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Skylanders Fan-Fiction Topic: Chapter 3 - Not a hero [CLOSED]
Deja Vu Emerald Sparx Gems: 4071
#1 Posted: 18:43:57 10/09/2016 | Topic Creator
In case you wanna know, this is gay. So if you for some reason feel unpleasent, then leave this topic or you'll get hit by a gem. Everyone else, I hope you enjoy it.
(Note: Marina is the Water Quickshot.)

It was yet another day at Skylanders Academy and some Senseis decided to train with each other, to test their strengths and weaknesses. In the arena, Chopscotch tried to smash through Barbella's stone hands, while Ember burned Ambush's bamboo into ashes. On the other side of the arena, Marina was aiming at Wild Storm who managed to dodge each shot. Then there was Flarewof, who just starred at a gap between Chopscotch and Ember and didn't even notice the Water and Air Senseis looking at him.

"Hey Flare, catch!" Marina shouted eagerly at Flarewolf.

Flarewolf turned around just for a starfish to smack his face and him tumbling over his bazooka, ending on the ground.

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry Flare!" Marina charged towards Flarewolf to see if he was alright. "You usually strike back with your rockets when you're being shot."

"Yeah, you seem really odd today." Wild Storm said while approaching the two. "Is everything okay?"

The two looked at him while he got up and took the starfish off of his face.

"Yeah, everything's fine." The wolf said while he was obviously thinking of an excuse. "I just... thought about some moves I could teach some Imaginators."

Marina looked at him awkwardly. "Oh, well if you say so."

"You shouldn't be thinking about Imaginators, you should be training with us, Kaos could strike any minute and we have to be prepared." Wild Storm spoke with a serious tone.

Flarewolf looked embarrassed on the ground "I know, I think I just need a little break."

Flarewolf then left the arena leaving the two suspecting Masters behind.

"He's anything but okay." The aquatic warrior commented while looking after Flarewolf.

"Definitely." Wild Storm replied.

The two Skylanders walked through the whole Academy searching for the fire wolf until they found him, sitting on a stone underneath a tree.

Marina slowly walked to the quiet place Flarewolf was in. "Flarewolf!"

Flarewolf looked surprised at the Water Quickshot. "Oh, hey!"

Wild Storm decided to question the Fire Skylander about his silence. "Flarewolf, we know that something's worrying you. We can help you if you tell us your problem."

Flarewolf starred at both of them until he finally replied. "It's just... where's Starcast?"

Marina was surprised. "Starcast? Did he do something?"

"No, I just want to know where he is." Flarewolf immediately denied.

"He's on a mission in Scholarville, Flynn's here, so we can visit it." Wild Storm answered his question and tried to figure out what he wants.

Flarewolf looked in the distance for a second until he looked back at them and replied. "Yeah, that would be nice."

To be continued.
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#2 Posted: 11:00:25 11/09/2016
Wait, What? It's well written, Though. Maybe Flarewolf and Tuff-Luck would be better.
*looks up at icon*
Deja Vu Emerald Sparx Gems: 4071
#3 Posted: 11:40:21 11/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: TaeKwonCrow
Wait, What? It's well written, Though. Maybe Flarewolf and Tuff-Luck would be better.

Nope sorry, it's Starcast and Flarewolf.
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TaeKwonCrow Green Sparx Gems: 233
#4 Posted: 14:03:31 11/09/2016
Flarecast and Starwolf.
*looks up at icon*
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#5 Posted: 14:17:00 11/09/2016
When are you doing the next one?
*looks up at icon*
Deja Vu Emerald Sparx Gems: 4071
#6 Posted: 16:00:29 11/09/2016 | Topic Creator
It's coming soon, maybe even today.
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#7 Posted: 18:38:49 11/09/2016
Holy crap I already love this smilie

smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
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Deja Vu Emerald Sparx Gems: 4071
#8 Posted: 19:18:00 11/09/2016 | Topic Creator
The three Senseis arrived at Scholarville and got out of Flynn's ship while he was blabbering nonsense about enchiladas.

"So Flarewolf!" Wild Storm said as they all looked at the village. "What do you want to do?"

"I don't know, I guess-" He was interrupted by a bunch of villanous minions charging towards them.

The Skylanders summoned their weapons and prepared to attack, until Starcast appeared in front of them out of nowhere. He held a shuriken in each one of his four hands and threw them precisely at the foes. He then disppeared and left behind a dark clone of him who would attack the enemies. After it did some damage, Starcast reappeared riding a giant shuriken which defetaed the remaining enemies.

"You're welcome." He said standing with his back to his companions and slightly turning his head.

They all starred at him, shocked of what short work he did of the enemies. "Wow!" Marina broke the silence. "He really is impressive!"

Starcast turned around and got closer to them, making Flarewolf look at him uncomfortably. "What are you doing here? I was supposed to go on this mission alone." The galactic being said with a harsh voice.

"Well, we wanted to visit Scholarvile." Wild Storm began. "And Flarewolf over here wanted to talk to you. Am I right, Flare?"

Flarewolf couldn't get a word out of his throat and just mumbled continously.

"Ooookay!" Marina said pulling Flarewolf closer to her. "We'll stay here for a bit and see you again later." She said before giving a sing to Wild Storm to go and pulling Flarewolf with her.

"Fine, just make sure you don't get caught by any dangers around here." Starcast commented while they walked away.

"Oh come on Starcast!" Marina said with a humorous attitude. "You don't have to treat us like Imaginators, we're Senseis, we'll get around!"

Starcast looked at the Masters leave before disappearing.

"What was that!?" Wild Storm said slightly angered to Flarewolf. "I thought you wanted to talk to him!"

"I know, I just... felt so uncomfortable." The smallest member of the group began.

"I admit that Starcast does have a mesmerizing effect on others." The female humanoid said. "All those stars on his body are really distracting."

Flarewolf blushed and tried to hide it from his friends.

"What's that?" Marina said looking closer at Flarewolf. "Are you blushing?"

"No, I was just-" Flarewolf said emberrased.

"You like him, don't you!" Marina shouted with enthusiasm. "That's why you're always so quiet around him!"

"Marina!" Wild Storm striked her like a strict parent. "Cut it out!"

"How could I!? He likes Starcast! I must admit Flare, you have pretty good taste." The abuzz gunwoman commmented. "I bet Barbella helped him with those muscles."

Wild Storm looked at Marina like he wanted to kill her with his eyes, which immediately silenced her. "It's okay to be nervous Flare." He motivated the unsecure wolf. "We understand you." He started talking while looking at Marina. "And we will help you."

"R- really?" Flarewolf said looking more cheerful.

"Of course!" Marina once again started. "I've never been into ships, but I already love this one!"

Her two teammates looked at her with pure confusion.

"Uhhhh, that's something that Echo and Splat once told me." She said with a less excited tone.

