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Amber - A Difference the Hurts
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#1 Posted: 01:56:23 14/09/2016 | Topic Creator
This is a odd ship, yes.. Probably because Ember would burn Ambush.. But i use that and turn in into a plot that makes it harder for them to love! (PS. This is partly gay) (PS 2. The Names of Imaginators are: Aquamarine (Water Sentinel) Vine Bugger (Life Bazooker) and Skull Smasher (Undead Swahbuckler)

It was a normal day and Ember, Bad Juju and Flarewolf decided to train some Imaginators.

"Hey Aquamarine! Ready for training?" Asked Ember in a confident Tone.

"You bet i am!" Answered the Water Sentinel

Flarewolf want to get in on the action as well. "Hey How about you Vine Bugger"

"For the last time! Call me Vine!" Yelled the Annoyed Cat

"Ok Vine Bugger!" Replied Flarewolf replied trying not to laugh but soon failed

Bad Juju Felt Left out so she brought her Imaginator Else Where.

Ember showed Aquamarine a new move she calls Repeater where you twist around your blade and lets in chop enemies multiple times. "I think your getting the hang of it!" Exclaimed The Flaming Sentinel as she was trying to teach her

"Thanks!" Aqua Said Proudly. "Wo..Wo..WOAH!!" Aqua was being dragged along by her Blade

Vine looked at Aqua and tried not to laugh. He help for a minute but she just kept going, and going, and going. He couldn't hold it in much longer.

Aqua finally got control and stopped it "Fwew that wa-" she was interrupted by the loud laugh of a certain cat

"HAHAHAHA" the cat would not stop laughing! He help it in for so long that she almost fell off the island! Luckily Flare caught him in time! But letting the cat fall did cross his mind!

"Thanks!" Exclaimed the Smiling Bazooker as he was getting pulled up.

"Hmm.. Well you too are probably in alot of stress. Have a day off!" Exclaimed Ember as the chick let the go of into the academy

"Hey Ember! Wanna Hang out?" Asked Ambush who had just Appeared

"Um.. Sorry.. But i have plain with flarewolf!" The Fire Chick said blushing so hard that it blended in to her red face.

"We do?" Asked Flare all confused!

"Yes we do! Come on we dont wanna miss it!" she said as she grabber the wolfs hand and she ran off!

"oh.. ok." Ambush said slowly.

"What was that about?" Asked Flare

"Nothing.." Answer incorrectly Ember

"Wait a minute! I know that look! you like Ambush!" Exclaimed flare.

"What no-" Ember was inturrupted

"im gonnna help you get him!" Determined Flare said

"Oh brother" Ember exclaimed

"Come On!" The Excited Wolf screamed as he dragged along his friend

"You know what i think I'm Fine..." Ember said as she grabbed her Blade and stabbed the ground to keep Flarewolf from continuing

"What? Grr..." Flare ripped Embers Blade out o the ground and went to see Starcast. "Hey Star!"

"Oh.. Hey Flare." Starcast and Flare hug and Star kissed flare on the check

Flare Blushes, "Anyway! Ember here has a crush on someone. You know.. Like me!" The Loud wolf spoke

"SHUT UP YOU ANNOYING BAFOON! HE'S GONNA HERE YOU!" Ember Yelled at Flare with lots of power.

"Ok.. Ok.. Anyway! Star got some advice?" Asked the wolf.

"I'm sorry Ember but i can't help you unless i know him! Even if so.. I think you should just talk to him! You dont need anyones help! This is All you!" Said the Big Four armed Sensei

"Thanks... You are very helpful.." Ember said sarcastically.

--To Be Continued--
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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#2 Posted: 22:32:33 16/09/2016
DreamTeam Yellow Sparx Gems: 1366
#3 Posted: 22:34:56 16/09/2016 | Topic Creator
V E R Y C A N O N ! L I K E V E R Y!
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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