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Are the Cards Worth the Money?
Wishblade Emerald Sparx Gems: 3262
#1 Posted: 01:57:39 08/07/2016 | Topic Creator
Should I save my money for Imaginators, or is this a fun game I'm missing? I'm so reluctant to pay $5 and $10 for packs of cards. I never got into any Majic or Pokemon card games. I know this is a video game app, but still... Skylanders is killing my wallet.

Or if I download the app, can I enjoy it without buying a lot of cards?
Any last wishes?
TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#2 Posted: 02:55:58 08/07/2016
Battlecast is a really fun game with tons of strategy and depth to it. You don't have to buy a whole bunch of cards to enjoy it, either! You get tons of free cards all the time just by playing the game. 1 or 2 Booster Packs are enough in my opinion.
lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#3 Posted: 05:17:34 08/07/2016
If money is a problem, you don't need do not even need any battle or booster packs but if you want to just spend a little, having one of each battle pack would at least get you all 8 common characters assuming you have stealth elf and spitfire already.
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