"However, we will search for Starcast and we will make sure that you two talk to each other!" Wild Storm said slightly motivated for once.

"Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help." Flarewolf said happy while looking at both of them.

"This is gonna be great!" Marina shouted while trying to handle her excitement.

To be continued...
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#9 Posted: 06:58:44 12/09/2016
Am now sold on this ship gg
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#10 Posted: 07:31:31 12/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: Drawdler
Am now sold on this ship gg

That was my plan. WELCOME TO STARWOLF HELL smilie
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#11 Posted: 11:48:59 12/09/2016
*looks up at icon*
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#12 Posted: 16:29:50 12/09/2016 | Topic Creator
The three friends, who decided to bring Starcast and Flarewolf together, searched for Starcast until they found him walking in the heart of Scholarville.

Flarewolf noticed him right away and pulled the other two behind a barrel.

"There he is." He whispered.

"Really?" Marina asked right before sticking her head up. "Where?"

Wild Storm pulled her back down to them, so she wouldn't be seen.

"Are you nuts?!" The mysterious knight asked trying to keep his voice down. "Do you know what the word "hide" means?!"

"Oh Wildy!" The careless warrior said while lookig at Wild Storm. "Chilax, I just wanted to take a peek!"

Wild Storm was engulbed with rage, but tried to control himself for Flarewolf's sake.

"What should we do now?" Flarewolf asked considerate. "He can't see us hiding here. What would he think of us?" The wolf seemed smaller than usual and was worried sick.

"Don't worry Flare, I've got this." Marina said with an eased attitude before she stood up and headed towards Starcast.

"Marina!" Wild Storm shouted as quiet as possible while trying to go after her, but he was held back by Flarewolf.

"She got this Wild, just give her a chance."

Wild Storm looked sceptically after his carefree teammate, coming closer to Starcast before taking shelter again.

"Heeeeeeyy, Star!" Marina said, greeting Starcast with throwing her arm over his shoulder. "You taking a lil' break?"

"Yes." He said, clearly not being impressed by her presence. "Did you see any more enemies?" Summoning his shurikens upon those words and getting all of the folks' attention.

"No, no!" Marina quickly tried hiding the weapons. "You can put those away, I just wanted to talk."

Starcast made his weapons disappear, continuing the routine of the people around him. "What do you want Marina?"

"Oh nothing special." She blathered with a harmless tone. "I just thought we could meet this evening in one of the places around here. Smolderdash told me that there's a great-"

"Are you trying to flirt with me?" Starcast interrupted Marina before she could finish the sentence and telling him that Flarewolf and Wild Storm would come too.

"Me?! Flirting with you?! Why don't be silly!" She blushed from the misunderstanding of the conversation.

Starcast was convinced that Marina was lying. "Why don't you go ask Wild Storm? You two always hang around with each other?"

"WHAT!?" Both Marina and Wild Storm shouted synchronous, with Wild Storm popping up behind the barrel. He then slowly sank back down, looking sharply at Marina.

"No Starcast I-" Marina began seriously for once.

"I don't care!" Starcast said quickly and slightly annoyed. "I don't have time, I'm sorry." He then disappeared out of the crowd.

Marina returned to the barrel just to find a worried Flarewolf and an enraged Wild Storm.

"Great job wingwoman! Now he's gone again!" Wild Storm said while getting up.

"Hey! It's not my fault that he misunderstood what I was going for!" Marina shouted looking angry for the first time in front of Wild Storm.

"Well then you should've told him your plan right away!" Wild Storm countered with an equally aggressive attitude.

"I tried!" Marina screamed throwing her arms in the air.

"Guys!" Flarewolf stood up between the two arguing Sensies, making them unable to see each other.

"Marina tried her best." The depressed Skylander began. "But Starcast just isn't the guy for conversations."

"Well then we have to try something else." Wild Storm said, still looking at Marina.

"Yeah!" She responded.

The fire wolf agreed on the idea. "Okay! But first, we have to find a place to think about it."

So they once again left and thought of new ideas to get Starcast's attenion.

To be continued...
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#13 Posted: 19:12:33 12/09/2016
Oh my god this is friggin amazingggggg!
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#14 Posted: 22:07:30 12/09/2016
Rmember, PAIN-YATTA must be the academy Love Conselor! He can be fixed on the idea that giving Starcast candy will make Him Love Flarewolf!
*looks up at icon*
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#15 Posted: 01:22:46 13/09/2016
Oh Marina you dip. XD
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#16 Posted: 13:14:57 13/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Once again, the Senseis thought about how they would get Starcast to like Flarewolf.

Marina had an idea and wanted it to share it immediatly. "Maybe we can-"

"No!" Wild Storm instantly denied.

Marina looked at him with hatred. "Well then why don't you suggest something?"

"I just wanted to do that." He said while looking at the angered humanoid. "I thought that we could try to impress him!"

"Impress him?" Flarewolf said with an unsure look on his face.

"Pah!" Marina shouted. "As if that's gonna work!"

"It will if you would take it seriously for once!" The knight returned getting closer to Marina.

"Guys!" Flarewolf charged in front of him to prevent a potential fight. "Please stop fighting, that's not helping in this situation."

Wild Storm and Marina both stood in front of each other, their eyes filled with anger. "Fine!" Marina finally agreed. "Let's try your stupid plan." she mummbled while heading to search for Starcast.

The Skylanders found him on an empty floating island covered with grass. He just stood there and did fancy tricks with his shurikens.

"Are you sure this is gonna work?" Marina said while looking impressed at the ninja.

"Of course it will, just let me talk." Wild Storm replied. "Flare, you know what you have to do?"

The wolf nodded as a reply.

"Okay, let's do this." Wild Storm said encouraged while getting onto the island.

"Hey Starcast!" The storm knight shouted at Starcast who made his weapons disappear and turned around to see them.

"What do you want?" He answered without getting closer to them.

Wild Storm looked at him for a second before he explained his reasons. "We thought, since you went on this mission and didn't train with us, we could... do that now."

"Now?" The irritated warrior said. "Well if you wish."

"Just give us a moment to get ready." Wild Storm asked Starcast.

Starcast summoned all of his shurikens before he talked. "Take your time."

Flarewolf looked at him with great nervosity and gulped so loud, that even Starcast could hear it. They all then backed off so that Starcast wouldn't hear them.

"Now." Wild Storm started explaining. "Marina and I will pretend to be beaten by Starcast in a second and then you Flarewolf have to use all your skills to fight and impress him."

Flarewolf whiped his sweat off. "Got it!"

"We're ready!" Wild Storm shouted while turning around and summoning his weapon followed by Marina and Flarewolf.

To their surprise, Starcast was gone.

"Not again!" Marina said disappointed letting her hands down.

