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It's time to let it go
StevemacQ Platinum Sparx Gems: 6365
#1 Posted: 09:43:14 14/09/2016 | Topic Creator
So many old school fans fight to preserve their fandom and what kind of games they expect.

Older JRPG fans from the NES and SNES days fight against younger fans who being more into FFVII and Kingdom Hearts than FFVI, Chrono Trigger and just about any "old school" JRPG from the so-called. "Why isn't Chrono Trigger getting more sequels and fandoms?"

I'm not just shaming those older than me. I'm shaming myself and others as well with Devil May Cry. Yes, I didn't like the future Capcom was taking the series with DmC but the amount of endless whining didn't make us look good and I was horrified by how the developers received death threats.

I love Spyro but I have to face reality that the series will never return to form under the eyes of Activision. Best case scenario is that sales on Skylanders will slow down because several toylines have their low points but that won't create the dream Spyro game we all want. Hell, I would even go as far to say that I'm finding games that might end up better than Spyro, albeit for different reasons like Life is Strange, Gone Home, Reigns and Ridiculous Fishing.

Sometimes it's okay to give up and allow new fans to take over. We won't lose anything because we've already lost a long time ago.
Needz more eh-mo-shuns.
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GarbageMemes101 Ripto Gems: 670
#2 Posted: 07:47:16 17/10/2016
I just am replying to let you know that at least one reply will be made in the span of a month

the reply has been made

good post my dude
parisruelz12 Diamond Sparx Gems: 7512
#3 Posted: 08:14:09 17/10/2016
i came here thinking this was a red jumpsuit apparatus topic and im really disappointed now
looks like ive got some things to do...
fyra Platinum Sparx Gems: 5568
#4 Posted: 13:36:40 17/10/2016
Sadly I do agree,even if I m still bitter about what happen to Spyro,I know it will never come back and I did find far greater games like the Divinity franchise,Dragon Age,Shin Megami Tensei,Baldur's Gate(old school stuff),mmo like Guild Wars 2,Dungeons and Dragons Online,Legend of Heroes to please the fact I m a old school fan.Nowaday I prefer great characterization,variety and great story over a simple gameplay and weak story,also I would definitely love a Spyro or even Skylanders game like that but maybe I should keep dreaming because it will never happen.Maybe in fact I should let it go away and stop attacking everyone,even if I still think we lack variety of dragon games and it should change.
Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope but sometime fear cloud our visions, sometime our strength give out....
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