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Fluch des Blutes [Revived!][Open]
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#1 Posted: 21:48:35 21/08/2016 | Topic Creator
Just like how Dracula always comes back from the grave, a role play about vampires will surely do the same.

This will pay homage to the original Fluch role play made all the way back in 2013(!) by keeping all of the ideas from that and taking it all a step further.

Many, many thanks to Wild, who was really the driving force behind the first role play and all of its concepts, and making sure it saw the light of day on darkSpyro. Without you, it really would not have been as epic as it turned out to be.

Without further ado, let's kick this role play in gear, shall we?

“Welcome to Meria, the capitol city of Vengera! Let it be assured that you and your children will never go hungry if you take residence in one of the many districts. This is the city of the slumbering day, and the living night, and unarguably the safest place in all of the world.”

The message advertised to millions across the globe, you didn't flicker far into the channels without hearing it. A smiling female voice, friendly and unusually welcoming always spoke it. Or it was seen on posters, in magazines. It did seem like it was indeed the 'safest' place, with such high security and complex processes that were a requirement to pass the city walls.

It seemed almost perfect, the timing, as months before the advertisements began disappearances had happened in various small towns, which often went unnoticed, of course. Odd budget cuts and the like went disregarded as well in the new craze of the 'safest place in the world', people's solution became to move there.

Anyone who actually connected the dots were deemed conspiracy theorists and were seen more or less jokingly, because as far as the general population knew, they were living in luxury and the government was doing its best to help its people in the changing times. If anyone was deemed too vocal about their theories, they were seen as disrupting and sometimes delusional, often being taken away... or disappearing themselves.

Some have had nightmares about giant wolf-like creatures, and stone coming to life. It was later deemed a common dream, to imagine monsters, as common as dreaming you are falling or naked. However, why are most the dreams almost the same in every detail?

Recently, although, an oddity has occurred. The presence of an esteemed scientist and high-ranking member of parliament has vanished, and there was no word about it. It seems as if he never really existed.


But hey, guess you want the truth behind it all, eh? The government of Vengera is, unknowingly to most of the public, composed of vampires. All areas of authority is crawling with those magical blood-drinkers, and even in media – to be honest, they're so deeply embedded into society that they could be absolutely anyone.

Unfortunately for you, the vampires go to any length to keep their secret. And now that you know, your only hope is to run. Do keep in mind, that vampires love stalking those who walk alone. So what does that leave you? Perhaps you could find others like yourself, or, maybe if you are truly lucky, one of those fabled hunters to protect you.

Your problem is finding and perhaps joining others.


Note: These are the basic roles you can start in, but through role-play it is actually possible to achieve these roles and possibly more beyond the starting limit. You're encouraged to role-play out your character's development instead of just starting out as something, and be open to events that may cause your character to have roles changed. Character development is quite fun!

The Humans – Humans that are aware of the existence of the vampires, or ones who are not and may learn later. Note that while you can have average humans who possess skills in martial arts and other fighting techniques, they cannot be expert vampire hunters right away but could possibly become one later in the role-play. If bitten, they could also become a vampire as well later. Remember that training and even being transformed takes time!

The Apprentices – Humans who aspire to become vampire hunters, they are apprenticed to one. Most well-rounded hunters will only train two at once, but some may decide to take none at all. You need a hunter willing to apprentice you if you want to get in this position, which may also happen later in RP. You can have an apprentice with your own hunter as well.

The Vampire Hunters – Vampire Hunters are highly skilled in the trade of vampire hunting, as well as equipped with the knowledge (and potentially weaponry) to handle any other unnatural creatures. They may have advanced tech, or be traditional, or anything similar as long as it's not magical. Most know some information about other skilled hunters, and there's usually a common knowledge known about certain hunters, as well as common knowledge about the underground clans they may belong to. However, they are rather secretive sorts and do not tend to show off their skill in the public eye, but do sometimes make mistakes.