Out of nowhere, Starcast jumped onto Wild Storm throwing him on the ground. The knight stood up and charged his sword with electricity, shooting it at Starcast. He acrobaticly jumped over it, used his second pair of arms to grab Wild Storm and threw him off the island. He was caught by a dark clone riding a giant shuriken and layed him back on the ground. While Starcast watched his first victory, Marina approached him with great speed and shot ink out of her squid guns. Starcast shot a shuriken at each ink blob, countering it. He then grabbed Marina's waist, threw her in the air and summoned a dark clone to push her back down. Right before she hit the ground, Starcast caught her and gently threw her next to Wild Storm.

"Flarewolf?" Starcast shouted looking for the wolf.

"I'm right here!" He said with joy as he unleashed his Sky-Chi on Starcast. Multiple rockets hit the area around Starcast, leaving a cloud of smoke behind.

"What was that?" Wild Storm whispered with confusion. "He was supposed to impress him, not kill him!"

Marina looked at the smoke without a sign for Starcast. "Oh no."

Flarewolf was happy that he beat Starcast and waited for him to come out of the smoke being impressed. After some time, without anything revealing itself in the smoke, Flarewolf's mood became less joyful. He made his bazooka vanish and slowly got closer to the great cloud of smoke. He looked at it with sadness and insecurity until he finally got to say something.


He was suddenly torn to the ground, leaving him surprised and confused, until he looked at Starcast bent over him, with them being closer to each other than ever before. His cheeks blushed into a deep red and and his eyes opened wide. Marina and Wild Storm stood up in shock, with Wild Storm being purely confused and Marina having a wide smile on her face.

Starcast stayed in the position until he softly said something to Flarewolf. "That was amazing."

He then stood up, twisting his neck and leaving Flarewolf frozen on the ground.

Starcast looked over to Marina and Wild Storm while talking. "I have to say, I'm impressed-" He stopped talking as soon as he saw Marina and Wild Storm who were shocked and disappointed by the fact that Starcast didn't get any closer to Flarewolf.

"Is... everything okay?" The four armed being said looking confused.

"We were so close." Marina whispered silently.

Wild Storm got back into the reality and answered Starcast's question. "Yep, everything's fine. That was an... intense battle."

Marina got Flarewolf up and helped him to get off the island, leaving Starcast behind. Flarewolf was still like hypnotised by the scenario that just happened. He has never been so close to Starcast, the one he admires from the bottom of his heart.
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#17 Posted: 19:07:07 13/09/2016
This keeps getting better and better! Aaaaaagh!
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#18 Posted: 19:17:37 13/09/2016
T-that was... Beautiful!
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#19 Posted: 01:14:51 14/09/2016
Amazing! Im thinking of starting a Fan Fic! Cant Decide Gay or not!
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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#20 Posted: 12:13:25 14/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Flarewolf, who's still shocked, just starred into the distance while Marina and Wild Storm expressed their disappointment.

"They were so close!" Marina shouted in misery. "Why didn't he-"

"Kiss him?" Wild Storm finsihed her sentence. "I guess he just doesn't feel the same way about Flare as he does about him."

"No." Marina quietly said in despair. "There was more, I saw the way he looked at him."

Flarewolf faded their conversation entirely out and just though about Starcast, how he looked at him and how close they were. He hoped that Starcast would come even closer, but that didn't happen.

He thought for a second until he finally spoke again. "We should try it again."

The two Senseis stopped talking and looked at him. "Are you sure it's worth trying?" Wild Storm finally asked.

"I don't know." Flarewolf admitted. "But I felt... something when he was bent over me. It wasn't just me, it was him too, he just hid it better... I hope."

Wild Storm sighed. "So, what's your plan Marina?"

Marina looked at him, doubting her ears. "You want to know my idea?"

"Yes." The knight said honest. "We may have had some arguments, but I think you know what to do in this situation."

Marina smiled heartily at him. "Thank you."

Flarewolf smiled as well, looking at the two who finally got along.

"I need a communication device!" Marina shouted all of the sudden.

"There should be a computer in the town, you can call from there." Wild Storm explained. "Who do you want to call anyway?"

"Oh you'll see." Marina had a sinsiter grin on her face while saying that.

All three arrived at the local computer and Marina chooses a number.

"Hello?" A gloomy voice was heard.

"Hex!" Marina shouted with joy.

"Marina? What do you want?" The undead witch asked.

"Well, it's hard to explain, but could you please come to Scholarville? We need your help." Marina asked carefully.

"Fine, I don't have anything to do anyway." Hex answered.

"Wait!" Marina quickly interrupted. "Bring Splat with you!"

"Splat?!" Hex voice sounded slightly annoyed. "Ugh, fine!"

She then ended the call.

"What's your plan this time?" Wild Storm asked being slightly confused by the addition of Hex and Splat.

"Don't worry!" Marina said. "You'll see it soon enough."

Hex and Splat arrived in Scholarville and searched for Marina.

"Marina! Where are you?!" Splat shouted as loud as she could, making Hex shutter.

"Could you please stop being so emberassing." Hex asked with a fierceful tone.

"Not until we found what we're looking for." Splat said determined. "MARIN- Oh, there you are!"

Marina approached the two opposites and greeted them.

"Thank god this misery has an end." Hex spoke reliefed. "Now, what do you need?"

Marina answered. "Well, I need you two to... help Flarewolf so that Starcast likes him." She said that so quickly that even Splat barely understood.

"And how do we do that? A love potion?" Hex asked.

"No, no, Star needs to like him on his own will." Marina clearified. "Come with me."

They all went to Wild Storm and Flarewolf and Marina started explaining.

"So, I called Hex and Splat becuase I want to change Flarewolf's appearance."

"What?!" All four asked at the same time.

"I know, I know, it sounds horrific and manipulative, but hear me out. Starcast knows Flarewolf, right? And if we would just slightly change his appearance to make him more appealling to Starcast, maybe it could work." Marina was never that serious before when explaining a plan.

"And what do you need us for?" Splat asked confused.

"You, my dear, are going to change his outfit, his colors, just everything!" Marina said putting her hands on Splat's shoulders.

"And you Hex." She wanted to hold her shoulders too, but judging from Hex' expression, she knows that wouldn't have been a good idea. "You will help Splat to make the right decisions. You and Starcast have similar personalities and preferences, so I think you know best what he likes."

"That's so exciting!" Splat screamed eagerly.

"I should've stayed at home." Hex said with a careless mood.

Marina turned to Flarewolf while Hex and Splat went towards him. "Now Flarewolf, let them turn you into the darkest wolf Skylands has ever seen."

"Suuure." Flarewolf seemed sceptical about the plan.

After an hour of deciding, arguing and Hex nearly killing someone, Flarewolf was finally done.

"Come out!" Wild Storm said to Flarewolf who was behind a curtain.

He put the curtains to the side and revealed himself. With the help of Splat and Hex, he turned into a dark, gloomy werewolf looking like a Skylander from the Dark Element.

