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Booster Packs or Battle Packs...
graysh07 Green Sparx Gems: 247
#1 Posted: 20:25:20 11/01/2017 | Topic Creator
I asked this in another thread but haven't gotten a response.

Is it better to get booster packs or battle packs? I've been getting battle packs, but since there are only about 50 cards I still need, I only get one card I need per battle pack or sometimes nothing I need.

Booster packs are one 1/3 the price of battle packs (500 gold coins vs 1,400). And I've been getting about one card that I need per booster pack. However, I haven't gotten any rare character cards from the boosters, not that I'd gotten any from battle packs lately either.

So are booster packs or battle packs more likely to have rare character cards. I still need Eruptor, and Ninjini, Tree Rex, and others.
TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#2 Posted: 20:49:02 11/01/2017
Uh, I'd say Boosters have a higher chance of getting rare character cards since every Battle Pack already comes with 3 characters right out the bat. That's just my logic for it, though.
lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#3 Posted: 06:39:18 18/01/2017
If the price is twice for a battle pack, it doesnt matter...a battle pack is effectively two boosters with 6 other cards thrown in there which you will be sick to death of after getting a few of them.

Personally have had better luck with boosters but have gotten good stuff out of both. So, for example, Game Stop had/has a good sale on battlecast packs but the battle packs are being sold for over 2x the price of booster packs so I just buy their boosters.
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