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Dear Santa...
LameLime Yellow Sparx Gems: 1200
#1 Posted: 22:35:04 20/11/2016 | Topic Creator
I'm feeling jolly enough to make such topic, given that Christmas music is playing on the radio and I'm watching the city's Santa Claus parade currently. If you could make a wishlist of anything you really want for Christmas, what would it be? Fantasize, and follow your inner-child if you can, unless you're not there yet. (I'm a manchild so it doesn't matter XP )

I'm making my list so that I could potentially get it by the end of December, that's the magic behind my list. And perhaps when the day comes, I'll come back to the list to see what if I really got what I want or not. Some things I ordered off Amazon and hopefully I get them before Christmas...

Dear Santa, here's a list of big-boy stuff, old and new, that I have followed over the fall. I have ranked them by priority...

1. VR Headset for mobile phone
2. Nintendo Entertainment System
3. Nintendo 64
4. A handful of NES games
5. LoZ: Ocarina of Time
6. 200+ Pokemon Cards
7. Any wii game
8. Super Smash Bros
9. Skylanders Imaginators
10. Any skylander
11. Any amiibo
12. Any LEGO Dimensions pack
30/32 Skylanders -- 4/4 Levels -- 8/9 Items (Includes VV)
Missing: smilie smilie + Ghost Swords
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TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#2 Posted: 00:33:16 21/11/2016
TheToyNerd's Christmas Wish List

1. Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack
2. Lego Dimensions Fantastic Beasts Story Pack
3. Lego Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack
4. Lego Dimensions Gremlins Team Pack
5. Skylanders Imaginators Solar Flare Aurora
6. Mini NES Classic Edition
7. Pokémon Sun
8. Yo-Kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls
9. Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One
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