The Vampires – Vampires are magically-endowed creatures, and rely heavily on the drinking of blood in order to survive. They are weak to sunlight and silver and anything blessed by divine providence, and may burn up rather quickly if too long in the sun. Of course, there are precautions they use in order to ease the effect their weaknesses have on them, such as cars with specially tinted windows and UV-resistant sunscreen – however, these are usually only temporarily and can sometimes only ease the effects. The longer they are a vampire, the less frequently they have to feed, and the more powerful they become, physically and magically. They are ageless, but can be killed by injuries and such, with fledgling vampires being vulnerable to wounds that would be fatal to the average man. Be warned, that elder vampires can only truly be slain by extreme means, as they are known to revive after a time if they are not finished off properly. Vampires possess some healing abilities that grow stronger as they age, however a vampire's ability to heal can be stopped entirely by the presence of silver.

(Click the character's name to go to their bio. Classes will be updated as progress is made.)
Lilith Smite - Apprentice - parisruelz12
Blake Bergeron - Human - Carmelita Fox
Drakov Darkon - Hunter - jokerstix66
Julius - Human - Iceclaw
Richter Belmont - Hunter - Crystal Dragon
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#2 Posted: 21:54:34 21/08/2016
i'll delete this post later but HELL YEA
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#3 Posted: 22:49:27 21/08/2016 | Topic Creator

  • Please be respectful to each other! Being considerate of others' characters goes a long way, so try to include them if they are attempting to interact with your own characters. No one wants to feel left out!

  • If making a post that involves controlling someone else's character, even if it's for one post, make sure you have their permission to do so! This means things like killing off a character or forcibly changing their location (ie. dragging them somewhere), and so on. Please do not dictate what others' characters are doing beyond what they've written unless you have their permission to do so.

  • While we welcome everyone to join, do keep in mind that this role play was created with advanced writers in mind. Writing more gives your fellow role-players a lot more to work with, and makes story progression, detailing and dialogue much easier to build on.

  • This is a fantasy role play, but don't forget to keep a touch of reality! As such, vampires will tire using magic and can't use it forever, no matter how powerful they are. Other characters will tire as well, with your average human tiring out much more quickly doing strenuous activities compared to a vampire hunter who is conditioned and trained for such, unless said human is pretty athletic themselves. Also, not every character will know all of the same things another character does! Everyone's knowledge and experience is different.

  • If you wish to introduce a temporary side-character for a sub-plot with your character, go for it! Depending on how long the character is present, it probably wouldn't hurt to do a character sheet for them, just to cover the basics.

  • Try to be active. If you are inactive for too long we might progress without you, though you can still catch up at any time. If you do catch back up after a long period of inactivity, try to find a reasonable way to explain your character's absence in the role play, to help limit jarring time-traveling shenanigans that may ensue.

  • Romance between characters is a-ok. Nothing explicit, obviously.

  • This role play may have mentions of gore (vampires are brutal creatures!), so keep that in mind when joining. If you're writing such, some detail is ok, but excessive detail should be avoided.

  • NPCs are allowed and can be freely brought in and dismissed as necessary. Keep in mind though that since they are NPCs, other players can take control of them once you don't have need of them at the moment, unless you've stated otherwise.

  • Your humans will not have any magic. They can have tech, but remember that not everyone will have access to super-tech things.

  • Please try not to make excessive OOC-only posts once the RP has begun.

  • You can use characters that are based on, or even are AU versions of, video game characters, anime characters and so forth. As long as they're human, or vampire, it's allowed. Just remember they are not suddenly "sucked" into the RP.

  • If you have any questions about the world, feel free to ask!


In the world of the vampires, there are specific titles given to them. I'll explain what they are, what they mean and what ranks currently have members here.

