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#1 Posted: 21:18:46 30/11/2016 | Topic Creator
Hi! TrapGiant here!

Today I will review Giants, based on levels, gimmick, replay value, figures, and hub, and of course, NPCs.
So let's get into the review.

First up:
Starter packs and packaging overall.

Starter pack box, typical design. Cynder, which was a fan favorite-and was quite hard to find during SA.
Jet-Vac... Weak character. Good design though, just feels unbalanced.
Tree Rex. Your usual starting giant, and also the first modern-day-skylanders-gimmick. Quite slow, but extremely powerful.
Packaging is the usual bubble.

Very good figures, you will need to make room for Giants though, as their name is to be taken seriously. Good amount of in-game and chase variants.

Levels are good-Easy enough for kids, but if you crank up the difficulty, it's challenging enough for adults. Design is good, and plot is OK...
Final level easier than SA's terribly difficult boss battle. Kaos is the main antagonist, as per usual. It also has enough sadness to make it memorable.

Hub-Pre-SF dreadyacht. Very simple, I like Aurics new shop, and Skystones is great. Brock is OK, kinda in a good spot, I like how Legendary Treasures are ship add-ons, and how unlocking a treasure can unlock a shop. The rooms are great as well, with a turret minigame. The upper deck is simple.

Replay value:
It's a skylanders game, I don't need to say more.

Most are good, few are odd.

Overall, I rate this game a solid 7/10!
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#2 Posted: 02:29:06 10/06/2017
See if you can name this

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]
Any last wishes?
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