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Daily cards won't allow purchase and timedown
TakeYourLemons Gold Sparx Gems: 2350
#1 Posted: 04:12:55 20/07/2016 | Topic Creator
So the three daily cards you can purchase that changes every day? The timedown isn't moving and it won't allow me to purchase any of them with my coins. I'm still getting the daily 3 pack and daily spin.

Has anyone seen this? I suspect I will need to delete and re-install the app. Does this mean I will also lose my deck?
JJAtelier Blue Sparx Gems: 727
#2 Posted: 06:11:35 20/07/2016
You won't loose your cards/decks as your progress is saved to Google Play/Game Centre.

I am however concerned as to why the Featured Daily Cards always rotate with reoccurring cards. Since its introduction in feb/march I've not seen a single Ultimate on sale to which one of the senior producers once said its very rare to see but should've turned up by now.
lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#3 Posted: 15:16:19 20/07/2016
Unless the featured card's purpose was for folks to only get certain cards and not every card, but yeah, the featured cards have really not offered the whole gamut of cards yet and has been repeating for months. You will never find Ice Storm there for example and many other cards that have yet to show up. Have not seen a new card in the rotation for a long long time.
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