King/Queen: Basically, the one in charge of... almost everything. By no means a figurehead whatsoever, and is called the Leader as well by the humans. Some vampire hunters may give this vampire a snide nickname. This vampire is the leader of the government, currently.
Heir: The possible leader of the vampires if the King/Queen passes away, or the heir wins in an ancient challenge against the King or Queen.
Elders: King/Queens that have surrendered to their heir, or otherwise ancient vampires.
High Mages: The most skilled Mages, masterful of their magic but usually only specialize in one magic more than the other. They train the Mages and can share wisdom with them from time to time. They are the King/Queen's last resort in emergencies, but may also prowl on their own. Are often disguised as humans rather professionally.
Mages: Ordinary vampires who are rather skilled at their magic and tend to specialize in a specific type or element, but know much less magic than the High Mages. They are basically the defense force of the King/Queen, and sometimes commanded by High Mages.
Apprentices: Apprentices to Mages, getting trained to control their hunger and to wield a higher grade of magic.
Fledglings: New vampires, very weak, likely sick and rather hungry. Changing is an extremely painful and draining process for a human to endure.
Rogues: Vampires who have defected from the King are referred to as Rogues. Reasons for being such are about as varied as the Rogues themselves; anything from escaping a crime they've committed, refusal to serve the King, to even hating their own kind. A 'true' Rogue is rather rare, the more common ones are the humans who have been turned by the King's armies for various acts against him. Cast out as fledglings, they have mastered their magic and new vampiric abilities on their own.

King/Queen: N/A
Heir: N/A
High Mages: N/A
Mages: N/A
Apprentices: N/A
Fledglings: N/A
Rogues: N/A
(This list is for player's convenience. Human characters will likely not know any vampires to start with, and Hunters might only know the King/Queen and possibly the Heir, along with any notable vampires that they have history with.)

For a non-hunter human, merely post the profile below on the thread.

[b]Age: [/b]


For an apprentice, merely post the profile below on the thread.



For a vampire, post the profile below.


[b]Preferred Rank:[/b]


For a Vampire Hunter, post the profile below.

[b]Age: [/b]

[b]Fact(s) Other Hunters May Know:[/b]

Knowledge about hunters that other hunters may know by word of mouth.

Drakov Darkon: Drakov is an easy and readily available resource of chemicals, however he often requires payment in materials, and especially silver. since these are probably not the easiest things to get, his services could be considered expensive. He ussually keeps the clan when not hunting, and will spend days in his lab. The trick is finding him, knowing what to give him, and what to ask for.

Richter Belmont: Known for his typically reckless behavior and sometimes flashy way of getting a job done, he is a pain to work with on most days and he prefers working alone anyway. In spite of his less-than-charming attitude, he has some valuable information for those hunting more specific targets, in the form of notes, blueprints for buildings with secret rooms, and other gathered intel.
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#4 Posted: 17:59:21 23/08/2016 | Topic Creator
For a more in-depth look at the setting, the inhabitants, the lore or just the world as a whole, this is the place.
If there's something that is confusing or needs clarification, poke me and I'll add details about it here.

Transportation- There is a lot of public transportation, much like in places in Europe. There are only a handful of cars on the roads, and usually only the most "privileged" get cars - AKA vampires or rich humans. Cars are deemed "too dangerous for ordinary peoples", but that's only what they say. There's more to it, such as the vampires' fear of vehicles being used as weapons to drive them out, and so on.

Restaurants- Restaurants and yes, definitely delicious pizza joints - do exist in Meria. For simplicity's sake, Anichese and Ylaitian = Chinese and Italian. You're free to invent other words for different types of restaurants, but do tell me! Vengera is very similar to Earth...

Technology- Meria may seem modern, however the world is actually far more technologically advanced than that. It's just that it is "suppressed" from the public, but yes, fancy tech does exist, especially in Meria, but "ordinary" people may never get their hands on it. It seems as if the vampires keep the time stuck in a world similar to modern day earth for the public, for their "safety".

Architecture- The architecture is mixed with Georgian, modern North American and French. Some buildings are more fancy and fortress like, and there's of course the types you'd definitely expect to see gargoyles on. So yeah, imagine some Victorian and Queen Anne, and some others, but mostly a hybrid of North American and such. The types of architecture are obviously not called that, but look them up when you have the time to get a better idea of how Meria looks.

