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Got Imaginators?

Yes, and loads of the toys Poll 33% (424)
Yes, and a few extra toys Poll 28% (359)
Yes, just the game Poll 5% (67)
No, not yet Poll 26% (331)
No, don't want it Poll 7% (89)
Got Imaginators?
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 11536
#1 Posted: 00:48:37 17/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Skylanders Imaginators has launched worldwide so the question is do you have it?
If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, I hate you.
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HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 8982
#2 Posted: 02:25:27 17/10/2016
No and I have no interest in getting it. <.<
Congrats! You wasted five seconds reading this.
DreamTeam Yellow Sparx Gems: 1366
#3 Posted: 12:49:51 17/10/2016
I broken the tie between the most populars!
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 7201
#4 Posted: 12:59:51 17/10/2016
I want it, but it's uncertain for now if I'll get it anytime soon :c Darn Acti reps lying about a simultaneous Brazil release.
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LegendaryFlames Emerald Sparx Gems: 3352
#5 Posted: 14:57:18 17/10/2016
I thought I wouldn't play any of the new Skylanders games, but this one does look pretty good!
I do want it I guess, but I'm not sure if I will get it.
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Spyro Lover122 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1904
#6 Posted: 15:51:46 17/10/2016
Yes, got it on the 14th and beat it within two days. I originally planned on getting a maximum of 8 Senseis, but was only able to get 3 in the end. So I didn't get too much along with it, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the game with the ones I had!
Deja Vu Emerald Sparx Gems: 4081
#7 Posted: 16:07:37 17/10/2016
Got the game, Starcast, Ember, Aurora, Mysticat, Barblla, Chopscotch, Water Crystal & Magic Crystal. Sadly no Crash, but I'll get him as soon as he's released.
chained skull Gold Sparx Gems: 2971
#8 Posted: 19:45:45 17/10/2016
As a last ditch effort, I'm going to return all of my previous skylander games and see if I can get an extra sensi or even the last CC i don't have
What do I even write here? Lmao
spyrothe111 Ripto Gems: 3702
#9 Posted: 23:25:39 17/10/2016
Not yet.
goldenwolf Blue Sparx Gems: 746
#10 Posted: 11:56:48 18/10/2016
I dont have it cose it's not here were I live its going to be here in nwe year or the next year.
ExcitonKnight Gold Sparx Gems: 2417
#11 Posted: 23:30:05 23/10/2016
I plan on getting eventually, but for now, all I own is a Mysticat
Merry Christmas ya filthy animal
Bolt Hunter Gems: 5938
#12 Posted: 20:05:53 24/10/2016
Neh, I'm not interested in getting the game.
Because this year it isn't on 3DS. :c
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I draw stuff.
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