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An announcement
night bomb guy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1538
#1 Posted: 23:07:40 16/01/2017 | Topic Creator
Hello. As you may know me, I am Night Bomb Guy. I am here to announce I am closing down this account. HOWEVER. I am NOT leaving. I am just making a new account and forgetting the old one even existed. My new alias will be...

Gengar Guy!

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Ghost-Types forever!
This account has been closed in favor of a new account name.
Gengar Guy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1448
#2 Posted: 02:39:51 17/01/2017
Aaaaand here's my new account! That post two posts above was the last post I'll ever make as Night Bomb Guy forever in a million years! From now on, say hello to...

I always come back. Discord: .spectrespecs
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