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Help building a deck plz
Oyjord Green Sparx Gems: 286
#1 Posted: 23:09:42 10/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Hi all,

I'm very new to Battlecast, but I'm really enjoying it so far. So far I'm only playing with the starter cards and the free ones I've spun for the past few days. I think I have 70 or so cards now, but I've no clue which are considered the best 30 for my deck. Any tips or suggestions regarding deck building would be appreciated. Oh, and yes, I plan on going out and finding some packs to buy here soon.

lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#2 Posted: 16:11:28 11/09/2016
If you ever want to acquire a partial set, I would sell a complete rare set for a pretty cheap price and I would throw in some epics if you like.

As far as building a deck, its up to you but once I started getting more cards, I used the non-elemental ones less and less. The character cards are usually very powerful.

When playing against easy opponents, I like to use cards I have not leveled to level them up but if I am playing against tough opponents, I want the best damage or healing cards or ones i feel are useful that battle. Its just hard to give a general answer to that question.

You can beat this game without the best cards but to beat PvP (the real ones) opponents or get 3 stars on everything, then you need to just use the better ones and maybe adapt your cards to the enemies themselves once in a while.
Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9894
#3 Posted: 17:57:13 11/09/2016
On specific cards, always have the basics - Break or Short Circuit is essential because you never know when the enemy will pull out Gear and Relics and you don't want to waste a turn dealing with it otherwise. Always basic and high level healing, for minor damage and that final push at the end though don't overdo it, spells that attack multiple enemies or sidelines to deal with characters that are setting up higher attack and health, and things to set up for yourself - defuffs(mute, subdue, ensnare), attack or health increasers, etc etc, then it depends on what strategy you want, sometimes just high attack spells will do.

Oh yeah, and never think you can run with just high cost cards. The RNG of the game can be harsh and wasting a turn because you don't have enough crystals is even worse; even something cheap and small like a Vaccinate and similar is important to rank up early on.
(What I need is never what I want)
Oyjord Green Sparx Gems: 286
#4 Posted: 19:59:58 11/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Thanks for the helpful feedback.

I bought a battle pack and a booster pack yesterday, and now see that when I pick my three Skylanders, I'm bound to use the element cards that correspond with them. So for now I guess I'll just pick the 3 Skylanders which I have the most elemental cards of, and work from there, filling in the rest of the deck with non-elementals.
JJAtelier Blue Sparx Gems: 727
#5 Posted: 08:35:42 12/09/2016
Firstly, you need to consider what type of deck you're going for. Super aggro or Late Game Control as two typical archetypes.

I don't think the identity of the deck archetypes are well represented in this game but you can consider adding cards that match the appropriate power curve as the crystals roll each turn.

Personally I like have a reasonable amount of early game cards most notably the ones that are 2-mana cost. Approximately a total of 5-10 cards should primarily make up you 1 or 2 cost cards in your deck. The reason I put an emphasis on 2-mana cost is because there's a feasible chance the mana gain per turn can screw you over when you're stuck on 2 crystals for 2 turns if you roll 1+ and then +0 the subsequent turn.

Secondly, I like to have a solid amount of mid-game cards that don't quite overlap my early game but I have enough to transition well enough as I draw from my deck. This refers to cards that cost between 3-5 mana with approximately 5-10 cards distributed evenly depending whether or you not you prefer cheaper or more expensive plays.

Lastly, consider how many late game cards you want, this is what determines whether you're going for Aggro or Control because typically the former will have less 6+ mana cost cards compared to a control deck. I'd say its important to limit the amount of late game cards you have as you don't want the high possibility of drawing all of them in your early turns. So I would start off with up to 4-5 cards in your deck that are 6+ cost. This would possibly make you deck more midrange but I think that's a good archetype to follow as a beginner.

Also, like what Bifrost said, its nice to have essential utility cards in your deck but not too much of them either since you want to have proactive plays every single turn. Healing is definitely good but its more of a reactive card once all your characters are damaged. You wouldn't exactly want to play (for e.g) Healing Rain right on turn two when only your frontline skylander is damaged, extracting value from your utility cards are equally just as important.

Anyway, there's alot of cards to gather so I think its best for you to evaluate what's good/bad. I could provide a tier list of what cards relevant in terms of the competition. But mostly important just experiment and see what works for you!
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