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Due to the final episode of Season 1... (SPOILERS)
Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#1 Posted: 01:27:30 05/12/2016 | Topic Creator
Okay, this could be crazy to think about, but I feel as if it's VERY possible.

At the end of the final episode of season 1, we see Eon and Kaossandra right? Now, I bet were ALL curious to know what they're relationship is, and I COULD have solved it. Most likely not, but it's possible.

Does anyone notice how Kaossandra and Kaos DON'T have the same skin color? Yet Eon and Kaos do...

As crazy as it is, what if Eon has been Kaos' father this whole time? It'd be a crazy plot twist, and just from that ONE clip in the last episode I am lead to believe this.

This isn't a joke. I legitimately believe that Kaos could be Eon's son.

That would also mean Aurora would be Kaos' cousin but lets not talk about that smilie

Post your thoughts below smilie
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TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#2 Posted: 01:45:48 05/12/2016
That would be a pretty cool part of the canon. Unfortunately, it seems a bit too, predictable... If it does happen, I wouldn't be that thrilled. That is a pretty weak plot twist that's been done before a billion times.
KingMed Gold Sparx Gems: 2456
#3 Posted: 12:04:53 27/01/2017
I had the same though when I first saw the attention to Kaossandera's body language when Kaos was about to attack Eon before golden queen interrupted. And the way that she looked at Eon by the end of the epsoide is kind of weird...IDK but I think that they're hinting at something.
Glitchy Witchy Blue Sparx Gems: 911
#4 Posted: 16:29:42 04/02/2017
I've actually had the same thought. But if it's true, I don't think Eon knows it. I don't think it's a stretch that Kaossandra raised Kaos by herself.

Although, whatever relation Eon and Kaossandra had, I'm pretty interested in knowing more!
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omer1698 Gold Sparx Gems: 2258
#5 Posted: 18:50:41 05/02/2017
and offcourse there is that mystrioes entity that turns out is trapped in Kaossandra dark book, its probobly the darkness but now that cynder is confiermd and they said somthing about her "dark past" this could be a very big and evil dragon that we all know off...
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#6 Posted: 19:57:54 05/02/2017
even though the show and the games are separate canon, that'd be a crazy fun plot point. sign me up
King-Pen Krazy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1907
#7 Posted: 01:56:55 27/03/2017
If they did that, IT WOULD BE SO WEIRD, but somewhat familier.

Hm, what's that from again

Oh yeah
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