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skylanders: book of legends
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#1 Posted: 18:28:28 22/12/2016 | Topic Creator
a game i'm working on, in this game will focus on the lore of each and every one of the skylanders. the plot of the game is that an evil spellpunk named balthazar trapped all the skylanders inside the book of lagends. your job is to free the skylanders from the pages of the book.

"Long ago in the very dawn of the Skylanders order, 10 ancients of elemental wisdom created a magical book that hold all the secrets and memories of all the Skylanders in history, it was called the book of lagenas. The book held endless wisdom from each Skylander through out the ages, wisdom that was given to the Skylanders cadets to learn. But the book was a target for many wicked villains, and the only one how manged to get the book was an evil Spellpunk known as balthazar, thats why we need you young portal master. Balthazar put a curse on the book and trapped the Skylanders inside their own memories, making skylands vulnerable to his attacks! You must read the book and free each Skylander from his or her memories before Skylands will fall to ruin."

each chapter represent one of the element (light and dark joins after you unlock four levels to trap team level) after you finish lets say... spyro, you unlock the rest of the magic skylanders, each element have seven levels based on the games that can be unlockd after you finish all the chapters of the previous chapters:

starters ( smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie )
spyro adventures (unlock the chapters of the other three cores)
giants (the giant and the core)
swap force (the two swapers and two cores)
trap team (two trap masters and two cores)
superchargers (only the original superchargers without the reposed ones)
imagnitors (senseis and villains)


all skylanders will do thier basic actions: left stick to move, one button to jump and three attacks. some of the skylanders will have a diffreant skills from thier main games versions, for example all the ranged skylanders will allso have melee attacks.
some skylanders will have special abilities such as double jumping, glideing, wall climbing etc..
all skylnaders will have a powerful special attack that is called "elemental strike". "elemental strike" will have a gauge that get Filled everytime the skylander hit an enemey, once full the skylander can use elemental strike which damages all the enemies in sight.

portal master skills
to help the skylander in his chapter you can use your portal master skills that will give the skylander extra health, attack boost, shield boost and more...

the academy
as ususly the academy will be the main hub. you can allso buy diffarent items and use them to custmize the academy

the library: in the library the book of lagends will be keept, everytime you want to play a chapter you go to the library and intract with the book. eon will be the npc in this room.

the skylanders dorms: everytime you will free a skylander, he will appaer in his dorm in the academy. the dorms are used for chosing which skylander would you like to use when you are in the academy. when you free a skylander it will allso apper in the academy as npc which you can talk, play sykstones or even fight him or her in the arena. hugo will be the npc in this room

the arena: the arena will be the PVP mode on the game where you can fight agienst the computer or agienst you friends and family. buzz will be the npc in this room.

mission control: in this room you can go to missions to stop balthazar and his evil plans. flynn, cali and tessa will be the npcs in this level.

the garage: in this room you will be able to go to racing in land, sea and sky and travel in the M.A.P much more faster. mags and sharpfin will be the npcs in this room.

trails of the ancients: special rooms that will act like the elemental realms, each one will have his own element based challenge that will test the fighting and puzzling abilities of the player and will reword yuo with a new portal master skill. kaos, glumshanks and brain will be the npcs in this room.

persephone's house: in this room you can upgrade you portal master and skylander skills to help you when you play chapters. persephone will be the npc in this room.

personal belongings: every chapter will have three personal belongings of each skylander. if you get all the belongings they will apper in the skylander owner dorm and will increse the owner skylander stats.

the M.A.P
the M.A.P will be the secondary hub in the game.

elemental areas: elemental areas are speciel places in the M.A.P that are based on each element each of them will be combonitions of the sensei realms and the elmenetal realms from battlecast. the realms will host diffarent villages and there will be hidden treasures that only a skylander from the same element can unlock.

villages: the villages will be small areas in the M.A.P where you can go and do all sorts of staff. you can play skystones matches, buy items for the academy and complete some of the mission you get from mission control.

warzones: warzones are places that are populated by balthazar troops. there you can fight and destroy those camps which you will give you gold and will raise you portal master rank. they are allso special warzones that you will need to use a gimmik skylander to unlock and win.
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Eon: well hello there young portal master, it's a pleasure that you are here and in a good time. For today we have found one of the greatest secrets of the skylanders history: the book of legends! The book of legends is a powerful relic made by the 10 ancients of elemental wisdom to hold the memories, secrets, fighting techniques and most heroic tales of all skylanders till this very day. For long time the book was believed to be lost, but no more. After a long journey we have found it! And today we are about to open and read it after long time that it was remained closed, behold.

hugo, flynn, cali, kaos and glumshanks are heading to the library with the book

Flynn: so we traveled in dangerous jungles, almost killed by an evil flower monsters and almost opend a black hole for a book? All of this would make more sense if we were after the most delicious enchilada in the universe.
Cali: Flynn do you have the slightest idea what this book contains?
Flynn: the recipe of the most delicious enchilada in the universe?
Kaos: no you idiot! Why would the book that hold all the secrets of the Skylanders will contain this?! The ancients were not that stupid.
Glumshanks: this book really holds all the secrets of all the Skylanders from all times?
Hugo: not just secrets. It also holds memories, fighting techniques and so much more! And not just past Skylanders but even the present Skylanders.
Flynn: really? Well maybe this book will finally proof Ninjini's undying love for me.
Cali: Flynn, you do remember that the last time you said somthing like that to her she turned you to a body pillow right?
Flynn: she is playing hard to get.
Kaos: I have always dreamed to get this book and use the knowledge in it to rule Skylands!
Hugo: will I am sorry kaos but sanse now you are on our side you are not goin to use it for evil, infact if this book will ever fall to any evil hands the results will be catastro...
(a missile landed near the groud)
Hugo: phic...
Flynn: what was that?!
Glumshanks: ah guys...
(the group see an armada heading toward them)
Cali: we are under attack!
Hugo: we must protect the book!
(Hugo reach to a pipe that act as a megaphone)
Hugo: code red! All Skylanders on deck!

the group run to safety and the game tutorial starts. you start with one of the starter skylanders (which will automatically unloke the this skylnader chapter first)

after the tutorial you meet hugo, flynn and cali in the library

Hugo: we must hurry and put the book in the library, if this book will fall to the wrong hands...
(suddenly the group freezes right in mid air, an undead spellpunk appers and take the book)
The Spellpunk: well thank you for this lovely gift, hope you don't mind that I will add to it a verse of my own.
(The Spellpunk start to cast a spell on the book)
Hugo: no! (Skylander name) you must stop him! If he will corrupt the book, all of us will be doomed!
(The Skylander managed to free itself and right before the spellpunk finish the spell, a huge blast appers that evacuate all the warships and the spellpunk)
Flynn: wowzers that was close.
Cali: are you guys alright?
Hugo: yeah, what about you (Skylander name)?
(Hugo looks around and see that the Skylander is not here)
Hugo: (Skylander name)? Where are you?
(Weak noises come from the book)
Cali: do you guys hear somthing? I think its coming form the book.
(They went to the book and opened it, and they found the Skylanders trap in the book screaming for help)
Flynn: what the?...
Cali: oh no...
Hugo: this is bad, this is very, very, very bad...

