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The Lion King fanfic?
Alydol Ripto Gems: 1330
#1 Posted: 05:03:05 17/08/2016 | Topic Creator
Okay so I had an idea what if Scar had a different past than told? So I had an idea of the alternate past of Scar. It's probably stupid but, just read it for the heck of it.

Chapter one, How it All began:
Scar was not the true brother of Mufasa. Mufasa's actual family was his parents, Ahadi and Uru, one brother and three sisters. Now Scar he was adopted into it. Well here is Scar's story his actual parents were Sumu, The father, and Mwezi, the mother. Now, the day Scar was born, "He looks like an outsider." Sumu growled at Mwezi "Ahadi would never let a lion in the pridelands that looks like an outsider." "Fine I'll bring him to Ahadi." Mwezi growled walking out of the den. Mwezi ran to Ahadi who wasn't to far away. "Ahadi, my cub looks like an outsider." "I'll hide him and keep him as my own until I choose one of my sons to be the next king, then I'll make him leave." He responded "But what if he gets a black mane and they all think he's an outsider" Mwezi growled "Don't worry." Ahadi responded, so the cub was adopted into their family. Mufasa named it Taka, meaning want. So Scar grew older thinking Mufasa was a brother but Sumu and Mwezi were killed by a hoard of hyenas too.

Chapter two:
To be continued
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