Vampire Characteristics- The vampires in Vengera definitely aren't "dead", they have heartbeats and need to breathe to live. However, it's difficult, if not outright impossible for them to eat and drink "normally", as blood is their prime source of nourishment, and is the only they really need. Exposure to vampiric blood can cause sickness or some strange side-effects in non-vampires. The pigments in a vampire's eyes change when they turn, changing to some colours deemed unrealistic, mostly red or pink - think of albinos here. However, there are some rare cases of vampires having 'dormant' colors; that is, the unnatural color is only very clearly seen when an individual is using their vampiric abilities, such as their magic.
Vampire eyes can be pretty much any colour - naturally or not, and humans here are sometimes likely to have odd eye colours, especially if they have some vampire blood in their lineage somewhere. Some may experience strange behavioral problems after they change to a vampire and some may not, but it's very commonplace for a person's mind to be altered during the transformation. The severity of such varies from person to person, and is extremely difficult to predict.

Weaponry- Guns are forbidden in Meria. There's basically none at all in the city that could easily accessed, however that doesn't mean a well-off vampire couldn't get a hold of some, and a really determined human could probably find some as well. However, not all weapons are outlawed. People may be capable of crafting them themselves, and those fortunate enough may be able to find a weapons blacksmith of sorts, or a tech expert - or perhaps be one themselves. However, things aren't cheap. Sometimes people have to do errands and favors to get things, which are often risky and dangerous tasks. Some people stumble upon them. It's a matter of chance and being in the right place and at the right time, sometimes, as with everything.
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#5 Posted: 19:01:15 23/08/2016
looks like ive got some things to do...
parisruelz12 Diamond Sparx Gems: 7577
#6 Posted: 08:39:56 24/08/2016
Name: Lilith Smite.
Gender: Female.
Age: 18

Mentor: (Will wait for one join)
Personality: Lilith Smite is very smart, top of her class, actually. However, Lilith is very stubborn and set in her ways. However, she knows that she must be honest with herself and with others. She wouldn't lie just to spare someone else's feelings. She finds the mere thought of putting feelings before truth disgusting, really. She doesn't understand how some people can pretend like everything is okay, when in reality, nothing in their world is okay.
Appearance:She has really short jet black hair with green eyes. Her outfit includes a black long coat, longsleeve shirt and brown pants. She has freckles and a small nose.
History: She was the daughter of a wealthy scientist, who worked for the government. He died in a tragic lab accident. Having no mother (she died shortly after Lilith was born) the government tossed her out into the streets with just the shirt on her back. Thats when she noticed that her government was trying to keep the whole thing quiet. News papers didn't report on it, and she, along with maybe two government officials we're the only ones at his funeral. He wasn't an unpopular man, why didn't more people take notice? She felt like there was something odd about it all, so she was determined to get to the truth, even if it meant killing people she once respected and looked up too.
Other: N/A
looks like ive got some things to do...
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#7 Posted: 06:11:51 28/08/2016
Name: Blake Bergeron
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Personality: Kind of a wild card really. Maintains a facade of strength and confidence, which attracts many young cronies to him. Very friendly, but most of his relationships are shallow. Charms and/or intimidates people to do his bidding. Greatly enjoys teasing and taunting others, especially smart people, though he himself is quite sensitive. Prodding at his insecurities makes him aggressive. Has a very soft and shy side almost no one gets to see.
Appearance: Average height, slouches a little. Long, wavy, ginger hair. Square jaw. Slight muscular build. Wears sunglasses, even at night, and will continually make terrible excuses as to why he still keeps them on ('The sky hurts my eyes', 'These help me see the truth', 'A prophet gave them to me'). Typical outfit contains leather jacket, skinny jeans, and Beatle boots. Image
History: Blake was given up to the foster care system by his poor, underage mother when he was born. Passed around from family to family, he developed a dissatisfaction with life that lead him to bad crowds. He dropped out of school at sixteen and became a drug dealer. After one wild night of partying, he woke up on the floor of some hippie-dippy bull**** commune in Meria. He kind of wants to leave, but the night life there is pretty frickin' sweet,
Other: Avid conspiracy theorist. Contradicting political views that make no sense. Loves rock music, expect to see many fake band names.
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#8 Posted: 10:36:38 28/08/2016
Name: Drakov Darkon
Gender: Human
Age: 21

Personality:paranoid, ruthless, and angry. these are the base personality traits, however he has a soft spot for those who are being abused and the downtrodden. Give it time, and this angry facade that he puts up will melt into a caring, and loyal man.

