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Missing character emotes?
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#1 Posted: 00:18:04 03/07/2016 | Topic Creator
Ever since Trap Team, several unique in-game recolors have been missing, seemingly for no reason.

Also, while the SuperCharger Revamps are already characters, they're fairly different from their original looks, especially Roller Brawl and Stealth Elf. So it would be great to have those added as well.

Trap Team Recolors
Legendary Bushwhack :bushlegend: :lbw:
Nitro Head Rush :nitrohead: :nh:
Eggscellent Weeruptor :eggweeruptor: :ew:
Gnarly Barkley :gnarlybarkley: :gb:
King Cobra Cadabra :kingcobracadabra: :ki:
Love Potion Pop Fizz :lovepotionpop: :lp:
Power Punch Pet-Vac :powerpunchpet: :po:
Winterfest Lob Star :winterfestlob: :wl:

SuperChargers Recolors
Birthday Bash BBPF :birthdaypopfizz: :bf:
Eggcited Thrillipede :eggthrillipede: :eti:
Missile Tow Dive Clops :missileclops: :mc:
Power Blue Splat :powblusplat: :pbs:
Power Blue DDTH :powblutrigger: :pbt:

SuperCharger Revamps
Dark Super Shot SE :darksupershot: :dss:
Legendary Hurricane JV :hurricanelegend: :lhj:
Big Bubble PF :bigbubblepf: :bpf:
Bone Bash RB :bonebashrb: :brb:
Deep Dive GG :deepdivegg: :dgg:
Double Dare TH :doubledareth: :dth:
Hurricane JV :hurricanejv: :hjv:
Lava Lance EP :lavalanceep: :lep:
Shark Shooter TF :sharkshootertf: :stf:
Super Shot SE :supershotse: :sse:

Example Icons
[User Posted Image]
(The icon in the bottom right corner was just to fill out the grid)
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