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Simone Holtznagel says it better than I ever could [CLOSED]
QueenChrysalis Green Sparx Gems: 465
#1 Posted: 01:49:33 03/09/2016 | Topic Creator

Shoutout to the prude who complained about my "vulgar" "amateur porn" advertisement for the amazing Australian brand Bras and Things and had the clip banned from stores. Honestly, it's just soooo offensive to show a confident, sexy WOMAN in her LINGERIE in the window of a (plot twist) - LINGERIE STORE!!!! Won't somebody please think of the children?! I mean it's just truly outrageous. The definition of porn is 'material containing the explicit description or display of sex organs or activity.' There is none of that here. How dare you sexualize my body. How dare- after all society's requests- you take a confident and carefree depiction of a normal, healthy womanly body, promoting women's products to women, and deem it offensive. Do not impress your insecurities on me, whether physical or sexual. But by saying my body, just comfortably being my body, is somehow 'wrong' or 'dirty' you are insulting and potentially damaging any woman who may identify with me. Keep your neuroses off my body and go watch some REAL porn, you might be less uptight. Some people really do have too much time on their hands. I see people wearing less on the street and in shopping centers these days and this woman is complaining about a tasteful, beautiful advertisement which is not only showcasing the gorgeous lingerie but also showcases body confidence and embracing the feminine form! So deepest apologies to the poor soul who was so offended by my "vulgar" behavior.. But I shall continue on in being fearlessly me and embracing my curves and my confidence, and I encourage all women to do the same - and if that's so wrong then I don't want to be right

I removed the obnoxious emotes because they were kind of unnecessary, but this is what she said. And this is what i believe.

It is refreshing to see somebody with a voice take the stance that I have taken for years, but have been unable to get traction on both because I have no voice in the community at large, and because I have a talent for making everything I try to say sound offensive and/or stupid.

I find it disgusting that the same group of people who claim to fight for the rights of women, and be against the sexual objectification of women, are the ones doing all the sexual objectification! Not to mention you are denying this woman any royalties that she might have received for doing this promo. So, good job widening the apparent pay gap, feminism! Good. ****ing. Job.

[User Posted Image]

Even if she didn't get any royalties (I don't know how it works, but neither do you!) some big shot could have come into the store, seen that ad and gone "I want that woman in MY advertisement too!" but that will never happen now because Feminism wants to censor any women who are TOO CONFIDENT with their own bodies.

I am hearing about this shortly after someone made a big song and dance about a bobble-head in a hula girl outfit which, in case you've been living under a rock since forever and didn't know, is a traditional Polynesian dress! That would be like people having a go at me for wearing a kimono. "This woman is wearing a kimono, gaishas wear kimonos, and gaishas are Japanese prostitutes (They are not, but westerners seem to insist that they are) which means this woman must be a whore!"

I am sick of society (Not just feminism) thinking that the only reason women show any part of their skin outside of the head and hands if for the sake of sexual promiscuity, and I am sick of women, both real like Holtznagel, and fictional like my fursona, being slut-shamed for wanting to be sexy.

I have personally experienced getting dirty looks from older women for wearing a dress with a low v-neck. I DON’T EVEN HAVE CLEAVAGE! Yes; I consider myself a young, thin (A little too thin, but I’m working on that), attractive woman. But I shouldn’t have to cover myself up just because other women might theoretically find my appearance intimidating, because guess who is the one being oppressed when THAT happens?
Wreckingball13 Gold Sparx Gems: 2583
#2 Posted: 02:53:35 03/09/2016
I feel bad for anybody who has the last name "Holtznagel"
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