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One prompt a day
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#1 Posted: 20:46:15 03/10/2016 | Topic Creator
So I found this website full of writing prompts, and coincidentally it happens to have 365 of them, so I figured why not do a little thing here? Maybe you just want to read what I write, maybe you want to also go off the prompts, either way it's good practice for writing.
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#2 Posted: 21:37:16 03/10/2016 | Topic Creator
1: Outside the window

I awoke to the shuddering of my house, it was dark, and the wind was howling like a fierce deity, raging against all creation. I sat up from my bed and looked across the room to my clock. The normal orange glow of the analog numbers has been replaced with pure black, the power must be out.

I stepped off my bed with a grunt, there was no use in sleeping with all this noise, so I put on some clothes and headed downstairs to the main floor. Walking into the kitchen, a shadow darts in front of my eyes, almost as if everything went black for a second. I wait a few seconds, but I see nothing more.

The wind was picking up, getting worse. An east wind was rare, dare I say unnatural. Something seemed wrong, I felt like I was being watched, as I turn around I catch a glance at two deep blue eyes looking at me through the window, before they disappear. I shudder.

“What was that...” I ask the empty room around me. Then it started, a dreadful sound, as if a thousand people were all murmuring in my ears. Frantically I look around for the source of the sound, it seemed to come from all around me.


The words make no sense to me. As I turn my head past another window, I see it again, the eyes staring at me for a split second, then vanishing from sight. I feel watched again, I turn behind me and see another one, up the stairs, peeking out of my bathroom.

I turn and run before I see it duck back, and grab a large knife from a drawer. I feel watched from all over the house. The basement has no windows, and only the one doorway in, it should be safe. As I move towards the basement the wind picks up again, drowning out the murmurs. When the wind dies down, the murmurs become louder.


I fling the basement door open, and, for a fraction of a second, I see one of them behind the door. I scream and fall backwards onto my hands, backpedaling myself into a corner. They’re everywhere.

“Go away!” I shout “please, just, leave me..” I sob. They watch, but when I see them, they duck away. I don’t know long it has been, I can barely keep my eyes open, but I have to, I, just.... have... to...
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#3 Posted: 00:07:34 05/10/2016 | Topic Creator
2: The unrequited love poem

You are everything I want
The sun, the moon, the sky
I do not wish to merely haunt
Yet you leave me out to dry

I spoke with you awhile
I saw you often cry
Did I do something to defile?
Don't you want someone your tears will dry?

I sit alone and calm like the ocean
I blame myself
for this foolish notion
I place my emotions back on the shelf
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#4 Posted: 18:24:48 05/10/2016 | Topic Creator
3. The Vessel

The ship pushed off from shore as I took one last look at my home. "Good riddance" I mutter under my breath. This place has caused me nothing but grief and pain. I'm leaving with just the shirt on my back, I had to sell everything I owned for this trip out of here.

I decide to wander the ship for a while to kill some time. The ship is heading to another country, one supposedly filled with wonder and riches. The trip shouldn't be more than twelve hours long, we should arrive before nightfall. As I wander the ship I wonder if anyone at home will miss me, or even notice I'm gone. I was the middle child of seven children, always forgotten between the younger and older siblings. I was never anyone's best friend, they all preferred to be with someone else. The teachers at my school never cared about anybody, hardly spending the time to learn names, much less care about the students.

Already this trip is proving to be the right decision. I notice the sky is getting darker, but it isn't even after noon yet. "Looks like bad weather" a stranger says out loud, "I hope these sailors know what they're doing" I nod at him in agreement as it starts raining. Instinctively we both head down below the wooden deck of the ship.

An hour or so seems to pass, the wind and the waves slowly start to pick up, creating unrest for the passengers. A sailor comes down below deck. "Sorry to say, but the wind seems to have changed direction on us, we're bucking a headwind, meaning we'll need to start rowing, any volunteers?" I grunt and raise my hand, anything to get away from here faster.

A few men and I head down farther into the hull where the oars were located. As we go to sit down, the ship lurches hard to the left, and an awful sound comes from the back of the ship. We watch as a rock rips the stern of the ship clean off, causing water to rush in. There are screams of panic everywhere, mine among them. The ship rears up, I have nothing to hold on to as I plummet into the dark sea below.

I must have passed out, but I awake in freezing cold water, lying on a plank of wood, presumably part of the ship. Panicked, I look around but see no trace of land or the ship. The wind is still blowing strong, carrying me where it pleases.

More time passes, and I see something in the distance, another ship! I wave one arm frantically, the other still desperately clinging onto the plank of wood. They appear to have seen me and are heading my way! The feeling of joy is overwhelming, I'm saved!

But then, I see it. The flag that is flying on the ship. My home country's flag. I, I can't believe it, all this, wasted. I gave everything just to get out of here. Voices are yelling at me, asking questions. Something lands near me, a red ring with a rope attached. I look up at my salvation, and let go.
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#5 Posted: 03:51:32 07/10/2016 | Topic Creator
4. Dancing

"I like to do a lot of things, but mainly I love to sing and dance." That's what I told here two years ago. She just laughed when I said that, but despite that I thought our first date went well, and it was the start of our relationship.

