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Pop Up Ads and Mobile Use
henryszuch Gold Sparx Gems: 2545
#1 Posted: 21:27:10 30/08/2016 | Topic Creator
This site has never worked amazing on mobile devices, and there have always been a ton of ads (and topics about the latter). However, as someone who uses this site primarily on mobile, I've noticed this week especially has been practically unusable. I can't even open one topic without a spam sending me to another website. And no, Adblock is not an option for me, but it really shouldn't be this bad in the first place
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 7188
#2 Posted: 21:28:40 30/08/2016
Like I say on eeeeevery topic, Dark doesn't choose the ads, Curse does. But considering all these topics and he didn't say much, I don't think creating more is going to work; maybe PM him to see if he can talk with Curse about it?

He also said to show the worse ads in question to help, too, though I wouldn't risk using it on my phone without Ghostery, it was impossible to navigate, let alone take screenshots.
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