after a while eon, glumshanks and kaos were discussing in eon's chamber
Eon: an armada was heading toward the academy? Strange I never noticed that. Somthing probably blocked my vision...
Kaos: well luckly for you we managed to get rid of that armada and i doubt they will ever come back
Glumshanks: are you sure lord kaos? They were really determined on destroying the academy.
Kaos: quiet determined! I know what I am talking about.
(Hugo, Flynn and Cali barged in with the book)
Hugo: master eon! We have a problem, a really big problem!
Eon: calm down Hugo, what happend?
(Hugo show eon the trapped Skylanders)
Eon: how in the name of the ancients this happened?!
Cali: there was a spellpunk in the library, he manged the cast a spell but (Skylander name) interpret him and this are probobly the results of it.
Hugo: this is really bad, if all the Skylanders are trap in here then it means that skylands is completely exposed to attacks!
Kaos: I have been waited for years till somthing like this will happen, its the perfect opportunity for every villain to go out there and conquer Skylands.
Flynn: this would have never happened if we were going after the most delicious enchilada in the universe.
Eon: here is what we gonna do: me and kaos will try to find a way to free the skylanders, meanwhile you three should bring the book to the library, Hugo Flynn and Cali: yes master

the three went to the library

Cali: I cant believe this is really happning, it feels like a bad dream.
Flynn: No kidding, if any bad guy will know that the Skylanders are stuck like this they will go crazy.
(Hugo opens the book and look at the Skylanders)
Hugo: I am sorry guys. We will get you out of there I promise.
(Hugo notices somthing strange)
Hugo: thats odd (Skylander name) chapter seems to look different...
(at this point you play the first chapter and free the Skylander)
Hugo: (Skylander name)! You are free! Guys you got to see this!
Flynn: (Skylander name)! How did you got out?
Hugo: I read his chapter and when I finished he/she poped out!
Cali: thats it! By reading the book we might be able to remove the curse and free them!
Flynn: so if we want to save then, we need to read this book? Oh come on!
Cali: well we don't have any other options.
Hugo: as long as we have a way to save the Skylanders its fine by me. (Skylander name) Talk to master eon, he will fill you in with the details.
Skylander: right!
Hugo: alright, guys we have allot of work to do, so let's begin!
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smilie spyro and the city of dragons
note: this chapter will be allso a tribute to spyro the dragon

choosing: come on this is an obvious choice, pick me!
opan: portal master prepare to hear the most epic tale of your life! the time of how i saved dragon's peck and single single handedly defetd the evil gnorcs
death: wait a minute thats not how it endend! do you mind let me tell the story?

attack 1: scratch combo
attack 2: fire ball (hold to charge The Daybringer Flame)
attack 3: charge
special ability: hovering
elemental strike: purple dragon blast: spyro leaps to the air, creating a big dragon head aura around him which shots powerfull purple flames that deal damage to all enemise

spyro was travling to nice vacation in Dragon's Peak only to find out that it was invaded by an army of atroll like cretuers called gnorcs, the gnorcs turnd all dragons in Dragon's Peak to crystal sculptures, the young dragon with the help fo a yellow dragonfly named sparks, chargeds to the city to stop the evil gnorcs and save the city.
part 1: in the city streets
spyro and sparks traveld the city, defeted gnorcs and freed dragons. while they traveld the city, the two were stumbled upon the petrified flavius, they freed him and he told them that ramses's throne was taken by the leader of the gnorcs, gnasy gnorc how usese the throne to turn all the dragons to crystels. spyro and sparks headed to the peak only to find oiut that gnasty gnorc created a force field around it to pravent from any one to get in, luckly there was only one place where the two could use to enter: the sewers...
part 2: dragon sewers
spyro and sparks found the sewers entrance, they traveld through the filthy and stinky sewers untill they manged to find thier way to the other side of the energy field and into the peak
part 3: the dragon peak, again
the two once again traveld to the top, facing against gnorcs and other kinds or enemies till they reached to the throne room, where remses was trap inside a crystal and gnasty gnorc was sitting on the secrad dragon throne, gnasty gnorc got up from the throne and grabbed his mace.
part 4: boss, gnasty gnorc
gnasy gnorc main attack is slamming his club and charging, but sometimes he summons gnorcs to help him fight. gnasty gnorc will somtimes go into franzy mode which he will attack very fast and very strong, but after few secandes the franzy mode will end and gnasty gnorc will rest, when this happen thats your chunce to strike.
spyro grabs gnasty's leg and swing him across the room till spyro throw him at remses which free the dragon king. remses tuernd gnasty to crystal and all the other gnorcs are fleed from the city, spyro is rewarded for his heroic deed and then spyro and sparks are flying to the horizon.

smilie stealth elf and the ultimate ninja tast

choosing: pick me portal master, you will not regert it
opan: let me tell you of the time i succeed in the ultimate ninja test
death: i didnt failed, and if i will which i won't it will not be like this!

attack 1: blades combo
attack 2: teleport (creates a decoy when teleport)
attack 3: poison spores
special ability: double jump
elemental strike: clone slash: stealth elf creates an army of doppelgangers and with them they are slashing every enemies in sight

stealth elf decided to take the ultiamte test for every ninja: the ninja trails, she traveld to the great forest to be tasted by her four masters to become the ultimate ninja.
part 1: the maze of the forest
her first test will be under the responsibility of master timber, the master how taught stealth elf the balance in nature in that test stealth elf must find her way inside a huge maze that is made from plants from diffreant kinds, including man eating and venomes plants and offcourse other enemies.
part 2: the trail of shadows
stealth elf will face the test of master cami flag, the master how taught her her teleportition power, in that test stealth elf must avoid been seen by her master at all cost until she reaches the finish line.
part 3: the arena of blades
the thierd test will be hosted by no other then the sensei skylander ambush who taught her combat skills, in that test stealth elf will need to survive against hords of enemies with nothing but her blades and skills. after the hords were defeted, stealth elf will face her final test: a battle between her and her very first master, the tree like ninja being which is called bork.
part 4: boss, master bork
master bork will be a very tall and slinder tree ant with beard made of leaves and he will use a long bambo staff. he will attack with his bambo staff and will create somtimes leaf tornedos, he will allso create a cloud of blinding spore, if SE is hitted by this cloud she will be blinded and bork will use it to attack her, when SE strikes him he will dodge from every attack. to defete him you must use the spore cloud to hide from his eye sight and go behind him, when behind you will be able to give him some good hits until he will spin and push you away.
after stealth elf wins the battle bork is prasing her and gives her a green masks which symbolizing stealth elf success in the ninja trails.

smilie gill grunt and his lost heart

choosing: choose me portal master, if you wish to hear my story
open: let me tell a story of action, drema and heartbreaking moments
death: its alradey hard for me to tell you this even without you interpreting me, so plese stop and let me finish my story

attack 1:harpoon combo
attack 2: harpoon shot (hold to charge Anchor Cannon)
attack 3: hydro shot
special ability: hovering
elemental strike: gillman armada: gill calls the gillman armada that unleash a storm of harpoons and canonballs on the enemies.

gil had a nice day until he found a massage bubble from his mermaid girlfriend marina that tells him she is trapped in a base of anglers (gillmans worst enemies), gill grunt then deceid to find this base and save his love.
part 1: the gillman armada
gill know he cant hundle an entire army of anglers so he went to the gillman armada to ask for help only to find out that the armada is under attack by anglers! after gill helpt to get rid of the anglers the admirel agreed to gelp gill to attack the angers base.
part 2: the flying ocean
the armada is passing through the flying ocean, after facing agienst paltoons of anglers and some schools of enemies (including kraken) the armada reaches to the base of the anglers.
part 3: the anglers base
gill is infiltrating the base, facing groups of angelrs and reached to marina, but then he found out it was all a set up from the angler admirel cord to lure gill by forcing his girlfriend to come here. cord then put gill inside a giant machine that drine his elemental powers to chrge his soldeirs with it, but luckly marina quickly relest him and gill went to battle cord.
part 4: boss, angler admirel cord
cord is a large angler wielding two harpoon guns, cord will stand on a level above the ground shoting on gill harpoons, he will allos somtimes call to anglers to attack. to defete him you must wait until his harpoon guns will be stuck and then shoot him.
gill shot cord and defet him, few secand later the base is about to explode. after gill and marina reached the exit gill is bagging from marina to come with him but marina said that she cant, that she havet to take care with something and she promies they will be togather again, marina kisses him and push gill through the exit. the base explode behiend him, few days later gill is sitting on the beach sad and alone' but then he finds a massage bubble with three words in it: "i love you" gill smiles to the horizon knowing that his love is still out there and he will continue his search.
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smilie Whirlwind and the Illuminator
note: this chapter will be based on her swap force background

choosing: pick me, pick me!
open: you might know this one but you havent heard how i was involved in it
death: thats not how it ended and you know it!

attack 1: horn combo
attack 2: Rainbow blast (hold to charge Rainbow Singularity)
attack 3: cloud summon
special ability: hovering
elemental strike: rainbow storm: Whirlwind leaps to the air, summons storm cloud all over the sky, sanding lightnings in diffreant colors that hurts all the enemies