Marina was speechless. "Great job girls! Now you can-" Before she could finish her sentence, Hex disappeared. "Go."

"Okay!" Splat hopped away happily.

Marina got closer to the new Flarewolf and motivated him. "Now go to Starcast and make him love you!"

Flarewolf looked at the wall for some time, until he breathed in and went to Starcast.

To be coninued...
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#21 Posted: 16:16:58 15/09/2016
I love thissss
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
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#22 Posted: 17:31:33 15/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Marina and Wild Storm decided to stay out of this and let Flarewolf and Starcast alone. Flarewolf was walking down the streets of Scholarville with his new look. Everyone turned around to see him, since they now what the wolf really looks like. Flarewolf tried ignoring the curious folks, while looking for Starcast. Finally, he found him, sitting at a table in a small house that seems to be a bar of some sort. Flarewolf stood in front of the door and was ready to show Starcast his new look.

He put his paw on the knob and took a deep breath. "You got this Flare."

He opened the door and the small amount of people all looked at him, including Starcast. He tried walking as cool as possible over to Starcast, without even looking at the other people.

"Hey." He said when he arrived to Starcast, who was still starring at him.

"Hey." He slowly said. "Wanna sit down?"

Flarewolf was never more nervous in his life, but he tried keeping his cool. "Sure."

Starcast couldn't get his eyes off the transformed Flarewolf. "You look... different."

"Oh yeah. I wanted to try out a new style, Hex and Splat helped me with it." He answered, even though he wasn't sure if Starcast liked it.

Starcast took another look at the whole new costume and finally commented. "It looks... gloomy."

"Thanks!" Flarewolf wasn't sure if that was a compliment so he answered the first thing that came to his mind.

Silence was the only thing present in the next few seconds. "So, you wanna drink something?" Starcast asked.

"Sure!" Flarewolf tried thinking of themes for a conversation, but he barely ever talked to Starcast.

The waiter arrived and the two ordered something to drink. Shortly afterwards the waiter brought their requested drinks.

Starcast took a sip from his black tea before starting a conversation with Flarewolf. "You know, I didn't really get to talk to you about the training yesterday. Your rockets really blew me away, literally."

"Oh yeah!" Flarewolf rememberd. "I'm sorry because of that, I didn't think it would cause that much damage."

"Are you kidding me?!" Starcast couldn't believe Flarewolf's words. "That was awesome! And I did get my payback after all!" He ended that sentence with a sassy look on his face.

Flarewolf grasped his cup of hot chocolate and nervously took a long sip from it. "You sure did!" The nervous wolf said while trying to keep a natural smile.

Flarewolf suddenly saw a figure waving on the other side of a window behind Starcast. He recognized Marina who was being pulled away by Wild Storm, but returned every time. Flarewolf's pupils reduced themself to the minimum. He couldn't believe that Marina and Wild Storm showed up after all.

"Excuse me." He said to Starcast. "But I need to... go to the toilet." Starcast was sceptical because of the way Flarewolf said that.

Flarewolf stood up and quickly left the bar, going to the other side of it.

"Flarewolf!" Marina shouted with surprise. "What are you doing here, you should be in there with-"

"What are you doing here?" Flarewolf asked with a bitter tone.

Marina backed off carefully. "We just wanted to see how it's going."

"We promised him to not come here!" Wild Storm said annoyed of Marina's actions.

"Yeah, but we need to make sure it works this time!" Marina replied.

"It can't work if we're here! They need to be alone!" Wild Storm said in return.

"Enough!" Flarewolf shouted, silencing both of them who were about to start fighting again. "It doesn't matter anyway!"

"What?" Marina and Wild Storm asked.

"He... he doesn't like me! Not the same way how I like him!" Flarewolf said in despair. "If he did, he would've showed it back then."

Marina and Wild Storm listened to him without saying a word.

"I don't want him to like me like this!" He looked at himself and ripped the dark clothes off of him, revealing his regular ones. "I want him to like me the way I am!" He then whiped the black off of his fur and looked like normaly.

"I- I don't think we will ever have such a relationship." His eyes started tearing up as he talked. "All I can do, is look at him and dream of things that will never happen!" His eyes were about to be flooded with tears. "He will never love me!" A tear ran down Flarewolf's face."

Marina looked at him crying and decided to say something. "Flarewolf-"

"No! You can't do anything!" His face was covered with tears. "You can call Hex and give him a love potion, you can call Trap Shadow and make him my prisoner, you can even call Deja Vu and change his entire life just to love me!" He remained silent for a while. "But I don't want that."

Flarewolf stayed, tears streaming down his face, until he turned around and ran into the darkness.

"Wait!" Marina wanted to run after him, but was held back by Wild Storm. "Let him go." He said to her without any signs of emotion.

Flarewolf ran further and further into the dark streets of Scholarville, not being able to stop crying. He slowed down until he stood still at one point and just letting tears stream from his eyes and finally hit the ground. He looked up to see the path in front of him, as he was suddenly pulled into a dark alley next to him. His eyes remained closed, as he thought it was a foe he didn't see coming, but as soon as he opened them, he saw Starcast right in front of him. His eyes were wide open and he tried to go backwards, but a wall was right behind his back. Before he could leave to the sides, Starcast slammed all of his hands on the wall right next to him, creating a barrier.

"What do you want?" Starcast asked almost touching Flarewolf with his face.

"I..." Flarewolf couldn't talk any further, he pressed himself against the wall as much as he could. His face became relaxed and he stood there, looking at Starcast for a while. He took a breath before slowly trying to move his face towards Starcast, which always ended with it backing off to the wall. After a few attempts, Starcast grabbed him with two of his arms and pulled him into a deep kiss. Falrewolf was surprised at first, but he eventually relaxed, closed his eyes and hugged him. They continued the kiss for a long time and both were happy.

"WOOOOOHHOOOOOO!" The two were interrupted in their kiss by an overjoyed Marina who jumped of excitement, until she noticed they stopped.

"Uhm, just ignore me!" She smiled emberrased and was pulled away by Wild Storm.

After she was gone, Starcast and Flarewolf looked at each other without saying a word, until Flarewolf finally said something. "That was-"

"Amazing" Starcast finsihed the sentence and they both smiled at each other.

To be continued?
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okay that was great a need a moment to breathe because it's perfect oh my

Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
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Jesus Christ too good.
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[User Posted Image]
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#26 Posted: 06:47:57 16/09/2016

*Quits Life for Starwolf.
*looks up at icon*
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I shall now quote Starcast

Quote: Starcast

Oh and i made my semi gay Fan Fic and it will have some Starwolf action in it!
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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A few days after Starcast and Flarewolf finally became a couple, Golden Queen thought about her role as a Sensei and a member of the Skylanders.

"Why did I agree on this?" Golden Queen mumbled in an empty corner of the Academy. "We don't even get any reward for all of this! We can only keep what we find!"

