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I'm making a video game! I would love some help
EyeBrawler2014 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3281
#1 Posted: 07:07:36 27/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Hello there! I thought that this was the best way to ask for help. Basically I am making a game on GameMaker Studio. Its the program used to make games like Undertale. I just need help with artwork and maybe sound because I suck at art. So below is what I have so far and what I'm offering for help.

Project Name: Kihei's Journey
Protagonist: Kihei the dragon
Antagonist: ???
Abilities: Tail smack, Ice breath, and Ground Pound
Sprites: I have Kihei's neutral idle stance, and I can probably find ground sprites
Enemies and Bosses: No clue...

If you help: I will look for a way to put you in the credits and if at all possible, you can play the game before I release it

My goal: I am doing this for the experience, so I won't be charging any money for it. I should be able to put it on Steam Greenlight or at least on a game website.

How to reach me: The best ways are pms here or my Skype with is eyebrawler98. You can also post it here, but I will bellooking at this less often.

So there you go! Right now I could really use some tips and ideas on how the gameplay should be
Find me on Discord, I'm eyebrawler98#6720
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