Whirlwind exploerd the northen part of coudbrake islands when she sumbeld upon a strong blizzerd that dropped her out of the sky. luckly she landed near a frost elves villige that told her the blizzerd is not netrual, its an act of a powerful curse of a rageing ice elemental that thretens to spred to all of skylands. whirlwind immdietly stept in to the job and charged to stop the elemental.
part 1: the eleven vale
the frost elves was under attack by the ice elemental minions, whirlwind quickly aided the elves to stop the ice minions.
part 2: the icy mountains
after finshing protacting the villige, whirlwind flight to the icy mountians and enter to the huge storm the elemental made, she fight her way through the mountians and ice minions till she reached to the storm.
part 3: into the storm
whirlwind enterd to the destractive zone of the blizzerd' fight her way through hords of ice minions and doddging large ice boulders till she reached the eye of the storm, facing the wicked elemental.
part 4: boss, the ice elemental
the ice elemenetal will be a creepy face made of ice that flight in the air, it will spin around shooting ice shards, sanding ice tornado that freeze when touched and summons ice minions, to defete him you must hit him with a storm colud to shock him and then attack while you get the chunce.
whirlwind blow the elemental away but the curse remeind, so with the help of the elves she created a magicel device that can hold the curse at bay, she named it the Illuminator.

smilie chop chop and the last Arkyan

choosing: pick me, if you dare
open: let me tell you my story
death: interrupt me one more time and i will slice you to bits

attack 1: sword combo
attack 2: shield (press attack 1 for shield bash)
attack 3: Bone Brambler
special ability: shielding
elemetnal strike: death blades: chop chop summons anthor sword and make a powerful slicing combo that cut all enemies

chop chop was training in the acadamey when a mysterious figure that lookt like chop chop appeared and disappeared. chop chop deceided to follow the figure that lead him to an arkeyan junk yerd.
part 1: the arkeyan junk yard
chop chop traveld through the junk, fighting rusted arkyen war machines until he found the figure goin inside an old factory of arkeyan war machines.
part 2: the arkeyan factory
chop chop enters to the factory and discover the identey of the mystrioues figuere: the figuere is an elite arkeyan soldier just like chop chop, they were supposed to be the most powerful arkeyan soldiers but after the downfall of the arkeyans they remind dormented except chop chop and the figure, the fiugre lead chop chop to a ruined arkeyan conquertron.
part 3: the arkeyan conqertron
chop chop traveld inside the conqertron till it rached the top where the figure reveld his plan: he plans To revive the arkeyans and finish what they started: conquer skylands in the name of the arkeyans, he offerd chop chop to join him but he refused, for he is belong to an other army and he will never not let the arkeyans to rise again.
part 4: boss, the last arkeyan
the last arkeyan will look like chop chop but he will not have shield and his armor color is maroon, to defete him you will need to attack every chunce you are close to him.
the two clashed until chop chop killd the the last arkeyan, how called chop chop a traitor. chop chop tells him that he is not a traitor becuse mabey he is an arkeyan but he is allso somthing batter: a skylander. chop chop left the junk yard and never lookt back.

smilie terrafin and the arena of pain

choosing: this remote batter be pointing at me!
open: shutup and listen to the most epic boxing story you will ever hear
death: interrupt me again and it will end very bad for you punk!

attack 1: punch combo
attack 2: earth swim (press attack 1 to belly flop)
attack 3: sand mini sharks
special ability: digging
elemental strike: feeding time: terrafin dive to the ground summoning hords of sharks after him, then he jump and let all the sharks to eating all the enemies

terrafin is goin on a mission to stop an illegal arena battle, where the fighters are innocent people that were forced to participate in the battles
part 1: kapow town
to enter the arena terrafin must find king kapow, an evil cyclope that runs the arena. he found out he lives in kapow town but if fulls with cyclops that eventully captrue him.
part 2: the arena
terrafin found himself in the arena to fight, he fight agienst waves of cyclops until he was about to fight a mabu fighter, luckly terrafin had a plan with the mabu and the two dived under the arena to capture king kapow.
part 3: kapow tower
terrafin and the mabu fighter climbed thier way to the tower until they reached king kapow.
part 4: boss, king kapow
king kapow is a cyclope how drives a large boxing robot, he will attack using punches and spin attacks, to defete him you must dive under him and make him trip, then attack the king in the moment you got a chunce.
terrafin defeted the king and with the help of the other fighters, they turned the arena to a pile of dust.
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smilie trigger happy and the afternoon train ride

choosing: pick me! pick me! (manic laughter)
open: this story will blow your mind!
death: wait what!? i am dead!? no i'm not!

Attack 1: pistol smack
Attack 2: pistol shoot (hold to charge golden Machine Gun)
Attack 3: safe lob
Special ability: double jump
Elemental strike: golden missile: trigger happy makes a rocket lanucher that rain down golden missiles on all the enemies.

trigger happy was charged to guard a train that load allot of gold, but after few minuets troll bandites landed on the train and are planing to still the gold, well not on TH watch!.
part 1: the boxcar
TH went to the boxcars to try to protect the gold, after he reached there and defeted troll bandites, he found out the gold was never there, so he deceited to go forword to the passenger carriage.
part 2: passenger carriage
TH found out that the goblins are hilding the passengers as hostages. TH saved the passengers amd meat the leader of the bandites: iron nose. iron nose shoot two rockets that sanded TH fly to the outside of the train, luckly TH spotted a handcar and quickly used it to get to the train.
part 3: train showdown
TH drove on the rails till he reached the train, he jumpt on the roof and run till he reached the locomotive, there he faced iron nose in a showdown.
part 4: boss, iron nose
iron nose will ride on his motor bike around the locomotive, shooting rockets, summon troll bandiets and somtimes will charge towerds TH. to defete him you must wait till he will charge and then lob safe towerd him, when hit you can strike till he will recover.
TH defeted iron nose and saved the train. after the train reached its destination, trigg ask the Railroad engineer why the bandiets thogut there was gold on the train, the engineer reveld to him that theres no gold on the train but the train is the gold, the engineer wipes som of the dust and revels the train is actully made of pure gold!.

smilie Eruptor and the climate war

choosing: choose me! (lava burf) sorry, sometimes i do that when i am exited
open: this story will blow you like a volceno!, not for real offcourse
death: hey! stop changing me story like this! (erupting)

Attack 1: lava punch
Attack 2: lava lob (hold to spit magma ball)
Attack 3: turn to lava pool
Speciel ability: moving havey objects
Elemental strike: volcanic rage: Eruptor melt to the ground, turning the entire ground to a pure lava and then erupts! damaging all the enemies.

strange events are happning in skylands: frozen places are melting and volcenos are frozen solid. Eruptor immediately went to investgete.
part 1: the frozen volceno
with several mabu scientist, eruptor went to chack a volceno that turned to ice, he allso found out that the lava monsters that lived in that volceno turned to an evil mindless ice zombies.
part 2: melting doom
after saving the scientists from the ice zombies, Eruptor found out that chill bill is ruin the balance of skylands climate with a giant weather machine, Eruptor went to chill bill's icy base and found out that the base itself is melting.
part 3: fire vs ice
Eruptor fights his way to the base and meat chill bill compltly frozen, turns out that chill bill was only planing to freeze volcenos but his weather machine completly lost it, Eruptor must dystroy the machine before it will dystroy skylands.
part 4: boss, the chill machine
the chill machine will look like a giant mechanical chill bill. it will shoot large ice shards, flames and much like chill bill, somtimes it will fly and create freezing shockwave. to defete it you must shoot inside his freeze gun when you get the chunce.
Eruptor blow up the chill machine and all the climates of skylands returned back to normel.
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spyro adventure: magic

smilie Voodood and the brotherly oath

choosing: want to hear a great story? choose voodood
open: voodood will tell you a story about honer and family, if you can hundle it!
death: next time you will ruin voodood tale, voodood will crash you with his axe!