Bad Juju noticed her queen looking less than pleased and approached her.

"My queen. "She bowed as she said that. "It seems that something is worrying you?"

"Of course it is!" She yelled "I fear I'm missing my old days as a villanous queen."

"Oh no!" Bad Juju screamed in terror. "You can't return my queen! The Skylanders would put you in prison again!"

Golden Queen looked at her former servant before looking at the blue sky.

"I know." She said still looking at the sky. "But maybe that's the life I want."

Bad Juju was worried from the thoughts of her queen. "Maybe... just steal gold one last time?" She asked being unsure how Golden Queen would react.

The queen turned around with her jewel eyes glowing. "That's a perfect idea!" Her voice was filled with greed. "Stealing one more time won't harm anyone and it would satisfy me enough!"

Bad Juju was filled with joy. "What gold do you want my queen?"

Golden Queen looked at King Pen who was passing by. "I already know exactly what I'll take." Her eyes were fixed on his golden Sensei belt.

Bad Juju turned around to see what she wanted. "You... want to steal from a Skylander?" She said slightly less excited.

"Of course! He will get it back eventually." She had no doubt that her plan is a bad choice.

"But-" Bad Juju began carefully. "The belts have immense power, if you take them then-"

"Are you questioning my reasons!?" Golden Queen shined in a bright light while shouting at Bad Juju.

"O- of course not my queen!" Bad Juju was shaking from fear. "Anything you say shall be my order."

"Good." Golden Queen cooled down. "Now get Grave Clobber, it's time to get rich again."

Bad Juju gulped insecure before heading off to search for Grave Clobber.

To be continued...
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this is gonna be good
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Golden Queen followed the leader of the Senseis silently, waiting for her servants to arrive. Soon, she saw Bad Juju floating towards her follwed by Grave Clobber, who tried being as silent as possible.

"There you are!" The Queen whispered. "You know you shouldn't let your queen wait!"

"We're sorry." Bad Juju said. "Grave Clobber was a lot harder to find than I thought!" She looked at Grave Clobber who layed down on the ground, but was the highest one nevertheless.

Golden Queen was annoyed by the blathering of Bad Juju. "That's not of importance! You two are here to get the belt for me!"

Bad Juju and Grave Clobber looked at each other before they asked a question. "How?"

"You fools!" Golden Queen said with a powerful voice. "One of you is going to distract him, while the other takes his belt!"

Grave Clobber immediately stood up, throwing Bad Juju over who quickly got up, dashing to the other side of the room without being seen.

"Hey King Pen!" Grave Clobber said with a dull voice as he waved at King Pen, trying to hold a smile.

King Pen turned around and greeted the former villain. "Hey Grave! What are you doing here?"

"Oh, you know, I wanted to... erm..." Grave Clobber couldn't think of any good excuse and just stuttered.

King Pen looked at him confused before slowly backing off. "Okay... do what you want to do and I'll see you later."

After King Pen wanted to leave, Bad Juju snatched his belt and go it off his waist.

"I got it! I got it!" Bad Juju cheered as she triumphly held the belt into the air.

"What the-" King Pen tried getting his belt back, but his weapons disappeared and he felt weak. "WHAT!?" He tried his ice breath, but all that came out was regular air. "What have you done to me!?"

Bad Juju and Grave Clobber looked confused upon the weakened penguin. "Erm... we have to go!" They disappeared in a heart beat and went to Golden Queen to show her the belt.

Bad Juju saw Golden Queen as she looked at the two of them approaching them. "My queen, we-"

"I saw!" Golden Queen said looking at the frustrated King Pen from a distance. "Good Job!"

She grabbed the belt and put it around her waist. Suddenly, two big, spiked gloves appeared on her hands looking almost identical to the ones of King Pen.

"My queen?" Bad Juju looked with surprise at the two golden weapons.

Golden Queen looked at them before answering to Bad Juju. "It seems as if those golden belts have more power than we thought!" The belt around her waist glowed shortly.

"Yes... it does." Bad Juju was nervous. "But now you're satisfied, am I right my queen?"

Golden Queen looked at her with a sinister smile. "Satisifed? No. We will get more belts and weapons, do you see what power they give me!?" She proudly presented her knuckles.

Bad Juju was shocked. "But, you said-"

"Silence!" She yelled and glowed, so that Grave Clobber and Bad Juju had to cover their eyes. "We need those belts, those Senseis won't stop me!"

Golden Queen turned around, leaving her teammates shaking and walked away with a villanous laugh.

To be continued...
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Grave Clobber, who tried being as silent as possible.

*imagines every step being thundery and rumbling*
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Quote: Drawdler
Grave Clobber, who tried being as silent as possible.

*imagines every step being thundery and rumbling*

You got it!
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Quote: Deja Vu
Quote: Drawdler
Grave Clobber, who tried being as silent as possible.

*imagines every step being thundery and rumbling*

You got it!

But did he leave behind a trail of ice?
I actually hate Frozen but Grave Clobber as Elsa looks so stupid and I'm such a sucker for crossovers it made me chuckle. Deja Vu stahp making things that surprise me with how much I like them /s
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That is only the begining Drawdler, only the beginning!

Golden Queen and her servants were searching for more belts to satisfy the greedy queen. They finally found Chopscotch, quickly hopping around with her giant axe.

"There! Another one!" Golden Queen shouted eagerly, pointing at Chopscotch. "Get her!"

Bad Juju looked at Chopscotch, who was a good friend of hers. "But... she's-" She was interrupted by Golden Queen's wand, pointing right at her face.

"Go!" The queen simply said.

Bad Juju summoned her swords and went to Chopscotch. "Chopscotch!"

The walking skull turned around to see Bad Juju charging with her swords towards her. She quickly dodged with her axe and jumped out of Juju's reach.

"What are you doing, that's worthy of booing!?" Chopscotch shouted irritated. "I thought we were friends, but I guess that one ends!"

Bad Juju made her swords vanish. "I'm sorry."

Grave Clobber sneaked up behind Chopscotch and got rid of her belt. She immediatly lost her axe and thus all of her abilites. "I feel so powerless, what is this mess!?"

Grave Clobber walked over to Golden Queen and gave her the belt while Bad Juju looked at her friend, who has lost all powers becuase of her.

"Bad Juju! We have to go!" Grave Clobber shouted to the spirit who turned around to see Golden Queen wielding a giant golden axe, with a sign resembling her crown on it. She looked at the confused Chopscotch once more, before following her queen.

The next Sensei they found was Barbella, who was doing some excercises.

"There's the next one!" Golden Queen quietly said while hiding. "I'll take care of this one."

Golden Queen walked up behind Barbella, scaring her and making her drop her barbell. "Golden Queen. What a... pleasent surprise!" She said while turning off the radio.

"It's nice to see you too Barbella." Golden Queen sounded friendly. "You know, I thought about doing some exercise lessons."

