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Imaginators Unite - Skylanders Fan-Fic (Chapter 2: Two Shades of Darkness)
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The sun reflected on the horizon on the snowy mountain tops as it went into sunset. It's radiant glow shone all throughout the quiet land, as the grass blew in the wind. A creak from one of the academy doors opened slowly. An ice blue tiger with beautiful white and blue wins slipped out from the small crack in between the wall and the door. She wielded a bow, completely made from seashells, as well as her armor. Her icy blue quickly, but quietly, ran from the academy towards the cold mountains.

The sun continued to go down slowly. The icy tiger awaited on the mountain. Suddenly, a figure in a dark grey cloak appeared on the mountain.

"You beat me this time," spoke the mysterious hooded figure. "Well done Shellflight."

"It's not as easy as you think," said Shellflight, "sneaking out the academy isn't even allowed." she finished, bringing out her wings.

"At least you have the courage, and aren't afraid to." he said, his cloak blowing in the wind. "This is what you need. Not your useless "Sensei" mentors."

"They aren't useless! They've taught me so much! I'm lucky to have them!" she challenged, enraged at his comment. She then turned her bow into a sword.

The hooded figure then summon a large crystal shield. "But I can teach you much more. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Maybe you can, but I won't let you call them useless and get away with it!" she yelled. She flapped her wings to raise her up into the air. She raised her sword above her head and dashed into the hooded figure, but was blocked by his shield, knocking Shellflight to the ground. The shield then separated and turned into two red crystal swords. He launched them, heading straight for Shellflight, but she cartwheeled out of the way, and hit the other sword with her own.

"You really want to work with them, after all I've taught you don't you?" asked the hooded master.

"Y-yes" responded Shellflight, nervous above what he would reply with. Would he be mad? Would he try to kill her?

"Very well. You don't need me at all." he said, gathering his things.

"But I do! I want to be the best I can be! Can't I have two mentors?" she asked, anxiously.

The hooded figured sighed. "Because that's not how it works. Your only supposed to have one mentor and one battle class. I'm here teaching you all of them when I shouldn't."

Shellflight was confused. Hadn't he wanted her to be the best? Didn't he care at all? "Isn't that what you want me to have though?"

"Well I had originally thought after you finished your training, you'd come with me so you could use all the classes whenever you want." he began. "I know about they're strict rules, and I thought you would want to leave the Academy like I did." he sighed heavily.

"You were a Skylander?" asked Shellflight, quite surprised.

"I was an Imaginator..." he replied. "I didn't like what they were training me. I wanted to be everything, but they told me I could only choose one battle class, and never abandon it. I thought I wasn't unique, but they said I was, but how can I be unique when I locked with one? The only way I could feel unique was to leave the Academy."

"Wow... what happened after you left? How long ago was it?" asked Shellflight, very curious in his story.

"Not that long ago honestly. Less than a year. I began training myself to master all the battle classes, which I found out was a lot harder than I could of imagined. It was harder teaching myself without a mentor. I don't want you to turn out like me." he finished, to only look at the shining moon. "I must be going now."

"Wait!" she stopped him. "Will you ever tell me your name?" she asked. He had never actually told her, through all the weeks of training. She just didn't ask in-case it was personal, but she was curious more then ever.

The Hooded figure removed his hood, revealing a grey skinned-elven creature with some sort of symbol on his forehead. His purple eyes gleamed. "Yes." he turned to face Shellflight. "It's Kloud. Duskloud."

Shellflight's eyes widened. This was Flash Blaze's brother! He continues to believed he died all this time, but this explained everything! "Duskloud? THE Duskloud?"

"What do you mean...?" Duskloud asked, confused.

"Flash Blaze's brother! There's been so many stories about you and he thinks you died! I have to tell him your ok!" she said, very excited.

"NO!" yelled Duskloud. "Y-you can't. I left for a reason. I need everyone to continue believing I'm dead." he said, with sorrow in his voice.

"W-Why not!? Why would you do that to your own brother who loves you, and cares about you. Misses you." she asked. She was sorry for Flash Blaze. His brother was alive but he had no idea. Everything had been a lie to him.

"It's... it's hard to explain. I'll tell you some other time. It's late and you need to get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow." said Duskloud.

Shellflight nodded. "Ok. I hope you return to the academy one day." she said before flying off into the sky, leaving Duskloud on the mountain. Shellflight wanted to ask him more questions, but she had been overwhelmed about meeting the Imaginator that the whole academy speaks about, ever since his departure. She erased her thoughts and landed back in the academy. Just when she thought she'd make it back safely, and no one catching her, Nightmoon emerged from the Academy Restplace for the Imaginators.

"Shellflight! What are you doing out so late?" he asked, sharply.

"I just wanted to get some extra training in." she replied.

"With a sword?" he asked. Shellflight hadn't noticed her seashell sword. She had forgotten to transfer it back!

"Err... yeah." she said nervously.

"You know how strict the Sensei are with training in different classes. You're a Bowslinger." he said, not as sharp this time, but calmly.

"I know, but training with just one class is boring. I want my life to be more then just 'Bowslinger', and besides, I already know almost all my techniques. I think Buckshot wants to level me up to level seventeen soon!" said Shellflight.

Nightmoon nodded. "I won't tell anyone, but you should really stop. I don't want you getting in trouble."

"Thanks Nightmoon, but I have to go tomorrow too. "she said. "This is too important to ignore."

"Okay," he sighed. "I respect your decision, but please be back before sunhigh. Much before it, so you can actually get some decent sleep." he finished.

Shellflight was grateful for Nightmoon's concerns for her, but she had to find out more of Duskloud's story. "Got it." she nodded.