Attack 1: axe combo
Attack 2: chain attack
Attack 3: electric tripwire
Special ability: chain swing
Elemental strike: shamen blade: voodood axe will glow, then voodood will unleash a row of powerful strikes that will scortch the earth and damage all enemies.

voodood is training in the academy when a invention arive to him that invite him to meet someone on the near by villige. voodood take to the invention and go to the near by villige and found out that the who sand it was no other then his brother tork!. the brothers were happy to meet each other after such a long time, bu saddly tork came to voodood becuse he needed his help. an evil orc chief kiddneppd tork's wife and spn and sanse voodood was a skylander he thought that mabey he will agrre to save them. luckly voodood was more then happy to help and the two went to the orc swamps.
part 1: the orc swamp
the brothers traveld in the dark and creepy water of the swamp and faced many plant monsters and orc warriors, but the two were soon captuerd by the evil chief soldiers.
the orc fortress
voodood and tork are sand to prison, but luckly voodood manged to free himself and tork and they are fighting thier way out of the prison, on thier way out they learn that the evil orc chief was a tyrent that tormanted all the orc tribes. voodood know he must stop him and the two went to were the orc chief was: the orc arena.
part 3: the orc arena
voodood enterd the arena and defeted all the enemies, after that the evil chief challenged voodood to a duel, if he will refuse his brother family will die. voodood accepted he challenge.
part 4: boss, the evil orc chief
the orc chief is a large and muscular orc wielding two axes. he will attack by striking with the axes and charge towerds voodood. to defete him you must attack when you are close to him.
voodood defeted the chief amd freed tork's family. the orc tribes celebrited the evil chief defete.

smilie Double Trouble and the flower of power

choosing: ooga choosa!
open: ooga booga story for youga
death: booga blast youga!

attack 1: staff smack
attack 2: eldritch beam
attack 3: summon double (hold to control double)
Special ability: controling double
elemental strike: titan doppelganger : DT summons a giant double that will crash on the ground and explode.

double trouble traveld to the deep jungles to find a rare flower of pure magic.
part 1: the jungle
DT walked in the vast jungle, fighting all sorsts of man eating plants. after a while DT noticed a group of pirates that were exploring the jungle as well. he heard calls for help from the ship and got up to investigate.
part 2: seadog ship
DT chacked every room in the ship and beated every pirate he came across unril he found a fox girl but not just any other fox girl, she was the guardian of the flower he seek. the girl told him that the pirates are planing to use the flower power to conquer skylands, DT freed her and the two went to the tample of the flower.
part 3: the flower tample
the two came to the tample, they passet all trap until they reached the flower, the pirate captine tried to take the flower but when he tried to pull the flower, the flower didnt move. suddnly the flower transformed to a giant flowe monster and devouerd the captine.
part 4: boss, ambrosia flower monster
the flower monster will attack with its vines, relesing poison pollen and will try to eat DT to defete it you must create a double as a decoy, the flower monster will eat the decoy that will explode in its belly, then attack with all you got.
DT defete the flower monster and take one of its petals, whne he come back to the academy he revels that all this time he wanted the patels to putt in his tea, for the flavor offcourse.

smilie Wrecking Ball and the never ending feast

choosing: please pick me, i am adorable, how you can say no to that?
open: boy the story i will tell you will give you munchies
death: thats not how it ended! great now you ruined my appetite

attack 1:Tongue Whap
attack 2: ball roll
attack 3: belching
Special ability: tongue swing
elemental strike: burp bomb: WB fill up with a burp, making him to grow more and more until he explode (dont worry he will be fine)

WT had a nice day, until he noticed that an entire city was gone right in hte mid air. he deceted to decided to investgate this and found him self in a giant castle.
part 1: the giant castle
WT traveld the huge castle while fighting giant bugs, he found out that the castle is belong to a titan that is planing to eat the entire city and everyone in it! WT had to stop him.
part 2: the kitchen
WT went to the kitchen. he avoided traps, giant bugs and huge butterblocks until he found one of the dishes and hid inside.
part 3: the table
after eating the food on the dish, WT escept and run to the head of the table were he will meet the hungry titan.
part 4: boss, the hungry titan
you will only see the giant green hand of the titan, it will only try to crash WT with his hand. to defete him you must lead him to his fork, making the titan to stab himself and attack the hand.
WT manged to free all the civilians and bring them all to safety, when they came back there was party and a huge dinner was served in the honer of Wrecking Ball (which he ated it all).
" i am thou, thou art i"
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spyro adventure: tech

smilie drobot and the ariel attack

choosing: who got two thumbs and will tell you the most epic story of your life? this guy!
open: alright activating cinema mode! now you just sit back, relax and enjoy the show
death: boo! thats not it ended! boo!


attack 1: scratch combo
attack 2: laser beam
attack 3: bladegear shot
special ability: hovering
elemental strike: jet blast drobot suit get off drobot and transforms to a large battle jet, drobot goes in the jet and blast all the enemies

drobot was working in his workshop in the arkyen junkyard when suddnly he lookt up and saw a huge armada passing on his head and droping troll soldiers to steal his inventions, not willing to let his technology fall the the worng hands, drobot grabbed his suit and step right to the action.
part 1: drobot workshop
drobot protected his workshop from the trolls using his battlesuit and some of his traps, but the trolls were keep coming, os he deceited that if he want to get rid of the trolls he need to get rid from where they come from: the troll mother ship.
part 2: ariel battle
drobot take off to the sky. at this part it will be more like at this point of the chapter it will be a classic starfox battle. drobot blasted warships on left and right until he reached the mother ship.
part 3: the mother ship
drobot landed on the mother ship and went to the core, but when he reached there drobot discoverd that the trolls are actully brainwashed by some sort of dark force from the mother ship core that is actully is the one to lead the war ships towords drobot junkyard,. the ship injact drobot and the two started to battle.
part 4: boss, the dark mother ship
the mother ship will attack by shooting small energy bulites or large laser beams, to defete it you must shoot the exposed core.
drobot blasted the mother ship and all the trolls came back to thier sanses and left, but drobot had a bad feeling that this mystrious dark force will return...

smilie Drill Sergeant vs the cyber manace

choosing: permission to tell you my story sir!
open: thenk you sir, you will not regret it sir!
end: with all to respact sir this is not how it ended sir!

attack 1: drill combo
attack 2: drill rocket (hold to use Auto-Blaster)
attack 3: Bulldoze Charge
special ability: diging
elemental strike: drill tank: Drill Sergeant trensform to a giant drill tank that lunche drill rockets on the entire battlefield.

DS heard reports from General Robot that robots all across skylands are goin nuts and that he need DS help to stop it.
part 1: techno city
DS came to techno city where all the crazy robot activitis are happning, he traveld the city while fighting crazy robots until he meat a mabu scientist that tells him that the reason all the robots are goin crazy is becuse a mystrious virus is controling them, to defete the virus DS went to techno city main lab.
part 2: the mabu lab
DS enterd the lab and faced the virues that calls him self "the anti-element". the virus want to spread havoc and chaos all across skylands so to defete him DS plugd himself to the computer and enterd to the cyber space.
part 3: the cyber space
DS traveld in the cyber space, fighting his way through hordes of virus's until he meat the anti-element.
part 4: boss, anti-element
the anti-element will be a black smoke with red eyes and mouth. it will shoot lasers, create electric beams and summon virus's. to defete him you must shoot until it will drop.
Drill Sergeant manged to delete the anti-element and pluged himself out of the cyber space, all the robots came back to thier sanses. but after defeting the virus a strange black smoke came out the computer and digged the earth until it reached to a massive battle ship...

smilie Boomer and the bomb war

choosing: pick me! my story will blow you up!
open: this story is awsome, like boom awsome!
death: i actully imagind myself goin down under a hail of bombs, but allso thats not how this story ended!

attack 1: punch combo (hold to create shockwave)
attack 2: dynomite toss
attack 3: placing a troll bomb
special ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: atomic troll boomer leap to the sky, pulling a nucler bomb and ride with it till it hits the gorund and explode.

boomer wake up in a dark room without knowing how he got there, then two troll bodygurdes escort him to meet the troll rebellion, an underground movment that its soul purpose is to fight agienst the evil reign of the troll king that try to counqer skylands. but they need boomer's help to defete him, boomer agree and preperd for battle.
part 1: trollish battle ground
boomer and some other troll soldiers are dropped in a middle of a harsh battle field, boomer blasted the ways of his comrades until they reached to a graet wall that protect the troll king palace, the wall is impenetrable but luckly boomer have a plan...
part 2: troll bomb
boomer make designs of a giant troll bomb but he need to find the right ingredients, after serching and finding boomer make a massive troll bomb that blow up the wall and boomer and the rebels charged towards the palace.
part 3: the troll king palace
boomer and the reabls fought thier way in until boomer stood face to face with the troll king.
part 4: boss, the troll king
the troll king is a fat troll that wields a giant grande luncher, he will shoot granede and summon troll soldiers to help him. to defete him you must plant a troll bomb in the granade luncher when the troll king stop to rest.
boomer blow up the troll king and win the war, there mabey more evil trolls out there but boomer will make sure that they will not hurm anyone ever again.
" i am thou, thou art i"
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spyro adventure: earth

smilie bash and the wing thives

choosing: come on roll with my story!
open: my tale will be rock and roll!
death: change my story one more time and i will roll on you

attack 1: tail combo (hold for Gaia Hammer)
attack 2: rolling
attack 3: summoning rock wall
special ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: boulder dragon: bash roll towords the enemey turning bigger by the secand and ram all the enemies infront of him.

