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Total Drama Danger Zone
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#1 Posted: 22:48:17 25/09/2016 | Topic Creator
So i was bored so i decided to make this! A Regular total drama Story! So Here we Go

"Hello Everybody and Welcome back to Total Drama! Though you would never see me again huh! Well guess what! I'M BACK! And this season I'm making this harder.. then... Evaa! Lets me the new contestants! And before you ask... No this is not a robotic island! This is the Danger Zone! Its also known as Boney Island! HAHA! All the Toxic waste from Revenge of the island was all washed away to this island! Tgis is gonna be a very fun last season! Anyway lets see the Contestants!" Chris McClain Enthusiastically says "Lets Start with, Classic Competitor Issy! Yes Issy!!"

A Strange man in a Hasmat suit arrives carrying a table with a person in a straight Jacket on. The Strange Man takes off his hat "HELLO EVERYBODY!" Issy Yells as she drops the table


"That Right!! And I brought a friend!!" Issy Unwraps the straight jacket and Dave jumps out

"Oh Dave, Nice to see ya again buddy! Sorry for leaving you on the island last time... But it was pretty funny...Right?!" McClain Laughs

"SKY!! MUST KILL SKY!! SHE LIED!! SHE DIED!! bla kra cha!" Dave Yells Psychotically

"Skys not here yet buddy! And i almost forgot how crazy you went alone on the island after learning Sky had a boyfriend.. HAHA!"

More Coming Soon
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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