"Why is it so important anyway?" asked Nightmoon. What could Shellflight tell him? Would she betray Duskloud and tell him the truth, or betray her best friend, and lie, coming up with something else?

"I-I'm sorry. I can't say." replied Shellflight, nervously.

"Can't you trust me!?" said Nightmoon, raising his voice.

"I DO trust you! If I could tell you I honestly would, but I really can't." she said, trying to calm him. "I promise you will be the first one I tell once I can tell someone."

"I understand. Have a good sleep Shellflight." he said before entering the restplace.

"You too." All of Shellflight wanted to tell Nightmoon, but she couldn't break Duskloud's promise, but at least Nightmoon wasn't angry, and hadn't broken any of they're trust.

Shellflight curled up into her resting couch to sleep, but her thoughts were filled with Duskloud's story. He was an Imaginator even before Shellflight arrived. She just needed to sleep. She then closed her eyes, and drifted into the black darkness.
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Chapter 2: Two Shades of Darkness

Shadow Route walked quietly through the Enchanted Elven Forest. He could hear the river stream rushing to his right, but it was faint.

Something rattled in the bush near him. Shadow Route knew exactly what it was, so he disappeared into dark elemental mist and went the opposite way where the noise was coming from.

"Blaragh! Bah?" a troll creature busted from the bush, but was met with nothing.

"Hey troll!" yelled an unfamiliar voice. A dark purple bird creature emerged from deep in the forest, her bat wings flapping aggressively. She was in an orange and purple witch outfit, and a green and purple witch hat. She was carrying a large dual sided mace. She then did a double flip in the air, and slammed her mace on the small troll - instantly defeating him.

Shadow Route reappeared into his dark grey and purple cloak, and skull outfit. He was utterly confused of who this was, and why she stole his vanquish. "Eh- Huh? Hey you!" he yelled at her.

She turned to face him, and threw her mace straight at him.

"Hey! Bah! Fine! If that's the way you want to do this, then take this!" yelled Shadow Route, enraged. He shot a dark blast at the undead bird, but she easily dodged the coming shots.

"You call that fighting? Take this!" suddenly, a strange contagion came from her body, in an attempt to consume Shadow Route. "Agh! What is that!?" he said, before turning into dark mist once again. "STOP! I don't want to fight!" he yelled, struggling to avoid the contagion.

"Why?! Because your loosing? Because your weak?" she yelled, attempting to attack Shadow Route with her mace again, but he knocked the mace out of her hands.

"No! I just wanted to ask a simple question but now there's no point." he replied, dusting himself off.

"What is it? I'm curious." she asked, also dusting herself off.

"Well it's pretty simple. Who are you?" he asked.

"Why do you want to know? Who's your leader? Who sent you!?" she asked, picking up her mace again and putting it in front of her in a battle stance.

"I-I was just curious..." he began. "No one sent me, and I have no leader. I'm a lone ranger. Do you live here?" he asked.

"Er... yes... I'm Ghoul Shadow." she said, holding out her hand. Shadow Route shook it. "See? I don't want to hurt you. I was just curious to why you stole my vanquish."

"Ehm, I didn't 'steal' it. I didn't even see you." she said, baffled.

"Oh, well I guess this dark mist works." said Shadow Route. "So you live here do you?"

"Yes. I live in an old hut deep in the forest, but it's not that far from here." Ghoul Shadow was scouting for the direction of where it was.

"How did you learn to fight so good?" Shadow Route had taken note of her incredible battle skills with her sharp mace.

"Err... I taught myself." she said, embarrassed.

"Really? I wouldn't even be able to teach myself moves with a mace like that. It's... really sharp." said Shadow Route.

"Heh, thanks. Anyway, if you want, I can show you my hut?" said Ghoul Shadow, already leaving.

"Eh, you didn't wait for my response, but sure." Shadow Route could already tell what Ghoul Shadow's personality was like, and he had to admit that he liked it. Confident, proud, exactly what he wanted to be, but he wasn't as confident as her.

The two dark loners began to trek they're way to Ghoul Shadow's witch hut. The nature of the Enchanted Elven Forest was beautiful, and calm. Shadow Route knew there was a small elf villages somewhere's apart of the forest, which is where he used to live as well, but not for very long until leaving at the age of 7, and training himself in magic. He missed his family, but this was his life now. One of these days, he wants to be known as a legendary hero who saved all of Skylands, but he wasn't sure if that would happen.

Ghoul Shadow sighed. Something seemed to have been troubling her. "Hey, something seems to be wrong. Are you alright?" asked Shadow Route.

"Oh, I was just remembering my past." she began. "It's not like it's horrible, it just reminds me of all my mistakes."

"What... mistakes?" asked a curious Shadow Route.

"Well, I wanted to train myself in magic and potions, but nothing ever worked. I never had the materials, or the skill, but that's why I have my mace." she told Shadow Route. "Here we are, my hut."

"Hmm... it's very small." said Shadow Route, looking at the small wooden hut. The ladder leading up to it's doorway.

"Uh, thanks. I built it myself, so of course it's small." said Ghoul Shadow, rolling her eyes,

"Oh... sorry." Shadow Route began to float into the hut.

Ghoul Shadow began to climb the ladder, despite having wings. "Of course, you be the lazy one."

"I'm not lazy! I just thought you would do the same..." said Shadow Route, crossing his arms.

Shadow Route already liked this "Ghoul Shadow" character. She seemed a bit boasty, but he didn't mind it. She was still kind towards him and talented. Perhaps one day she could teach him some techniques. Maybe one day, but he needed to give them both some time.

I'm a little disappointed with this chapter. I didn't really plan, but I promise the next one will be better.
Also a note, neither Ghoul Shadow or Shadow Route are Imaginators yet.
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