All across skylands they were reports of flying creatures wings are gone from thier owners back like magic, bash went to investigate the case.
part 1: birdland
Bash started his investigation in the most obious place to start: the birdland jungle, and after while a group of vultures came and took some of the birds.
part 2: fatherd chase
the vultures put the birds in a large airship and took off, but luckly the roc, the guardian of the birdland agreed to help bash to chase the airship
part 3: the vultures airship
the roc put bash on the deck, bash battled his ways and maneged to save some of the birds until he meat the leader of the vultures commandor squack. squack wanted to use all the wings he stoll to make for himself amagnifecent pair of wings, but ash was not goin to let it happen.
part 4: boss, commandor squack
commandor squack is a tiny vulture with a large colorful wings, he will attack by creating Air currents, hit the ground with his wings and summon vulture soldiers, to defete him you need to wait after he wil finsh the wing slams, then he will be exhausted and vulnerable.
bash ko squack and with some of eon's magic he destroyed squack's wings and returned them to thier orginal owners.

smilie Dino-Rang vs the sand monster

choosing: pick me, nothing beats a good hunting story
open: good chice, now shut up and listen
death: a hunter is never beated by his pray, so knok it off!

attack 1: boomerang slicing combo
attack 2: boomerang toss (hold to create Boomerang Shield)
attack 3: Stonefist Traps
speacial ability: double jump
elemental strike: dino sandstorm: dinorang lunch both his boomerangs making to spin and merge with each other and creating a destructive sand storm.

dino rang went to a hunting quest to hunt a dadley sand monster that has been attacking the local nomads.
part 1: the scorching canyon
dino rang tired to find the monster in the scorching canyon, but only found some dedly scorpions, but luckly he maneged to save a nomad that led him to the sand monster location.
part 2: the snake pit
dino rang and the nomad went under the desert, fighting hordes of scorpions and snakes until they reached the cave of the sand monster.
part 3: the sand monster lair
this will be a stelth level, the mosnter wil be inside sleeping and you will need to get close to it enough without been seen. after the stelth level dino rang managed to get close enough but the nomad accidently sneezed and wake up the monster.
part 4: boss, the sand monster
the snamd monster is a giant three headed snake like the one in swap force, it will attack by slamming his heads and shooting fireballs. to kill it you need to wait when one of the heads is close enough to strike wiht boomarang throw.
after defeteing the sand monster, a creepy black smoke comes out of its mouth and fly outside the cave and into the air. after that teh sand monster became allot more calm and was a little more friendlier to the nomads.

smilie Prism Break and the mine of the ancient

choosing: pick me! my story will rock you!
open: thenks for choosing me, now lets light up my story
death: i dont remember it ending like this

attack 1: crystal punch (hold for Crystal Eruption)
attack 2: crystal beam
attack 3: Summon Crystal Shard
speacial ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: prism blast prism break creates around him seven giant crystals in seven colors, then he create anthor crystal and lunch to it a laser beam that is redract to the other crystlas, the seven crystels redrecit the laser beams to all the enemies in the field and damage them.

PB is protacting a mining facility when an earthquake begins and drop some of the miners to the mine, PB dived in the mine and started his quest.
part 1: the mine entrance
PB navigated in the dark mine, fighting agienst spiders and other beings of darkness until he found himself under a dome of crystals.
part 2: the crystals field
PB traveld in a field of crystals, and found out that the mine is builded on a giant ancient called "gem crab" that couse the earthquake becuse he dasent like the mioners how drill on his back. PB must find a way to calm the ancient before he will dystroy everything above him.
part 3: ancient quake
PB went to the ancient while fighting some of its minions until he faced the all powerful gem crab.
part 4: boss, the gem crab
the gem crab is a massive crab with diffreant gem growing on his shell. he will attack by slaming his pincers, shooting lazers and summoning a sharp crystals from the ground. to defete him you must attack the pincers while they are stuck in the ground.
the gem crab came back to his sanses and brought all the miners back to the surface. but before PB left, the ancient wornd him that a powerful force of evil has been awaken and him and the rest of the skylanders are in graet danger...
" i am thou, thou art i"
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spyro adventure: air

smilie Lightning rod and the cloud kingdom assult

choosing: would you rather go to hear there "girly" story or would you like to hear my tale?
open: good, now sit and listen to my tale
death: never interrupt a man while he tale his story!

attack 1: lightning punch combo
attack 2: lightinng toss (hold of Grand Lightning Summoning)
attack 3: Zapper Field
special ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: lightning god lightning rod surrond it self with storm cloud and trensform to a massive storm giant, the storm giant lunch rain of lightning bolts to all enemies.

Lightning rod visted the cloud kingdom but he found out that his home was invaded by lord stratofer army, rod immediately went to stop stratosfear evil plans.
part 1: the cloud plaza
lightining rod heroicly protacting the cloud plaza with the thelp of the cloud kingdom guards agienst stratosfear army until rod remembered somthing importent: the roayl plalace was almost completly exposed, rod quickly went to the palace to save Queen Cumulus.
part 2: Cumulus palace
rod reched to the palace only to find out it is alradey under attack, rod managed to fight his way in until he reached to the throne room were queen Cumulus foguht stratosdear over the control of the Thunderous Bolt, Unfortunately she lost and stratosfear uset it to absorve its power and became to a god like entity.
part 3: the strato armada
stratosfer sanded his armada to duystroy the city, luckly rod took a ride on a storm giant battle ship ad blasted his way till he reached stratosfear.
part 4: boss, lord stratosfear
strastosfear has became muscular like rod, he attacks with his fists and the Thunderous Bolt to summon lightning bolts and storm clouds. to defete him you must be close enough to attack him.
lighting rod punched stratosfear and he lost the Thunderous Bolt with all of his powers. the cloud kingdom celebrited lightinig rod victory over stratosfear with statues and poems.

smilie Sonic Boom and the griffin savana

choosing: alright kids calm down, im sure the portal master will choose us
open: alright, long ago in the vast griffin savana...
death: (one of the kids) mommy is this really how it ended? (sonic boom) offcourse not, portal master can you plese let me finish?

attack 1: scratch combo
attack 2: sonic scream
attack 3: wing blast
special ability: hovring
elemental strike: griffin boom: sonic boom fly to the sky while her kids creating a sonic rings, then sonic boom fly faster and faster through the sonic rings until she create and explosive sonic boom that damage all enemies.