"Really?" Barbella asked surprised. "You seem to be in perfect shape."

"Of course I am!" The queen bragged. "But even a queen needs to do some workout once in a while."

"If you really want to." Barbella turned the radio back on and picked up her barbell. "Now, for the first position, you have to go all the way down with your upper body." Barbella bent her body downwards as she was talking.

"That's a perfect position." Golden Queen then summoned her giant axed, approached Barbella and hit her with all of her force. Bad Juju and Grave Clobber gasped in terror as they looked at the unconcious Barbella and Golden Queen taking her belt. She returned to the two and summoned a golden barbell in her hand.

"Perfect, seven more to go." She went searching for more Senseis with different Battle Classes, always followed by Bad Juju and Grave Clobber.

"Do you really think this is a good idea?" Bad Juju silently asked Grave Clobber, both behind Golden Queen. "No." He answered. "But what should we do? You saw that she could do it on herself anyway. So either we support her, or end up as golden statues."

They softly bumped into the queen, who suddenly stood still. "Grave Clobber, get him!" She looked at Flarewolf, who was stuffing his bazooka with some ammo. Grave Clobber didn't start a conversation, but just charged at Flarewolf with his fists. The wolf quickly threw his bazooka over his shoulder and charged it up. "Eat this!" He launched a big rocket at his stomach, throwing him on the ground.

"What!?" Golden Queen was enraged. "Bad Juju!" The skeletal spirit created a tornado, where she trapped Flarewolf making him unable to move. Grave Clobber got up and was about to take his belt until suddenly Starcast appeared in front of him.

"I don't think so!" He punched him in the face and added some shurikens to his body. Bad Juju appeared behind Starcast and started slashing him with his swords. They fought until Golden Queen came out, equipped with huge punching knuckles, a barbell in one hand and an axe in the other.

"Did you fools really think you could win?" She hit Flarewolf and Starcast, throwing them both on the ground and grabbed their belts. "Two at once! That's a high-score!" The queen summoned a ninja star and a bazooka in her hands. "Thanks for the gifts." She looked at Stracst and Flarewolf laying on the ground, shocked from the loss of their belts.

After she left, the two weakened Sensies got up. "I'm sorry Flarewolf. I tried to protect you, but-"

Flarewolf quickly hugged the four-armed warrior. "You did everything you could, but no one could beat her with the power of three belts."

Starcast waited for a few seconds until he hugged Flarewolf too. "We'll get them back. I promise."

To be continued...
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Welp, Bad Juju, Grave Clobber, and Golden Queen will officially get kicked out. Bye.

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On the search for the last four weapons, the three thieves stumbled across Aurora who was practicing some combos. Bad Juju and Grave Clobber immediatly approached her, without waiting for a command.

"Wait!" Golden Queen stopped them. "I'll take care of this."

The two servants stood still while Golden Queen passed them and went towards Aurora, summoning a bazooka and a barbell. As soon as Aurora turned around, Golden Queen shot a missile at the light warrior who was able to escape from it's impact. She knew what was going on and was ready to fight. She clenched her swords with Golden Queen's barbell, finally breaking it. Golden Queen only laughed amused and summoned an axe instead of giving up. The fight went on and Golden Queen summoned more and more weapons, until Aurora was finally defeated, giving the queen two swords.

"That was slightly more challenging than the last ones." She said as she walked back to Bad Juju and Grave Clobber. "But still not enough."

And so they soon found Wild Storm, Marina & Ro-Bow, who faced the same faith as the previous Senseis.

Bad Juju looked at Golden Queen who was drooling in all of the power she has gained. "My queen." She began. "I assume you're satisfied now, so we can-"

"Satisfied!? Ha!" Golden Queen answered. "This was only the beginning!"

Bad Juju and Grave Cobber looked at her, their eyes wide opened. "Wh- what do you mean!"

"With the power of all the Battle Classes, I can make a whole army of Imaginators!"

"But aren't Portal Masters the only ones capable of that!" Bad Juju asked confused.

"Normally, yes. But this should be enough too." The queen smiled as she looked at all of the belts."Now let's get some Imaginite."

The three found a whole load of Imaginite and Golden Queen soon began to create countless amounts of golden Imaginators.

"This should do the trick!" The proud queen looked at her self made army who were all lined up. "Now let's take over the Academy!"

Bad Juju and Grave Clobber were in the background, worried of what's about to happen. "We need to stop her." Bad Juju said.

"But how?" Grave Clobber asked.

Bad Juju thought about it for a second until she answered. "I think I know how."

The Academy was filled with Skylanders, who were either relaxing, or training with their skills. Though the peace was soon disturbed by Golden Queen, who marched up with her army behind her. The Skylanders all starred at her in shock and didn't know what was about to happen.

"Greetings, peasents!" Golden Queen shouted. "I have come to finally take what should've been mine two years ago!"

The Skylanders knew that she meant the Academy and were ready to defend it.

"Imaginators attack!" The queen yelled as she pointed her staff at the Skylanders.

The Skylanders were generally more powerful than Imaginators, though Golden Queen created a larger number of them, so each Skylander had to fight multiple Imaginators. They all attacked the golden foes and shatterd them as soon as they were defeated. They fought and fought, with some Skylanders having to retreat from the fight. Golden Queen looked upon the chaos with a smile on her face and didn't notice Bad Juju who was standing behind her, with her old staff she had from when she was still in a trap. She summoned storm clouds above Golden Queen, who were charged up with lightning bolts and were ready to strike. Golden Queen noticed them and turned around to see Bad Juju casting the threat.

"I'm sorry my queen." Bad Juju said before a lightning bolt striked Golden Queen and caused a huge explosion, which made all of the Imaginators disappear.

The Skylanders looked at the spot where Golden Queen stood, it was covered with smoke. Bad Juju slowly got closer to the spot of impact and saw Golden Queen who was as dark as the night. She barely could move her head to look at Bad Juju and tell her something.

"Y- You... are... fired." After those words her head sank to the ground and her red jewel eyes turned pitch black.

The Skylanders were confused and had a lot of questions. "Is she dead? Did she kill her? Why did she do that?"

Grave Clobber joined Bad Juju and picked the seemingly dead queen up. "She's not dead." He said. "She's just out of power."

"So she's gonna be okay?" Someone in the crowd asked.

"Yes!" Bad Juju answered. "We just have to give her time." She looked at her queen, who was now nothing more than black gold.

This is the end of Chapter 2! Chapter 3 should be coming soon!
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... o-oh that was only three days lol
A little rushed, but good job! I'd kinda like to see more of GC and Juju actually.
Deja Vu Emerald Sparx Gems: 4071
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Yeah, I did kinda rush it. I was really motivated to do the Starwolf one so I put my heart and soul in it, but this one was just... there. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it and the next chapter will be more intense, I promise smilie

I greatly apologize for the long break, there was so much news that I couldn't get to continuing this. Expect daily updates from now on!