Appearance: tall, with a lean build, long black hair, often tied into a pony tail. facial scruff but not full facial hair. brown eyes. wears a black duster with a black vest and white shirt underneath. black jeans and boots. underneath the coat the vials of silver and his blade can be seen.

Weapon(s): He ussually doesnt carry normal weapons, he some old knives, however his prime weapon is a thin blade made of silver it has no handle, so he must hold it by its spine.

his other weapon is small and very few vials of powdered silver with small amounts of bleach, sugar, and salt. (this creates an explosive compound, known as potassium nitrate.) that when thrown will make a small explosion of the now airborne silver.

History: Fathered by a chemist, his father found out about the vampires and tried to spread the word. his father had quickly gone missing, and his boy without house and home. when he was found by a hunter. He had lived the life of a vagrant for a few years before being found. he picked up a few tricks from his father, and being trained in by a hunter gave him the reason for his "crazy" fathers disappearance, and a direction to apply his vengeance. when he became his own hunter, he would spend entire nights searching for his prey. he is very willing to give his knowledge to others, the more hunters, the better.

Other: He packs light, if he needs to improvise a weapon he will, but often he will only carry 3 or 4 vials, and his blade, the blade used to be a silver plate that he had heated and hit until it became blade like, through many attempts and a lot of time at a grinding wheel he finally ended up with a blade.

Fact(s) Other Hunters May Know: Drakov is an easy and readily available resource of chemicals, however he often requires payment in materials, and especially silver. since these are probably not the easiest things to get, his services could be considered expensive. He ussually keeps the clan when not hunting, and will spend days in his lab. The trick is finding him, knowing what to give him, and what to ask for.
Everyone should go check out Aether :city in teh sky. its an awesome roleplay and will hep my friend finish his book.
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#9 Posted: 02:29:06 31/08/2016
Name: Julius
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Mentor: [He'll become an apprentice later on.]

Personality: A ticking time bomb, Julius has quite the temper and tends to be a bit of a potty-mouthed grump. He has a bit of an issue when it comes to trusting others, and he tends to talk in short, blunt sentences. It takes quite a bit of time for him to warm up to anyone, but when he does, he softens up and finds himself to be more talkative.

Appearance: Standing at 6'3", Julius has tan skin and sharp grey eyes. His hair is short and dyed a silvery-white. His face usually looks serious or has a scowl, even when he's feeling fine. He often wears a white trenchcoat, light-grey shirt, and dark coloured pants.

History: Julius grew up in a lower-middle class home in a town quite a ways from Meria. When he was a young teenager, people from nearby towns were beginning to mysteriously disappear, and his mother expressed the want to move to Meria after hearing the promises of safety. However, his mother later became a victim to the disappearances, and after several months, had been found dead. There was never an explanation for why and how this happened. Other occasional disappearances continued to occur, so on behalf of his mother's wishes, Julius moved to Meria in hope for a better and safer life.

Other: He has a bad habit of smoking.
Twinkies and 2hus
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#10 Posted: 05:15:34 31/08/2016 | Topic Creator
(All characters accepted!)

