is Where My Golden Queen Is Strongest!
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