The Skylanders have all recovered from the battle against Golden Queen's army and the regular routine has restarted. Hex was among the other Skylanders and talked with her closest friend, Nightfall.

"You think the queen will finally get over her greed?" Nighfall asked while they were both floating along.

"I'm not sure." Hex answered. "What she did shouldn't help her gain new friends around here."

Nightfall looked around her before responding. "I'm not even sure if she's ever gonna wake up again."

"It may be the best for all of us, especially Bad Juju and Grave Clobber." Hex said without a hint of compassion.

They were interrupted by music which was getting louder and louder with each second. An airship approached the academy and stopped next to an empty spot. The Skylanders started to gather in front of it to see what it was about.

"What on earth is that?" Nightfall asked irritated as they got closer to the crowd.

"I don't know, but this seems a bit-" She stopped when a screen on the airship glowed up and showed a familiar face. "No."

Pandergast rose from a couple of stairs on the airship and held a microphone in his hand.

"Welcome Skylanders! You have been greeted by the magnificent Pandergast, coming to you after the quite surprisng news of an ambush!" Pandergast shouted getting everyone's attention.

Hex starred with disbelief at him before she finally said something. "I'm not going through this again." She then started to float away from the crowd and airship.

Pandergast noticed the undead leaving and immediatly recognized her. "Why who do we have here? The witch that became a hero!"

Hex stopped and everyone turned around to look at her. She stood there for a few seconds before turning around as well with utter hate in her face. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh I just wanted to advertise some of my glorious racing sales!" The screen changed to racing related pictures as he spoke. "I didn't expect the rumors to be true, but they are!"

"Yes, I am a Skylander now!" Hex approached him making a clear path in the crowd. "I know you never thought you would see me as a Skylander, but here I am and you can't do anything about it!" Hex hands turned into fists and were sowly surrounded by undead magic.

"I don't want to change anything about it my dear. I just wanted to tell those fine people that you are anything but an honorable hero." He pointed with his hand at the crowd.

Hex was enraged and she barely kept her hands from shooting Pandergast. "I slayed Malefor for you and a whole town of worried people, you egocentric liar!

"Of course you did! But did you really slay him or rather made a deal with him?" Pandergast looked at her with a sinister grin.

The crowd looked at her puzzled while Hex was concealing her powers so she wouldn't cause any harm. "I'm not letting you break me like this again." She turned around and left the conversation.

"You can lie about who you are Hex, but you can't change it!" Pandergast spoke as the witch disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

Everyone was questioning Pandergast about Hex and he told them their story from his perspective. Nightfall didn't believe him and was searching for Hex. She finally found her in the Undead Realm, sitting on some bones piled together.

"Hex?" Nightfall carefully said as she slowly floated to her.

The sorceress didn't turn around and just asked a question. "You don't believe him, do you?"

"No." Nightfall answered quickly. "Pandergast isn't someone you can trust, I don't know what happened between you two, but I know that he didn't tell the truth."

"Well, obviously you can't trust me either." She shortly laughed sarcasticly. "I'm just the evil witch that made a deal with Malefor to gain more power and erase a whole town."

Nightfall slowly floated to her until she sat next to her. "What happened?"

Hex sighed before she answered. "I guess someone has to know the truth."

To be continued...
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"I don't know, but this seems a bit-" She stopped when a screen on the airship glowed up and showed a familiar face. "No."

OMFG smilie I DIED.

This is already intense af and I LOVE IT.
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I was wondering if you had planned making Wildshot (Wild Storm x Buckshot) canon in your fanfic.
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#42 Posted: 16:51:12 09/10/2016
I think hes making Tidepool (Marina) and Wild Storm canon in this fan-fic. I'm close friends with him and hes been telling me his plans.
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(The names of Hex' friends aren't canon, I just came up with them so that it's more than just Hex and Pandergast talking.)

A long time ago, when Hex was still a mortal, she and other magicians who were on the run from Malefor stayed in a small town which was rumored to be perfectly safe from any undead creatures. Though the self-proclaimed mayor of that town was Pandergast, who obviously lied to the inhabitants and charged their money with that. In fact, the town was right next to an entrance to the underworld. No one assumed that after Pandergast's assuring lies, except for one.

"This town is anything but safe." Hex mumbled to herself.

A hooded wizard heard his insecure friend. "Aw c'mon Hex! This is better than constantly running from one place to another!"

"I don't know Drax." She answered. "I can sense a very strong energy near this place."

"You must be the group of sorcerers that searchs for safety in this magnificent town!" A loud voice assumed.

Hex stepped in front of the group and saw Pandergast approaching them. "We are! We'd like to stay here to escape Malefor's troops." She explained to him.

"Why of course!" Pandergast shouted with enthusiasm. "There are some lovely houses where all of you can stay! I'm the rightful mayor of this town, Pandergast and with who do I have the honor?"

"I am Hex." The sorcereress introduced herself. "And these are my companions Drax, Ace and Raven." She said as she looked at the small group.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Pandergast said as he took Hex' hand and softly kissed it.

Hex was slightly surprised but considered that just as a kind gesture.

"There are two houses to your right. You can split up and live there for as long as you like."

Hex looked to the houses and then back to Pandergast. "Thank you, we really appreciate your help."

The group of four split up with Ace and Raven going in one house and Hex and Drax in the other.

"Someone seems to like you!" Drax teased Hex as they entered the house.

"Oh shut up." Hex laughed slightly and gently hit Drax' arm. "I'm sure he does that with every woman here."

"What about Raven?" Drax countered.

Hex was silent for a second. "I guess he didn't want you and Ace to feel left out."

The two friends looked around the house and had a great time until Hex started to feel a strange energy again. "Something's not right." She silently said.

Drax looked over to her who stood there like frozen. "Hex." Hex turned around without saying anything. "We came here to be safe from Malefor and take a break for once, you don't have to worry about anything."

"I guess you're right." Hex said and finally loosened up.

"Good. Now I'll go and get us something to eat." Drax said and left the house soon afterwards.

Hex stayed in the house alone and thought about the town being safe from danger. "They can't fool me. Something bad will happen, I just know it."

To be continued...
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#44 Posted: 01:02:10 09/11/2016
Nice. I'm glad this isn't dead. Curious to see what Hex's friends might do.
Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#45 Posted: 23:42:07 11/11/2016
0/10 too short.

Just kidding this is great!
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Drax didn't return for a while, so Hex left their new home and looked around the small town. There were a lot of different species inhabiting the village. From mabu, to elfs and even some friendly trolls. Hex soon discovered a small lake on a seperate island near the town. There was an old and rather damaged bridge haning over a giant gap. Hex crossed the bridge and took a closer look at the lake, the strange energy she felt was stronger than ever before.

