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Game breaking glitch
kardonis Platinum Sparx Gems: 6255
#1 Posted: 13:35:05 30/10/2016 | Topic Creator
So I was playing through the game, as one does, and I wanted to get 100% for whatever "secret ending" I would unlock. Unfortunately for some reason it didn't count the turret minigame egg in stormy beach.

Cool thing is, I have video proof.

At 10:20 I pick up the egg from the thief, giving me 1/2.

At 16:30 I finish the turret minigame. Which should have given me 2/2

At 16:49 I enter the map screen and it still shows 1/2 eggs.

At 21:07 I realize what happened. Both on the map screen and in the egg collection screen the turret minigame egg didn't count.

Just felt like sharing this glitch, and honestly I have no idea why or how it happened, or any way to fix it.
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DragonDog Ripto Gems: 1798
#2 Posted: 20:24:11 27/08/2017
That's a real bummer, man. :/
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