Sonic boom went to a vacation with her kids. But when they came there was not a single griffin around and even more worse hunters trapped sonic and took her kids.
part 1: the hunters camp
sonic manged to free herself but suddly the hunters took her kids, and sonic was not gonna sit doin nothing when someone took her babies away from her.
part 2: mama rampage
Sonic boom chased her kids kidddnppers and freed her babies one at a time. After a while sonic found out the location of the other griffins and soon went to save them.
part 3: the cage zone
Sonic battled the hunters and freed the other griffins until she faced the hunter chief.
part 4: boss, the hunter chief
The hunter chief is a muscular sabertooth man using daggers. He will attack by slashing his daggers and wil puonce. To defete him you must attack when you are close enough.
Sonic managed to defte the chief hunter and she saved the other griffins, the she and her kids were flying in the air in the vest family vacation ever.

smilie Warnado vs lthe storm king

choosing: come one choose me!
open: my story will have tons of twists, like a tornado!
death: next time you do that i will blow away with one of my tornados

attack 1: bait combo
attack 2: spin attack
attack 3: Summon Tornado
special ability: hovring
elemental strike: tornado elemental warnado spin faster and faster until he creates a powerful tornado elemental that crash all enemies with his fists.

a massive tornedo is heading towards a mabu village, warnado is incharge to stop it but somthing is not right about this tornado, strange air elementals are popping out of it and are attacking the village people.
part 2: solarsun village
warnado landed in the village and started to stroll around while saving civilians and fightinig air elementals. when he finishd to save the village the tornado spoke to him and challanged warnado for a duel, suddnly a large hand made of wind grabbed warnado and dragged him to the heart of the storm.
part 3: twister city
when warnado got in the tornado he saw that right in its middle there is an enitre city surrounding a large and mystrious entity. warnado managed to free itself and started to strolld in the city until he reached the middle.
part 3: the king throne
warnado is heading to the middle and saw the entity clearly, it was a massive light blue bird which shoot lightninig bolts andwind towerd him. warnado managed to dodge its attacks and fight its minions until he faced the bird.
part 4: boss, the storm king
the storm king is a large light blue bird, it will shoot lightining bolts, it will create powerful whirlwinds and will use its beack and talons. to defete it you must use wornado tornados to stun when he use his beack attack to stun him and then attack its head.
warnado managed to defete the storm king which couses the tornado that surrounded the city to fade. the storm king then rise again but this time he remember who he really is: the storm king is one of the graet elemental ancients of wisdom, which were the very first entitys in skylands to use the powers of the elements. the strom king explained to warnado that somthing has possesd him and made him to lose his mind and start to spread chaos all over, the storm king thenkd warnado for freeding him and worn him that somthing evil is lurking, somthing powerful that will thret all life in skylands if not hundeld...
" i am thou, thou art i"
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spyro adventure: fire

smilie Ignitor vs the vermillion witch

choosing: choose me portal master and i will serve you with no fear in my burning heart
open: you will not regert this portal master, let me tell you on the time i finaly got my revange on that wretched witch that turned me to what i am now
death: you are insulting my portal master, to think that i will end like this is just make me feel so ashamed

attack 1: sword combo
attack 2: flame spirit form
attack 3: mega slam
special ability: passing through walls
elemental strike: knight of fire: ignitor let his spirit form to burn his armor nad trensform to a giant fire knight, the knight unleash a destructive sword combo that damage and burn all enemies.

Reports on witch raids are happning all over Skylands, ignitor is sant to investigate.
part 1: the red forest
Ignitor has reached the red forest, where the witches base supposed to be. He travel the forest until he encounter ruby, the vermilion witch, the queen of the witches and the one who gave ignitor his cursed amor that turnd him to what he is now. Angry with vengeance, ignitor charged toword the witch but she knok him out and escaped.
Part 2: the chase
Ignitor chased down the witch while facing her soldiers on the way until he reached her castle
part 3: the vermilion castle
Ignitor is fight his way in the witch castle until he came to her throne room, there she reveled tp him that she is planning cast a powerful spell that will bring skylands to its knees, ignitor wil not let it happen and the two start to fight.
part 4: boss, ruby
Ruby will look like an elf witch but she will wear rad dress insted of green, she will shoot fire balls, create shockwaves and will summon witch halpers and golem minions to defete her you must attack when you are close.
Ignitor manged to defeat euby but when he is about to strike the final blow he turns around and says that despit he is angry for tricking him to wear that armor, he will never be the skylander he is now with her so he is graetful to her about it. Then he throw a small traptiniuom shard on ruby and trap her inside, the fact that he will not kill her dasent mean she will get away from punishmet for all the crimes she comited.

smilie Sunburn and the island of the phoniex

choosing: choose me portal master, you know you want to
open: sweet! this tale is goin to be hot!
death: i am half phoniex, you can kill all you want but i will always rise again

attack 1: scratch combo (hold for Phoenix Dash)
attack 2: Flamethrower Breath
attack 3: teleport
special ability: teleport
elemental strike: immortal flame sunburn leap to the air creating a phoniex like aura, then he lunch a blazing flame breath that burn all enemies.

sunburn is happily flying until he enters a strange green cloud, when he enterd the cloud he felt dizzy and tierd and Fainted.
part 1: the cages
when sunburn woke up he found himself in a cage inside a warhouse full of cages with different cretures. he managed to trick two troll guards and free himself. sunburn fogut his way out until he found out that he is on a massive poachers ship heading towoerd a beautiful tropical island.
part 2: ash island
sunburn lerft the ship and fly towerd the strange island, over there he faced some of the troll poachers but he allso saw somthing amazieng: he saw the trolls are capturing Phoenixs, true Phoenixs! he couldn't belive to what he saw, sunburn rushed to save Phoenixs. after he freed them, one of the Phoenixs that this island is the secrad home of the phoenixs and the home of the immortal flame, the power source of the Phoenix and the prison of the evil dark Phoenix, an evil fire elemental that has been courpted by the forces of darkness. the troll dont know that the flame countine him and if they will relese him it will be catastrophic. sunburn must stop them at all cost.
part 3: the immortal flame
sunburn is heading towerd the imortal flame' he fight his way in but it was too late, the troll poachers leader has put off the flame and the dark Phoenix emerged.
part 4: boss, the dark Phoenix
the dark Phoenix is a large black purplish peacock like bird with wings burning in black flame. the dark Phoenix will have simuler abilities to sunburn, he will breath fire, teleport and dash. to defete him you must attack when he is tierd after the dash attack.
sunburn managed to defete the dark Phoenix, free the other Phoenixs and banish the troll poachers. the Phoenixs invated sunburn to stay with him but he refused becuse he alradey have a home of his own. sunburn left and fly to the horizon.

smilie Flameslinger vs the night arrow

choosing: (removing eyefold) come on portal master, you know you want to choose me
open: oh yeah! let me tell you on how i heroicly saved the day wihtout seen anything at all
death: just how blind do you think i am!?

attack 1: kick combo
attack 2: flame arrow lunch
attack 3: flame dash
special ability: double jump
elemetnal strike: comet arrow flameslingr shoot a single arrow to the sky that turns to a rain of blazing comets that damage all enemies.

flameslinger is participating in the greatest archer contest in the skylands that is happen in the elf kingdom, after he managed to reach the finals somthing happend, his rivel the night arrow tried to assassinate the elf king, luckly flameslinger notiecd that and managed to deflect the arrow before it hitted the king. night arrow esceped and falmeskinger chased him.
part 1: assassin chase
flameslinger is chasing night arrow in the elf king palace but night arrow summond his goons to get rid of flameslinger. after flameslinger defeted the goons he found out that night arrow took the king. quickly flameslinger rushed to save the king.
part 2: the stable shootout
flameslinger managed to chase night arrow to the stable and the two are engeging in an archer duel. night arrow tricked flameslinger and escape on a pegasus woth the knig on his back.
part 3:the bandit camp
flameslinger is chasing night arrow to his bandit camp where they hold the king hostage for bribery, flameslinger managed to infiltrate to the camp and managed to defete black arrow goons until the two are starting thier final showdown
part 4: boss, night arrow
night arrow will be an archer drow cover in black hood and a bandana on his mouth and wielding a black bow. he will attack with kicks, arrow shooting and will be able to become invisible. to defete him you must shoot when you can see or hit when you are close enough to him.
falmslinger managed to defete night arrow but right before flamslinger arrow was about to strike, night arrow disappeared. the king thenkd flameslinger for saving him and He declared falmeslinger as the winner of the archer contest.
" i am thou, thou art i"
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spyro adventure: water

smilie Slam Bam and the tropical tundra

choosing: (raising all four hands) pick me pick me!
open: yes, this is gonna be the coolsed story you will ever heard
death: now thats just cold man

attack 1: yeti fists
attack 2: ice prison
attack 3: ice slide
special ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: blizzeard punch slam bam focus a powerful ice magic in his hands and relese a freezing ice fists missiles that crash the enemies

smilie Zap vs the Tsunami serpant

coosing: please pick me
open: yeepy! (do a backflip) this is gonna be fun!
death: well remind me to leave a trail of slippery slim for you later

attack 1: slime slap combo
attack 2: Lightning Breath
attack 3: Sea Slime Slide (press attack 1 to create tidel wave)
special ability: sliding
elemental strike: electric serpant: zap create a powerful water torrunt infused with electrical charges that shocks all enemies

smilie Wham-Shell and the ocean clash

choosing: as your king i commend you to choose me
open: a fine choice portal master, now sit back and hear my tale
death: the prince of the oceans to die like that, how pity

attack 1: mace combo
attack 2: starfish shot
attack 3: Poseidon Strike
special ability: shilding
elemental strike: wrath of the ocean king whamshell summon a giant starfish that sping around and send a rain of starfishs that explode and damage enemies
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spyro adventure: undead

smilie Hex vs the necromancers

choosing: pick me, or do you want me to cast a spell that will make you to choose me?
open: good choice
death:how about that next time you intrept me i turn you to a zombie?

