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Pain-Yatta: On the topic of Sticks...
TaeKwonCrow Green Sparx Gems: 233
#1 Posted: 11:18:04 11/09/2016 | Topic Creator
So this was just on my mind. Hope you enjoy! P.S, is there a Pain-Yatta Smiley?

The grass rolls over the hill, gently swaying back and forth with the wind. Pain-Yatta sits on the top of the green hill, slowly blowing at a flower.
He hears footsteps, and Bad Juju comes up behind him, with a baseball bat. Pain-Yatta turns around, A distraught look on his face.

Pain-Yatta: Juju! Why Stick?

Bad Juju: Well, maybe we could have a game of Baseball?

Pain-Yatta: Pain-Yatta hates Stick!

Bad Juju: Oh, Come on. Who hates Baseball?

Pain-Yatta: Hate Stick. Hate Game with Stick.

Bad Juju: Why do you hate the Stick so much, Amigo?

Pain-Yatta: Big Story, Long time ago, I tell you.


The setting is now a happy, vibrant mexican town. A fiesta is going on, with multiple parties and bands. In the center of it all lies a huge Pinãta.
Little does everyone know, the Pinãta is alive....

Pain-Yatta: When i was Little Pinãta, My mummy Pinãta told me that Sticks savagley beat Pinãtas. This was the story she would tell me before i went to bed. One day, i found Stick. Stick hurt me. My Candy Insides spilled everywhere, But me Get Away. Since then, i vow to bring the Pain to all sticks.

*looks up at icon*
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