We both worked 9 to 5 jobs, and while she was satisfied with that, I wanted more, always daydreaming about being the lead singer in a band, showing off some sweet dance moves in front of a huge audience. I had been taking general dancing lessons for a few years now, and after I got over the awkwardness of being the only guy in an all-girls dance class, I quickly became the star student in the class. I often took my girlfriend out dancing, and she absolutely loved it, often times saying that she never wanted to dance without me. Feeling confident in my abilities I decided to try my next goal.

Singing came a bit harder, I was told I have a great voice, but I could never find the right songs to sing, I tried everything, rock, pop, me, rap, hell, I even tried opera music, but nothing stuck for me. I decided that maybe the right song for me isn't out there, maybe I'll need to write it. Inspiration is rough, and I could never figure out what to write a song about.

I went through a rough week, when I finally got inspired to write a song. In less than a few days I had perfected the song, sampled instrumental and my own live lyrics, as my girlfriend came in and told me that the bar down the road was having a talent night soon, and that I should perform there. I agreed and told her I had just finished a song that would be perfect. She asked if she could hear the song first, but I smiled and told her it was going to be a surprise.

At the day of the talent night, we walked into the bar a few minutes early for preparations, she wished me luck as I was the lead act for tonight. I smiled to her as I prepared to head on stage, while she headed into the crowd. In but a few minutes the empty bar is packed with people, eager for a show. I step on stage to the microphone, and see him.

I lean in towards the mic as my music starts. "I call this one, never gonna dance again, I hope you all enjoy"
I used to be THE Bowser, now I'm just an awkward girl
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#6 Posted: 01:15:11 11/10/2016 | Topic Creator
5. Food

They set me out with nothing but the animal skins on my back and a sharpened stick. "Food" they said to me. I guess that meant it was my job to feed the village tonight. Heading out of the safety of the caves, I look out to the wide expanse of the plains in front of me.

There seems to be nothing in this area worth hunting. I told these fools a hundred times that we need to follow the herds migration, but nobody seems to understand anything more than basic words, especially something difficult to grasp. I decide to stalk the watering hole, as I can sometimes catch a straggler away from a herd or pick up a trail.

When I arrive to the watering hole, there is no trace of anything except a few small birds. I let out a sigh and lean down for a drink of water, looking at the poor visage of what was once a man. I try to hold it back, but the tears flow out.

I was a genius, probably the best of my time. I had done the impossible and created a time machine, the very laws of time bended to my will! Out of sheer happiness I set a time, only a few moments into the future, and activated the machine. Suffice to say, I did not end up where and when I wanted to be. The best I can figure is that I was thrown many millennia into the past, landing in this dawn of mankind with nothing. No time machine, no power, no cell phone, no clothes. This local tribe found me, realizing I was pretty much one of them, they clothed me and taught me the basics of living, while I taught them the basics of speech, important words and such.

I glance up from my moment of reflection, and realize I better start tracking my next meal. I shouldn't dwell on the past, or in this case the future so much, there's nothing I can do to change it. Food indeed, it's all I really need now...
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#7 Posted: 00:47:47 12/10/2016 | Topic Creator
6. Eye contact

I walk behind my general, my heart pounding in anticipation of the battle about to unfold. The general raises his hand and the army stops. He turns back to face us all.

"Gentlemen, this is the battle we have been fighting for. Our royal army against the last defenders of our sworn enemy. We are standing on the brink of total conquest, I want everyone at their best." He turns to look at me specifically. "Especially you Iunex." I nod my head behind a heavy helmet as he turns his back towards the army. "They are just crossing the ridge now."

Our battlefield is a small valley, and each army begins the downhill charge. As we're running down, I take care to notice weaknesses in their formation and high priority targets. I spot the opposing general, riding a horse with a large banner. Beside him I notice a tall figure in jade coloured armour, it must be the general's bodyguard. This guard seems to be the strongest warrior in their army, as I am the strongest in mine.

The two forces meet at the bottom of the valley, I firmly grasp my halberd, and in one clean swing I end the lives of five men. These men are nothing to me, my amber armour shining gloriously in the sun. The massacre continues, squadrons, platoons, divisions, an entire legion falls to me, but then, the sun catches my eye.

I see a reflection of brilliant green light, far behind my army's front line, dangerously close to my general. I forgot my duty to protect him, the battle took my attention. The Jade warrior is slashing through the army with a thin blade of some type. I compose myself and leap into the air, crashing down between this warrior and my general, landing on some of my army in the process. His general is behind him, ready for battle.

We waste no time with words, whoever wins this fight saves their general, wins the battle, and wins the war. I lunge forward and deliver a wide horizontal strike and move to follow through with an upwards vertical attack, however this warrior rises above both my attacks by some unseen force. Suddenly the wind starts to pick up. I pay it no heed and launch myself into the air to strike him down, as he zips past my left.