attack 1: undead slap
attack 2: phantom orb (hold for Rain of Skulls)
attack 3: Wall of Bones
special ability: summning minions
elemental strike: bone storm: hex summon a swirling vortex of bones that damage all enemies

smilie Cynder and the dark dragon king

choosing: choose me or dont, i dont care
open: you choose me? fine, shut up and listen
death: yeah, never do that again or i will turn you to dust

attack 1: scratch combo
attack 2: Spectral Lightning
attack 3: shadow dash
special ability: hovring
elemental strike: black dragon fury: cynder leaps to the air, creating a big dragon head aura around her which shots powerfull black lightning that deal damage to all enemise

smilie Ghost Roaster and the cookoff of death

choosing: pick me portal master, my cooking are known all over skylands, both the living and the dead
open: excellent now for the Appetizer, my tale
death: next time you intrept me you will be on the menu

attack 1: chin whip
attack 2: Skull Charge
attack 3: Ectoplasm Mode
special ability: passing through walls
elemental strike: ghoul feast ghost roster leap to the air and Vacuum all the enemies while in the same time heals himself
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after every chaper there is a cutscene.

hugo: 32 skylanders are out, only 122 remine.
flynn: woozers 122!? now thats a lot of book to read.
cali: mabey but thats the only way to free the skylanders.
hugo: cali is right, chaos is spreading as we speak and the only ones who can stop it are the skylanders, and right now they are in truble and we are the only ones who can help them. so if the the only way to do it is just reading a large book then so be it.
flynn: ok fine jeez lets keep read this book.
(eon and kaos enters the library)
kaos: well? did you idiots finaly freed all the skylosers?
eon: kaos do you remember what we discuss few minuets ago?
kaos: yeah yeah "if you want to stay here you need to be nicer to your colleague"
eon: good, well hugo how much you freed so far?
hugo: 32, but we still have allot more job to do.
(an alram is heard)
flynn: whats goin on?!
cali: we are under attack!
eon: cali and flynn, take all the academy staff to saftey.
cali: right!
flynn: hey wait for me!
eon: kaos, you and it are goin to activate the force field
kaos: ugh, fine!
eon: hugo go with flynn and cali and take the book with you
hugo: yes master eon
eon: and (skylander name), you go and protect the academy!
the skylander: yes sir!

the battle
at this point it will be like a noraml book chapter only you can use any skylander you want.
skylanders name and the academy assault 1
part 1: defende the academy
the skylander will fight his way in the academy untill all enemies are clear, but then a large soldier got inside the academy.
part 2: boss, shadow juggernaut
the juggernaut will be a large human like black creture cover in spiked armor. it will attack by slaming his fists, trying to grab the skylander and ramming. to defete it the skylander must attack after the juggernaut use his ramming attack and make him stuck his head in a wall.

after the battle
cali: they are Retreating
flynn: phew that was a close one
eon: too close, we need to be preperd for the next wave if we want to survive. luckly the force field me and kaos made should hold them off, but i am not sure how long. hugo, flyn and cali keep reading the book, me and kaos are goin to find out who is the one behind those attacks. and (skylander name) you go to get some rest, you fought well.
the skylander: yes sir.

meanwhile a the spellpunk palace
the spellpunk looks in a crystal ball the battle in the academy

spellpunk: WHAT?! HOW DID THEY FREED THEM FROM THE BOOK!? i need to send more warships and this time i will make sure they will be crushed!
creepy voice: balthazar...
balthazar: ahh! i i i i its you. l l l look i do all i can to get the book i swear in the ancients!
creepy voice: you batter not fail me again, or did you forgot what i am capable of...
balthazar: d d d dont worry, next time i will make sure to grind them to dust.
creepy voice: you batter be... (the voice fade away)
balthazar: may the ancients help me...

after that you unlock the arena, mission control som villages and the giants warzones.
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giants: magic

smilieNinjini and the envy witch revange

choosing: if i were you i would choose me
open: do you wish to hear my story?
death: do you wish me to hit you? becuse you dont havet to.

attack 1: wishblades combo
attack 2: bottle form (press attack 1 for bottle rockets)
attack 3: Surrealistic Spheres
special ability: hovering
elemental strike: djinn blade: ninjini using her genie magic and infuse her two swords to one large Scimitar and then use it to create deadly combo that slice all enemies.

smilie pop fizz and the potion factory

choosing: pick me pick me! (drinking beast potion) pick me!
open: sweet! this is gonna be crazy
death: i know my memory is not very good but i am preety sure it didnt end like that

attack 1: punch combo
attack 2: potion lob
attack 3: beast form
special ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: popzilla: pop fizz drink a potion that turn him to a giant monster, then hs slams his fists and crush all enemies.
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giants: tech

smilieBouncer and the Roboto-Ball championship

choosing: pick me and i will lead you to victory
open: alright lets play!
death: now this is got to be a foul!

attack 1: punch combo (hold for Fingerguns)
attack 2: Shoulder Rockets
attack 3: I-Beam
special ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: all star blast: bouncer turn his hands to large miniguns and shoot all the enemies.

smilieSprocket and the lost uncle

choosing: the smartest decision you can do right now is to pick me
open: excellent choice, now lets begin
death: according to my calculation there is 0.0 chances that this could happen to someone like me

attack 1: Wrench combo
attack 2: turret building (press attack 1 to turn to a tank)
attack 3: mind throwing
special ability: double jump
elemental stirke: tesla tank: sprocket turn her tank to a massive electric tank that shoot an electric beam that blast all enemies.
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giants: earth

smiliecrusher and the hammer of ages

choosing: its alright portal master, take your time
open: right on! now lets roll with my story
death: now thats not very nice but i forgive you

attack 1: hammer combo
attack 2: stone gaze
attack 3: rockslide
special ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: hammer quacke crusher is making a crushing combo that brake the entire area nad hurt all enemies

smilie flashwing and the dragon daimond

choosing: pick me and i will light your life
open: how precious! this is gonna so awsome
death: it did not happend like that! ny crystals can be brake that easily

attack 1: scratch combo
attack 2: crystal shoot (hold for shooting all directions)
attack 3: shimmring spin
special ability: hovring
elemental strike: crystal dragon flashwing is gathring crystals around her and make a giant dragon head crystal that shoot a powerful light that damage all enemies.
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giants: air

smilie swarm and the hive wars

choosing: come on portal master pick me
open: nice! now lets fly on my wings to one of me biggst heroic acts ever
death: a little warning, you mess with the giant bee you get the sting am i clear?

attack 1: barb blades combo
attack 2: barb blades shot
attack 3: swarm form
special ability: hovring
elemental strike: king of the hive swarm use his swarm form to turn his hand the large sword and then slice all enemies on the field

smilie jet vac and the lost armada

choosing: choose me sir and i will stand by your side till death
open: exellent! now sir can you please free me from this terrible place
death: preposterous! i will never die from something so ridiculous!

attack 1: kick combo
attack 2: vac blaster
attack 3: suction gun
special ability: hovring
elemental strike: sky baron fury: jet vac activate his gun and summon with it a powerful tornado that blow away all enemies.
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giant: fire

smilie hot head and the magic oil

choosing: choos me and i would make sure to burn the punk that put me here!
open: good now lets do this!
death: next time you do this to me i will melt you!

