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Diffrent Colour Typing? [CLOSED]
Duff Green Sparx Gems: 369
#1 Posted: 17:12:28 20/01/2009 | Topic Creator
I meen It's something almost every forum has

those for, say "aye"
Duff Green Sparx Gems: 369
#2 Posted: 17:17:27 20/01/2009 | Topic Creator
For E.G

Red: = Red writing



DARK CINDER Ripto Gems: 1062
#3 Posted: 17:28:53 20/01/2009
this has alredy been dinied
Duff Green Sparx Gems: 369
#4 Posted: 22:08:04 20/01/2009 | Topic Creator
oh oh well
Cynder_fan Gold Sparx Gems: 2683
#5 Posted: 22:08:47 20/01/2009
Well, people would abuse it
Local technician who comes up with rediculous ideas
Cloudtail4ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1818
#6 Posted: 03:17:12 21/01/2009

Before making a topic here, Duff, look at the approved/denied list under the topic Forum Suggestions
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