"Ah yes! The Moon Lake, a very attractive sight for tourists!" Pandergast explained who seemed to appear out of nowhere behind Hex. "It's said that this lake has been here since the Ancients existed."

Hex tried acting casual, even though the strange energy was overwhelming her. "It's very beautiful." She kept her answer short and simple and looked deeper into the lake. Pandergast gently grabbed her hand and pulled her back, like he didn't want her to look into it for too long.

"We don't want you to fall inside of it, do we? Who knows what lies at the bottom of it." Pandergast tried convincing Hex to leave the lake.

"I'm actually quite interested in what's inside of it. After all, we came to this town to be safe, not in danger." Hex countered.

Pandergast stood there for a second with his sight concentrated into one direction until finally snapping out of it. "Erm, I'm sure we can come visit it in the future with your friends, it's better exploring unknown things together!"

"I'll be fine on my own." Hex replied without looking at Pandergast. Suddenly a dark shadow appeared inside of the lake, getting bigger with each moment. "Step back!" Hex shouted and pushed Pandergast and herself backwards as a giant purple figure rose from the lake.

"Malefor!" Hex screamed in terror and surprise as she stared at the dragon king.

"Finally!" Malefor said confident. "I got you right where I wanted!" He bent down and got closer to Hex, who slwoly moved away from him.

"You miserable abomination will never give up, will you?!" Hex was engulbed with rage and light magic was flooding from her palms.

"Of course not!" Malefor released smoke from his nostrils "You are one of the most powerful mortals I've ever encountered! I can't let that go to waste!"

"Well then how do you expect to defeat me if I'm so powerful!?" Hex asked as she looked up to Malefor.

"You might be powerful, but you will never equal the power of the undead dragon king!" Malefor filled his mouth with undead flames and was about to unleash his wrath at Hex and Pandergast. A portal appeared in front of the two and Hex grabbed Pandergast before jumping through it. The portal lead them back to the village where Drax was controlling the portal and all of the citizens gathered around him.

"Are you two okay?" Drax asked with worry as the two looked around.

"No!" Hex said angered. "Malefor is here and he's coming to get us!"

The inhabitants were shocked and discussed the sudden appeareance of one of the most powerful beings in Skylands.

"I thought this town was save from any danger from the underworld!" Raven said irritated as she prepared some spells to defend the town.

Hex looked at Pandergast, her eyes filled with rage. "You lied to us!" She shouted loudly.

"Lying is such a harsh word!" He responded. "I'd say "failed assumption" fits this situation better."

"You little-" Hex charged at Pandergast but was held back by Drax.

"Hex!" He said so she would come to her senses. "We can take care of Pandergast later, now we have to prepare ourselfs for Malefor's attack!"

Hex took one long look at Pandergast before turning around. "You're right. Everyone gather in a safe spot and don't get seperated! We will protect you from Malefor!"

The whole town searched for a safe place to hide in panic and Hex and her friends were ready to defeat Malefor once and for all. After everyone was safe, they all waited for the dragon king to come, but he didn't.

"You sure he's gonna come today?" Drax asked with a slight sense of humor.

"No. No I'm sick of this!" Hex erupted in magic after those words, making everyone look at her. "I'm going to end him. In the underworld!"

To be continued...
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Hex entered the underworld the same day and instantly started searching for Malefor. He was waiting for her in the biggest cave where his throne was positioned and they were both ready to fight. They fought and fought for a very long time, until Hex finally manged to defeat him. As Malefor was gone for good, Hex noticed that she herself was turned into an undead. Shocked, yet also reliefed, the sorceress returned to her town.

"I don't understand." Hex whispered to herself. "How could this happen?

"Hex!?" Drax shouted in disbelief as his friend got closer to the town. "Wh- What happened to you!?"

Hex stopped for a second and looked at her friends staring at her like they saw Malefor instead. "I slayed Malefor. But... it had a cost." She looked at her now pale blue hands.

"What do we have here?" Pandergast walked through the small crowd and more inhabitants came to see the transformed Hex. "This is a certainly interesting case!"

"I almost forgot about you." Hex came closer to Pandergast, who stepped back. "How come Malefor rose from the lake right next to this "safe" town!?"

"You see, this lake is indeed a gate to the underworld." Everyone gasped in shock and fear. "But I know for a fact that no living creatures can enter and no undead creatures leave it."

"And then how on earth did Malefor leave!?" Hex got even closer to Pandergast.

Pandergast made another step back before answering. "Well my dear, he is the king of the underworld after all, he can do whatever he likes."

"Was!" Hex corrected Pandergast due to the fact Hex killed Malefor.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that!" Pandergast quickly denied.

"What do you mean?" Hex was confused and irritated at the same time.

"Well look at you!" Pandergast drew attention to Hex' new look. "Not everyone who leaves the underworld has to become an undead."

"So?" Hex asked. "Malefor most likely put a curse on me, so that even after his demise I'd remember him."

"Did he put a curse on you, or did you ask him to do so?" Everyone was silent and just looked at Pandergast and Hex.

Hex was frustrated and looked at him with her eyes wide open. "How dare you!?"

She charged at him and threw him down to the ground, creating a skull engulbed with magic.

"Go ahead!" Pandergast screamed. "Show them who you really are!"

Hex looked up at everyone's eyes fixed on her and quickly got back up. "Why are you doing this?" She asked calmly.

"Becuase you are evil!" Pandergast shouted while he got up and put his hat back on. "You made a deal with Malefor so that you get more power! We all know that undeads are stronger than the living folk!"

"No I didn't!" Hex said enraged. "I don't want this. I slayed Malefor for this whole town! I just wanted to have peace for once in my life!"

"You can't slay Malefor!" Pandergast argued. "He's the undead dragon king, he's undefetable!"

There was an odd silenece for some seconds until Pandergast got back in front of the crowd leaving Hex on her own.

"You are evil! And nothing can change that!" Pandergast said with a dead serious tone.

Hex looked at everyone who shivered in fear from her power, including her friends. "Drax?" She floated to her friend with everyone else quickly backing off except for him. "You believe me, don't you."

Drax was silent for a few seconds, until he finally opened his mouth. "I... don't know."

Hex' hopeful look changed into a bitter and disappointed expression. "I understand." Her eyes started tearing up but she turned around hiding them from the others. "I guess I'll just leave then."

She created a towering bone wall in front of the crowd, so that they couldn't follow her. She took one last look at the wall that seperated her and everyone who meant something to her before she left and never came back.

To be continued...
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I can't believe this kept slipping my mind yesterday XI

Aww. I feel for Hex. It's nice seeing a sadder side of her.

I would've made the journey and fight to Malefor a short chapter though on the other hand at least we see all the character development bits.

Good work though. ^_^
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Thanks smilie
I actually thought about making the journey and fight a chapter, though it would just be Hex talking to herself/with Malefor, so I focused it only on this part.
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