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Make Up Scenes and Quotes for Academy
AdamGregory03 Gold Sparx Gems: 2156
#1 Posted: 02:57:59 18/12/2016 | Topic Creator
Probably more appropriate for Stuff and Nonesense but figured why not. Can be silly scenes, serious scenes, any combination of the two, whatever crossed your mind.
Like this:

Kaos: "I shall not rest until the Golden Queen is my gal!

Wolfgang: "Good luck with that, runt, 'cause she's already MY gal!"

Chef Pepper Jack: "Wait just a minute... She told me she was MY gal!"

Chompy Mage: "Funny, 'cause she told ME the same thing."

Broccoli Guy: "She never told me anything like that..."

Golden Queen: "What's all this commotion about?"

Wolfgang: "Your majesty! Who's girl are you?"

Golden Queen: "Uh, um... Dreamcatcher."

Dreamcatcher: "YES!"

They don't have to be Spoiler'd, just did it for no reason.
Golden Queen did nothing wrong and she is best evil waifu.
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omer1698 Gold Sparx Gems: 2258
#2 Posted: 13:44:09 18/12/2016
Spyro and blades are making a potion drinking contest. 50 bottles, one is grape juice, the rest are shapeshifting potions that pop fizz made, the winner os the one that finds the grape juice. Spyro and blades dranked potion after potion and transformed to almost every skylander known till they reached to two bottles.

blades as zook: "well spyro, are you goin to admit that i'm the batter dragon?"
spyro as magna charge: growls "not a chunce, lets finish this"
the two dragon took the last two bottles and drinkd them
spyro look at blades and saw pop thorn
spyro: "yes! spyro wins again!"
spyro make a happy dance
blades: "i wouldn't be so sure about it"
blades offer spyro a mirror, spyro looks in it and see wrecking ball
blades: "looks like none of us is the winner"
spyro: "wait a minute, if none of us drank the grape juice, it can only mean..."
spyro lookt at pop fizz
spyro: "pop you didnt maked the grape juice!"
pop fizz: "i was supposed to make grape juice too?"
" i am thou, thou art i"
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