attack 1: punch combo
attack 2: fire burst
attack 3: oil blob (press with attack 1 to make a sizzle shower)
special ability: moving havey objects
elemental strike: blazing rain: hot head summon a massive fie ball and shoot it to the sky, then a rain of burning fall dwon and burn all the enemies

smilie hot dog vs the ice cats

choosing: (happy bark)
open: (even happier bark)
death: (growling)

attack 1: scratch combo (hold for comet slam)
attack 2: fire bark
attack 3: wall of fire
special ability: digging
elemental strike: who let the fire dogs out?: hot dog summon an army of fire puppies and then charge towerd the enemeis and burn all enemies
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giants: water

smilie Thumpback and frightbeard revange

choosing: ready to serve boss!
open: graet! lets make some waves
death: just to be clear you do know that i am a giant right? and that i can die from somthing this small right?

attack 1: anchor swing
attack 2: belly flop
attack 3: whale chomp
special ability: rope swing
elemental strike: overturned: thumpback drop his anchor and summon a large ruiend ship and crush on all the enemies

smilie chill and the lost queen

choosing: i am ready portal master
open: as you wish sir
death: with all do respact sir it didnt happend like that at all

attack 1: javelin combo (hold for shield)
attack 2: javelin throw
attack 3: ice wall (prees attack 1 to bash ice wall
special ability: shielding
elemental strike: ice blade storm: chill javelin become longer and then she relese a dadley slashing combo that cut all enemies
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giants: life

smilie tree rex and the toxic chaos

choosing: pick me portal master
open: alright, lets crush them
death: now thats just hurt even for me, and i am made of wood!

attack 1: punch combo (hold for shockwave slam)
attack 2: charge
attack 3: Photosynthesis Cannon
special ability: lifting havey objects
elemental strike: giant of the trees: tree rex charge his right arm with life energy and slam his fist on the ground, it crate a massive shockwave that flat all the enemies

smilie shroomboom vs the pizza maker

choosing: come on portal master how dasent love mushrooms
open: spore! this is gonna be so much fun
death: i rather to die on a pizza plate then die like this!

attack 1: punch combo
attack 2: slingshoot (hold for Paratroopers)
attack 3: Mushroom Ring
special ability: long jump
elemental strike: mushroom mist shroomboom dive to the ground and summon a field of poison mushrooms that explode and relese a poison mist that hurt all enemies
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giants: undead

smilie eye brawl and the hands of doom

choosing: go on, choose me (hand raising) sorry, choose us
open: he choose us, happy now? now lets do this
death: i know right? he actully think that somthing that small can kill us?

attack 1: punch combo
attack 2: eye laser
attack 3: eyes eraption
special ability: drone
elemental strike: the watchful eye: eye brawl eye fly to the sky and becomes massive, then the eye shoot a dadley death ray that blow up all enemies

smilie Fright Rider and the graet jousting contest

choosing: (fright squicking) wow calm down girl i am sure he will choose us
open: see what did i tell you? alright portal master, lets do this
death: (fright squiking in anger) calm down!, i hate that too but its not a reason to kill the portal master!

attack 1: spear combo
attack 2: charge
attack 3: head Burrow
special ability: racing
elemental strike: ostrich stampede fright will call some of her skeleton ostrich friends and togather they will go on a rampgae that will hurt all enemies
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giants cutscene

flynn: alright, how much we relest?
cali: ahm... 16
flynn: 16?!
cali: only 106 left
flynn: wowzers this is gonna take a while
(an alram is heard)
cali: now what?!
(hugo enters the library)
hugo: we are under attack! again! and this time its allost more troops! we need to get everyone out of here!
flynn: again?! oh come on!
hugo: not just that, they brought somthing new, somthing HUGE! somthing big enough to destroy the energy shield. (skylander name) you must stop it, but you will need the help of one of the giants, so hurry!
the skylander: right!

skylander name and the academy assult 2
part 1: the energy shield
the skylander will stand right outside the shield and will defete all the waves until the boss will show up.
part 2: boss, shadow shieldbraker
the shieldbraker will be a huge robot that is attacking with his fists, to defete it you must go back and use one of the giants and punch it while it is vulnerable.

after the battle
hugo: you did it (skylnader name)! they are Retreating
cali: that was too close, those guys really want that book.
flynn: a book? what book?
cali: what do you mean what book? the book of lagends! the book that hold all the skylanders! the book we are reading right now to free them. have you not pay attention at all to what happend so far?
flynn: oh so thats how its called! i just called ot "the big book of boring staff". but i still dont understand why this guys want the book
hugo: the book hold all the graet tales and secrats of the skylanders from before the fall of the order. that knowledge can bring skylands to it knees if it will fall to the worng hands. now tat i thuink about it there was that spellpunk we saw earlier...
(flashback to the moment where balthazar cursed the book)
hugo: i bet that spellpunk is probably the one who responsible for the attacks, but why would he want to curse the book? the book is far more useful on his own.
cali: well whatever what ever this guy is planing, that spellpunk is the reason why we stuck in this mess, if we want to stop whatever he is planning we need to keep reading this book until each last one of the skylanders is out
(eon enters the library)
eon: good afternoon, how much have you read so far?
hugo: not much, we have managed to free 48 skylanders, but we still miss 106.
eon: exellent, nut you seem a little tired to me, have you took a break from reading?
hugo:no, but master eon i am completely (yawn) fine
cali: i dont know about you but i can use a little break
flynn: me too, i am starving
cali: starving? you just eat a hall bag of chips, and bedies you barley done anything
eon: now now its not a time for fighting, cali and hugo you go on a braek, flynn you stay here and keep on the reading
flynn: oh come on! you dont really exapct me to read this huge book on me own?
eon: offcourse not, thats why someone here has volunteered to help out couse
(tessa enters the library)
tessa: hey guys
hugo: tessa! wow its really great to see you here, i mean that its nice to see anywhere but here its really nice, not that it will be any different from any other place but...
tessa: (giggle) its nice to see you too hugo. eon alradey filld me in
(tessa approched the book of legends)
tessa: are they really inside?
cali: well most of them, but we are working on freeing them. so far we got out 48 skylanders
tessa: man i wish i would have come sooner
hugo: its okay, but we can always use more helping hands
tessa: well lucky those hands are here to help! so how do we free them
hugo: we read the chapters of the book, after we finish one the skyladners will pop out
tessa: will that sounds easy, you can count on me to do it
eon: wonderful. hugo and cali, you go on a break, flynn adn tessa, you two keep reading the book
flynn: fine, lets keep reading this book
(eon, cali and hugo leave the library)
tessa: alright, where do i start?

after that you unlock more villages and the swap force warzones
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swap force: magic (swapers)

smilie hoot loop and the hat of trickery

choosing: whats that behind your ear? a quarter!
open: excellent choice portal master, now let the show begin!
death: wow you, are a real buzz killer aren't you?

attack 1: staff smack
attack 2: magic shot (hold for Hypnotism)
attack 3: teleport
special ability: teleport
elemental strike: endless portal: hoot loop summon a two portals under and above the enemies which makes them to be stuck in an infinite falling until hoot loop remove the lower portal and make the enemies to crush on the ground.

smilie trap shadow vs the portal hunters

choosing: choose wisely portal master
open:good, let the hunt begin
death: a good hunter is never suppressed by his pray

attack 1: claw combo
attack 2: kick combo (hold for invisibility)
attack 3: snap trap
special ability: invisibility
elemental strike: a hunter fury: trap shadow infuse his claws with magic and then make a powerful combo that hurt all enemies
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swap force: magic (core)

smilie star strike and the fallen zodiac

choosing: choose me, and i will light up your sky with stars
open: the stars are shining on me!
death: thats probobly what a comet feels after he fall from the havens on the cold and hard ground

attack 1: cosmic swirl
attack 2: star blast
attack 3: starfall
special ability: reflection
elemental strike: might of the zodiac star strike open the sky and summon the power of the 12 constellations and then drop a comet rain the crush all enemies

smilie dune bug and the sands of ra

choosing: come portal master pick me!
open: allright! this beetle is ready to roll
death: you just had to roll on it arnt you?

attack 1: staff smack
attack 2: Mystic Missiles
attack 3: dune ball
special ability: hovring
elemental strike: the ball of khepri dune bug focus a gigantic ball of magic and then roll it on all the enemies
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