Name: Richter Belmont
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Personality: He may at first appear to be an arrogant young man, whose background is a mostly untroubled one and he may even appear oblivious to the events to the untrained eye. However, this is merely a facade he puts on in among the public, though the arrogance is a real part of how he acts. He is extremely intelligent, having been trained by his family at such an early age to be able to recognize and make sense of all these strange occurrences taking place. Richter is devoted to his role as a hunter, often times stalking and assessing a target for days before striking and then moving on to the next one down the line. He is no fool and sees through the lies the authorities say about Meria and its safety. All this being said, he hasn't quite outgrown his hot-headed, rambunctious nature, and has never been known to back down from a challenge, even going out of his way and risking himself to danger in his endeavors. He has a severe impatient streak, and it is for this reason that he works alone on his own terms. Towards vampires, he is cold and hostile, never giving a chance for reprieve. To people, he can come off as slightly condescending, though there is a slight respect given for fellow hunters and those aware of the vampires' activities.
Appearance: Dark brown hair that falls past his shoulders, bangs hang just above his eyes. Piercing light blue eyes that might be unsettling to most, due to the they tend to reflect the light. Attire may change depending on the situation, though his typical hunter gear is a black t-shirt under a worn, blue denim jacket with black leather on the back in the shape of a cross. That same leather covers the shoulders and the cuffs of the jacket. Brown, sturdy boots, and a set of worn blue denim jeans with black leather over the knees and cuffs to match the jacket.
Weapon(s): A silver whip blessed by a high priest, has been passed down through his family for generations in the art of traditional vampire hunting. He wields several silver knives hidden under his jacket, should the need for a quick, ranged kill arise.

History: Coming from one of the underground hunting clans that is well-known among most hunters, he has been aware of the secrets in Meria for most of his life, attributing to the fact that he can easily spot a vampire under the right circumstances. His family is one of those that has sworn to free humanity from the terrible leeches called vampires, their ultimate goal being to overthrow the corrupted government and oust the King. While his research has made some progress on identifying the hierarchy of the vampires, he hasn't made many attempts to strike at the more valued members of government, knowing a vicious backlash could be waiting just around the corner. He's been waiting for the right opportunity to present itself, in the meantime.
Other: Being a hunter, he's often had many individuals approach him and ask for training. One has to show a real eagerness to learn, a true motivation behind their choice and a talent at handling themselves under pressure for Richter to even consider it. The art of traditional vampire slaying takes years to perfect and years more to put to use. Given the circumstances, it would take a long time to try and train someone, no matter how quickly they might learn. This is only further hampered by his own impatience and at times, unwillingness to cooperate. While he prefers the old art of hunting, he has dabbled with the more modernized methods, and isn't too shabby with a handgun or a rifle.

Fact Other Hunters May Know: Known for his typically reckless behavior and sometimes flashy way of getting a job done, he is a pain to work with on most days and he prefers working alone anyway. In spite of his less-than-charming attitude, he has some valuable information for those hunting more specific targets, in the form of notes, blueprints for buildings with secret rooms, and other gathered intel.
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#11 Posted: 05:55:07 31/08/2016
OOC:YAY, im very excited for this roleplay, sorry about the picture by the way (gold star for anyone who knows where its from) it was 3 in the morning, and I decided that i was too tired to think about how a human looks.
Everyone should go check out Aether :city in teh sky. its an awesome roleplay and will hep my friend finish his book.
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#12 Posted: 14:42:54 31/08/2016
Name: Mist
Gender: Female
Age: So what kind of ages do the vampires have? I find its different in everything, so I wanted to ask. I'll edit this when I figure that out.

Preferred Rank: Rogue
Personality: Reserved and jumpy. This is thrown away when she feels she's being challenged or threatened by anyone, vampire or human, to make way for ruthless, savage, relentless fury.
Appearance: Tall, skinny and pale with long black hair. She has eyes that are a soft, bluish purple. Often wears darker purple and black clothing.
Abilities: She is skilled in magic allowing her to weaken or manipulate others, and is pretty good at hiding herself as well. She doesn't have very much physical endurance, however.

History: She used to be a Mage, but didn't like the idea of luring humans into a city proclaimed as safe. When she discovered this plan, she turned against most of her own kind, running off on her own. She's lived alone since, hiding in the city. A few close calls with vampire hunters have led her to be even more cautious, generally sticking to rooftops and alleyways.
Other: Nothing unless I think of something.

If I did anything wrong let me know and I'll fix it
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#13 Posted: 02:07:28 05/09/2016
Everyone should go check out Aether :city in teh sky. its an awesome roleplay and will hep my friend finish his book.
jokerstix66 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1413
#14 Posted: 18:47:30 22/09/2016
(did it die? or does it still have a little life in it.)
Everyone should go check out Aether :city in teh sky. its an awesome roleplay and will hep my friend finish his book.
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