My side stings, but his attack isn't through yet as he rushes past me towards my general. I whip around and catch him in the side with the full length of my halberd, bringing him around me and straight into the ground. Before he can get up, I leap upwards and plunge downwards intending to end the warrior's life. The wind seems to carry him away from my strike, and back onto his feet.

This battle is just starting. Both of us are injured, but neither he or I are showing signs of tiring. As I move to initiate again, we both hear a terrible sound, the sound of one's last breath. I turn and see both generals dead, mine presumably killed by the enemy, and the enemy's general killed from behind by one of our troops. The warrior dashes over and expertly cuts the remaining man in half, then kneels next to his slain general. He performs what looks like a small death ceremony, reciting a prayer.

Something feels off about him, but I'm not sure what it could be. I approach my fallen master and have a moment of grievance. The jade warrior stands up and points his weapon at me. I initiate again by swinging horizontally, this time in a shorter range and much faster. Again he is lifted into the air, as I predicted. I leap and catch his chest with my foot and bring him down to the ground, hard. I swipe upwards along his body giving him a small gash in his chest and flinging his helmet off and a few meters away.

I hold my weapon above his heart, ready to deliver the final blow, but I see his eyes, and suddenly I understand. Their deep green colour, the tenacity behind them, the focus, the discipline, and most importantly, the aggression. I lower my weapon, and take off my helm. He sees my bright amber eyes, I can tell by the look on his face.

He says in my voice "Who are you?"

I step away from him. "I don't know anymore." It feels like I'm talking to myself. "At any rate we're both the leaders of whatever army is left of ours."

He stands up and puts his helm back on. "What does that make us then?" he said. "Brothers? Enemies?"

I shrug and put my helm back on as well. "We could be either, or both, but as this point we should part ways."

"We will meet again" He says to me.

I smile under my helm and begin the long walk back to my country.
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#8 Posted: 02:55:33 13/10/2016 | Topic Creator
7. The Rocket Ship

ahahaha, so I did write something for this, however when it was finished I decided it was WAY too dark and gross to be posted here, so if anyone is super into horror stuff and really wants to read it you can PM me for it.
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#9 Posted: 01:44:23 14/10/2016 | Topic Creator
8. Dream

We had just landed on the surface of mars, my two friends Terry and Diego are with me. The red surface of the planet had a dry rough texture, as we'd expect. The three of us are the first people ever to step foot on Mars, but it hardly seemed impressive standing the middle of a wide desert expanse.

"Why did we come here again?" Diego asks jokingly.

"Something about building a house I think." Terry says.

"Why do people want to live here anyway?" I ask. "Oh wait, to get away from everyone else." We all laugh and start working on our first structure. We were provided with easy assemble buildings so we quickly have our "settlement" created. We laugh and have a good time for a few hours inside our enclosure, then we decide to sleep through the night.

I wake up first in the morning to an impossible sight. Out our window, where the barren red planet was, is now a lush green field, with a forest in the distance. I shake my head. "This can't be..." I say out loud. I quickly wake the others up. "You gotta see this!"

Our instruments detect that the surface is safe to breath, so we all head outside. It's like we're back home on Earth again, but with no sign of civilization except our structure. Out of the woods come this cute cartoony creatures. All wild different coloured puffballs with eyes and legs.

Then we all play don Mars forever because that's when the dream ended and I'm tired.
I used to be THE Bowser, now I'm just an awkward girl
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#10 Posted: 15:17:54 21/10/2016 | Topic Creator
K so in case anyone actually is reading this stuff, I'm suddenly working now so it's draining my effort to do things, so these won't be an on-daily basis anymore, but I'll do them when I can.

9. Animals

I awake from my light slumber, the forest is quiet just before dawn. I climb out of the tree I was sleeping in, already hungry, already needing to search for food. The dense canopy blocks any traces of light, still dark as night below.

My sense of smell guides me, there is no prey around the area, but I catch the scent of a boar, and begin to stalk after it. The brush is thick, and I'm careful not to make noise or disturb any of the small and deadly creatures that frequent the area.

A few minutes later I find the boar. A fairly sizeable male, it will make a decent meal. Before I can pounce, I smell something else. Not prey, but competition. Another like me, yellow fur with black spots. We make and hold eye contact, neither of us wanting to make a sound and scare the prey away.

The other jaguar rears back, ready to pounce. Before he can, I lunge out of the bush and swipe the boar's back legs with my claws, crippling it. What I didn't realize is that he wasn't pouncing towards the boar, he tackles me and sends me sprawling away from him and the prey.

He snarls at me, then turns away to kill the boar. Big mistake. I lunge forwards then swipe across his back, leaving three gashes. The force knocks him away from the boar. He gets up and snarls at me, I go to snarl back, but I feel a rumbling in the ground.

He feels it as well, it seems to be getting closer. Before we even see it we both know what it is. Without even turning to look at each other we both start running in opposite directions. I barely get out of the way before the stampede of boars goes flying past.

I manage to catch one running outside the pack, it will do as a meal for today.
I used to be THE Bowser, now I'm just an awkward girl
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