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Pokemon vs Skylanders
IAS COOL Yellow Sparx Gems: 1207
#1 Posted: 22:43:33 08/01/2017 | Topic Creator
i wasn't sure what topic to put this on, but this is what this is all about:

...Pokemon vs Skylanders!

matchups between 1 Pokemon and 1 Skylander will be made, but the question is, WHO WILL WIN?!

week 1:

Ambush vs Decidueye


Ambush: 1
Decidueye: 2
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Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 7135
#2 Posted: 22:54:06 08/01/2017
Ambush is Grass/Steel, he's probably going to tank most of what gets thrown at him.
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DarkPredator Gold Sparx Gems: 2267
#3 Posted: 23:03:04 08/01/2017
Decidueye hands down.

I might as well not vote in this because every time I'm obviously going for the Pokemon lmbo
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Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 7135
#4 Posted: 23:04:48 08/01/2017
I mean, popularity contest will have pokémon win every time, no brainer. I'm thinking it's better to take types and possible stats into account.
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AdamGregory03 Gold Sparx Gems: 2156
#5 Posted: 23:40:37 08/01/2017
Like in terms of who would actually win in a fight, I think most of the time Pokemon would win easily. Even with no trainer input and only moves they naturally learn, they have far more offensive options, plus even moves that can hinder their opponents via lowering stats, status ailments, etc. At the same time though I'm going to assume Skylanders' attacks would have the same properties as Pokemon moves on Pokemon (Like for example, Gill Grunt's attacks would be considered Water type moves and would be super effective against a Fire type Pokemon).

In the case of this match-up though, Decidueye definitely has the advantage. Being an archer, it has the range advantage over Ambush (especially if it's given the Long Reach ability), who usually has to get in close for his attacks. Plus, being a Grass-type, Decidueye resists other Grass-type moves, and judging how Ambush is more flora based, I'd assume his attacks would have Grass-type properties to them. Plus Decidueye also has better mobility due to being able to fly.

So yeah. My bet's on Decidueye.
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#6 Posted: 02:56:34 09/01/2017
next week has to be Wartortle VS Warnado
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